So…I'm writing a book

I asked you guys for a collection of arguments for god’s existence you’d like to see rebutted, and you provided.  Thank you. As many of you have guessed, and due to pressure from people in my life like Greta Christina (and a healthy number who said they’d buy it), I decided to write a book.  [Read More...]

New doc

I’ve got my first appointment with my new psychiatrist next Wednesday. Excited and nervous. I’ve been stable now for about ten months and still feel really on top of things.  I’m getting the new doc because I want to be able to focus better, especially on SSRIs.  I know I’ve promised to blog completely openly [Read More...]

A far too frequent failure

The other day I did a piece about a Catholic high school that wouldn’t let its softball team play for the state championship if it meant they’d have to play against a woman at second base.  I came down on them for the frequent crime of organized religion: sexism. The post seemed inadequate to me.  [Read More...]

Lyz Liddell on the young atheist movement

My boss, Lyz Liddell, has written a guest post for Skeptic Money on the young atheist movement.  If you’ve ever trusted me on anything, trust me now when I say you need to drop whatever it is you’re doing and go read it.  It will renew your hope for the future. Here’s my favorite part. [Read More...]

3, 2, 1…psycho

Religion doesn’t make people more moral.  What it does do is convince some people that even though the collective wisdom of humanity has evolved over the last few thousand years, that morality should still emulate an ignorant cult from an ignorant corner of the ancient world. Example: Manny Pacquiao. A Nike-sponsored Bible-quoting top boxer who [Read More...]

My fruit roll-up changing the world*

Remember when I wrote about getting out an actually doing stuff as an activist?  Needless to say, it makes me smile huge when I read about people actually going out and applying elbow grease toward making a better world. It makes me smile even bigger when it’s somebody I love. Today I left with 9 [Read More...]

Bible wolf

These are hilarious (and so true).  More at the link. [Read more...]

FFRF event in Alabama in June

I love all my speaking gigs, but every now and again one comes down the pipe that just makes me giddy.  The FFRF’s July Lake Hypatia Advance, June 29-July 1, is one of those events. Just look at the description! The annual “Glorious 4th” at Lake Hypatia, Ala., sponsored by the Alabama Freethought Association, an [Read More...]

DayZ: Zombie survival

I took a vacation day the other day because I was exhausted.  I spent it at home not doing squat but playing video games (NBA 2k12, SWTOR).  About halfway through the day my friend Jeremiah alerted me to a new mod for Arma2 that is picking up steam called DayZ.  Long story short: this is [Read More...]

Diablo III thread

Tomorrow Diablo III gets released.  Not gonna lie, it looks kind of underwhelming. The graphics look dated, probably due to the release getting pushed back so much, and the landscapes look bland.  The game play doesn’t look terribly different from Diablo II, not that that’s bad since D2 rocked, but a sequel should be more [Read More...]

My mother

My mother is the straight up shiz.  Seriously.  In college, I could not announce I was going home for a weekend without at least a few of my friends asking if they could tag along to go see my mom.  She’s generous to a fault, almost, and loved by everybody she encounters. My mother is [Read More...]

As the faithful watch cruelty with indifference

Some days I cringe when I think of the people with whom I have to share the earth. Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill that ensures Arizona workers won’t lose their professional licenses for denying services on religious grounds. The bill is a broader version of the so-called conscience clause that Arizona and other [Read More...]

Let's Attack this giant cross project in Missouri!

Christina here… So, apparently in my home state of Missouri, in Branson (which is basically like Vegas for Ned Flanders) city developers recently approved plans to build a cross so big, you can go inside of it and ride an elevator to the top. Despite this cross being on private land and having nothing to [Read More...]

What arguments for god would you like to see rebutted?

This is for a project.  Please help me out. I need to know what arguments you’ve heard for god’s existence.  Which one, in particular, would you like to see me take a swing at? Gonna leave this up all weekend. [Read more...]