Colbert nails it on gay rights (Blogathon 47/49)

Saw this on facebook as well.  Also loved it.  This is post 47 of 49 for Blogathon. Total donors is at 255 (if we hit 300 by 7am tomorrow, even if those donations are just the $5 minimum, 20 campers at Camp Quest Ohio will get to pie Michaelyn or JT in the face)! There [Read More...]

Morality derives from compassion (Blogathon 46/49)

Saw this on facebook.  Loved it. This is post 46 of 49 for Blogathon. Total donors is at 255 (if we hit 300 by 7am tomorrow, even if those donations are just the $5 minimum, 20 campers at Camp Quest Ohio will get to pie Michaelyn or JT in the face)! There will be pictures. [Read More...]

Spaghetti owned (Blogathon 45/49)

Rising from the dead is so first century.  Now Jesus appears to followers by appearing as a hazy image in some bathroom mold. Looks like Janis Joplin to me.  That must be the salvation I’m smelling. I’ve got ‘em licked though.  Back in college the FSM appeared to me on a grilled cheese sandwich. Where [Read More...]

Games that disappointed (Blogathon 44/49)

There have been some real video game let downs in my life. Final Fantasy IX. I appreciated the FF franchise trying to get back to its roots with some of the character design.  However, the series roots also included great, lovable characters, inspired music, and solid plot (a la FF4 and FF6).  FF9 didn’t quite [Read More...]

Jayman777 and the first cause argument (Blogathon 43/49)

Jayman777 disagreed with my analysis of the first cause argument earlier. In the case of the first cosmological argument quoted by Christina, it is because matter (and the laws governing it) are contingent. In the case of the kalam cosmological argument, it is because matter (and the laws governing it) began to exist. First, not [Read More...]

Mom and Sandy Round 3 (Blogathon 42/49)

Here’s round 1. Here’s round 2. Here’s round 3: It started when Sandy shared a post of Earl’s to her facebook wall. Billy Graham’s Prayer For Our Nation THIS MAN SURE HAS A GOOD VIEW OF WHAT’S HAPPENING TO OUR COUNTRY! ‘Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek [Read More...]

Priorities (Blogathon 41/49)

Election season is just around the road.  Since dedicating time to fixing the economy is such a drag, the Republicans have come up with another way to get votes: appeal to Christians with mismanaged priorities. The bill would allow prayer, including sectarian Christian prayer, at school board meetings in the USA. We can get to [Read More...]

Home stretch (Blogathon 40/49)

Flu.  Fuck it. Exhaustion?  Fuck it harder. Let’s do an AMA.  Ask me anything.  Hell, just start up a conversation.  I’ll respond.  :)  Got something you’d like me to comment on?  Leave me a link. Mind is turning to mush.  I give less than a fuck. This is post 40 of 49 for Blogathon. Total [Read More...]

Kansas will never learn (Blogathon 39/49)

Kansas is getting ready to have another controversy over science classes teaching science. Kansas is headed toward another debate over how evolution is taught in its public schools, with a State Board of Education member saying Wednesday that science standards under development are “very problematic” for describing the theory as a well-established, core scientific concept. [Read More...]

Shit's about to get not real (Blogathon 38/49)

Yay!  The end of the world is coming next month!  Yup, July 24th it’s all over! This Date was the Mystery in this Parable for ages past, and has been now unlocked. ‘The Mystery Unlocked’ brings the good news announcing the Day, 24th July 2012 of His Return (as revealed and documented in this book, [Read More...]

Unique =/= true (Blogathon 37/49)

Look what managed to find its way onto my sidebar. It’s all standard bullshit.  But #6 is one I hear a lot when I’m in church.  That amazes me considering the argument is dumb even by biblical standards. 6. Does God exist? Unlike any other revelation of God, Jesus Christ is the clearest, most specific [Read More...]

Proving Love (Blogathon 36/49)

Michaelyn here! Want to ask me a question? Go here. Bill Krueger asks: Do you find answering the question “Prove that you love [insert name here]” difficult? Please note, I’m an atheist so I hope you don’t consider this a baited question. When people find out I’m an atheist, they often ask, “Do you believe [Read More...]

Midnight summary (Blogathon 35/49)

I have the flu.  Yet I got up at 6am for Blogathon.  I’m still up.  And I will be up until 7am.  Raaaaaaaawr! Good morning to all you godless folk across the pond!  I hope you’ll keep me company as I slip into a sleep-deprived madness over the next several hours. Here are a summation [Read More...]

Requested topics: polyamory and insecurity (Blogathon 34/49)

Got this on a donation request: What would you guess makes the difference between a person with insecurity issues that can be addressed and a person just not wired for polyamory at all? Hrm.  I’d start by saying that poly isn’t something that is necessarily better than monogamy.  It’s like asking someone what the best [Read More...]