High school students changing the world

Last month I spoke at an activity fair put on by a group of students at Dundee-Crown High School.  The event was one of the most well-organized gigs I’ve ever been to – and it was done by high school students passionate about human rights. Some of them are the same students that immediately decided [Read More...]

Ongoing blogalog

Here is John Henry’s first email. Here is my response… [Read more...]

New blogalog

Had a guy email me yesterday asking if I’d revive the blogalog idea after the cl disaster.  I’m willing to give it another go.  His name is John Henry, which is kinda neat because I have a dear friend back in Springfield, MO named John Henry.  Small world, eh? Anyway, here’s his first email.  Mine [Read More...]

Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis

Ok, the last thread was pretty big, so let’s have this out right here. [Read more...]

Tim Huelskamp: religious freedom = banning gay marriage ceremonies

Christina here… Maybe I’m just really stupid, but to me, “freedom” means (in part, and in  political sense) that we have a lack of restrictions on behaviors, actions and thoughts, so long as those behaviors, actions and thoughts do not infringe upon the freedom of others. So why the blue fuck does this “Military Religious [Read More...]

Culture Wars Radio: Mental Illness

Last week I was on Ed Brayton‘s podcast, Culture Wars Radio, talking about mental illness and why the skeptic community should pick it up as a cause.  I start in about 20% of the way through the clip. Ed is a pretty fantastic interviewer.  One of my favorites. You can listen to the episode by [Read More...]

Help Skepticon!

DrB- The organizers of Skepticon are looking to get your input. Quick survey here: http://skepticon.org/shaping-skepticon-in-your-image/ Help em out!       You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas City, http://www.kcatheists.org/ & https://www.facebook.com/KCAtheists [Read more...]

Religion of love, amirite???

Sometimes I see the most synchronously hilarious and depressing things on facebook.  This was left on the facebook page of a friend of mine. Apparently, debating something makes it true.  I wonder if Christians arguing against a godless universe makes it true.  That’s just a mystery.  Can someone in the comments start an argument about [Read More...]

Internet evangelism day and an argument that needs to fucking die already

Yesterday was internet evangelism day.  Nobody decided to come play with me, but someone did decide to go play with my father. The believer expressed skepticism that anybody had ever lost their job after being outed as an atheist.  My father responded with several examples (including one where he personally lost a job for being [Read More...]

Dan Savage upsets some Christians

Christina here… Apparently people are up in arms because Dan Savage, sex advice columnist, spoke to some high school students at the National High School Journalism Convention. He had a few things to say about the Bible, which caused a significant number of students (I counted at least thirty who walked in front of the [Read More...]

More from Richard Carrier

Richard Carrier has yet another rebuttal to Bart Ehrman posted.  More of the same.  Solid, substantive, with air-tight arguments.  Typical Carrier. Also, it links to all of Ehrman’s replies so that readers can easily go there and make sure Ehrman says what Carriers says he says.  I recently received a comment from JesseW saying that [Read More...]

I have a new favorite holiday

Today is Internet Evangelism Day.  I love it!  It gives believers a little extra incentive to come find me. Tee hee hee! [Read more...]

Freethought Festival moving along

My talk at the Freethought Festival went pretty well, I felt.  I did a magic trick in the middle of it which I messed up at first run and had to do again.  Thanks to Brianna, the student at Grand Rapids High School who just started a Secular Student Alliance at the school, for being [Read More...]

Freethoughtblogs meetup in Madison tonight!

Alright everybody in or near Madison, WI.  At 6pm there will be a FtB meetup at the Rathskeller at 800 State Street. Come chill with me, PZ, Stephanie, Brianne, Rick, and Matt.  It’ll be fun.  [Read more...]