Maybe I was pushing it a little hard

Since coming home I’ve slept 10 hours each night and napped every day…and I’m still feeling tired. Maybe I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard the last few months… Thanks for tolerating my absence while I get some R&R.  I’ll be back soon.  [Read more...]

Daily Guild Wars 2: RP. (29 days left!)

Godless Guild facebook group. Codex site where you can toy with profession builds. My Guild Wars 2 review (for those wondering what all the fuss is about). Sweet guild page/forum. Godless is coming together beautifully!  The officer core is grabbing this by the horns and we’re still seeing a steady flow of  people joining. Rather [Read More...]

Home, sweet home

My home town is a never-ending supply of amusement in the form of humanity’s lowest common denominator. My folks and I were in Wal-Mart today getting me a birthday cake (relax, it’s not for a while, but I’m home now), when I snapped a picture of this upstanding gent. Who knew the president is “Marxiist” [Read More...]

Home again, home again

I am taking some time to visit my family down in Arkansas.  The timing is good and it’s much-needed.  For the last month and a half I’ve been keeping a fairly exhausting pace.  This will help me recharge for fall. The blogging will be light during this time.  I am fortunate to have a very [Read More...]

Remedy to a shitty mood

Nothing cures a shitty mood like taking the time to respond to a believer. A while back somebody posted my talk from the Madison Freethought Festival to reddit.  A Christian left a comment on it inane enough to make a billy goat gag.  And since I’m in a crummy mood today, I’m going to talk [Read More...]

Appearances in the fall.

My speaking schedule for the fall is nearly full.  If you want to get me, time is winding down.  I’m also starting to get gigs in spring of 2013 (American Atheists National Convention, Skeptics of Oz, and Skeptech to name a few).  Crazy times. Here’s how it looks so far. August 1 – Denver, CO [Read More...]

Amelia Earhart's letter on polyamory to George Putnam

Not many know this, but Amelia Earhart had an open marriage.  I saw a tweet reminding me of that fact and thought I’d share. [Read more...]

Letter finale

Well…this is going to suck to write, and it’s not at all the post I wanted to put up. I was told that I could go public with all the information I had.  I wrote the post – frankly, it was one of the best, most airtight pieces I’ve ever written.  I got it vetted [Read More...]

Zombies, run!

I’m more of a weight-lifter than a runner, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to download this and start doing some mild running. [Read more...]

Daily Guild Wars 2: PvP. (31 days left!)

I tried my hand at structured PvP during BWE3.  Holy cow, was there a learning curve.  It was very frustrating at first because our team kept getting curb stomped.  But once we started to figure it out it was some of the most rewarding game play I’ve experienced and definitely the best PvP system in [Read More...]

Chick-Fil-A can't stop digging

First Dan Cathy, Chick-Fil-A’s CEO, decided to be a proud bigot in public.  Then the Jim Henson company, which supplied CFA with their kids meals toys, decided they no longer wished to do business with bigots. Then CFA lied (and gave the Jim Henson company a clear road to a libel suit). And now CFA [Read More...]

Christianity ain't the solution

In response to the Aurora shootings, some prominent Christian leaders seized the opportunity of others’ tragedy to demonize the non-believers.  “What happened up in Aurora … was the product of pure evil. It was the result of a depraved individual taking his free will to the extreme,”  -Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family [Read More...]

Freethought in the first grade

I received this email yesterday. Hello JT. I saw you at the Reason Rally and was very motivated by all of the talk and encouragement directed toward the students and teachers who are making a difference in the public school setting. I am an elementary teacher in ##### (1st grade). Each year I struggle with [Read More...]

Et tu, Scotland?

Looks like the gay agenda is making its merry way to Scotland.  Pretty much the only opposition is coming from the Catholic Church demonstrating how much they love the sinner.  Thankfully, it sounds like the Scottish government is going to ignore them. I guess they won’t be building any Chick-Fil-As there. [Read more...]