FtB Interviews: Greg Laden

Freethought Blogs is growing at an insanely fast rate.  Glorious, says I!  However, a lot of you may not be aware of all the authors on FtB.  Even if you are, you may not know who their celebrity crushes are or what they think of Kim Kardashian’s marriage.  In an effort to acquaint everybody with [Read More...]

Jamila Bey to Debate Carlton Pearson

The Illini Secular Student Alliance has arranged an upcoming debate: Does the Black Community Need God: A Debate on Race, Faith, and Culture. On the good guys side will be journalist Jamila Bey.  On the “black people need god” side will be Carlton Pearson.  The event will be held Thursday, November 10th in the Plym [Read More...]

Prove God WITHOUT The Bible: Origin

“The answer to the ancient question ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’ would then be that ‘nothing’ is unstable.” ~ Nobel Laureate, Frank Wilczek There are some real sadistic people at the United Church of God. They threw up a magazine announcing Santa Claus as fake (this is apparently a point of serious contention [Read More...]

ACS Controversy: This Is God Damn Unacceptable

I am not generally one to flat out ask people to re-post something. Articles should go viral on their own merit. Let me assure you that Greta Christina’s recent Alternet piece on the continuing American Cancer Society controversy has merit, and it needs to be seen by people. Read it. Share it. Tell others to [Read More...]

Settle The Debate

…and then makes eternal torment dependent on the unsettled debate. And Christians think PZ Myers is an asshole! Of course, it’s only perceived as being unsettled because religious people keep making noise. As far as where the evidence lies, it’s settled: religion lost. [Read more...]

Prove God WITHOUT The Bible!!!

Holy crap balls, Batman! Look at this! God can be proven? Even without the bible????? The second I found this in my inbox I stopped watching football, dashed upstairs to my room, and curled up in the corner, eager to bask in the evidence I’ve been begging Christians to provide for years! Sure, all the [Read More...]

Don't Pray For Me

If I had a nickel for every time a Christian asked me, rather pointedly, “What do your parents think of what you do?” Sometimes it’s even a sarcastic, “I bet your parents are so proud of you!” Perhaps this email exchange will answer the question of how my parents feel about my chosen lot in [Read More...]

What Halloween Means To Me

I give you the best Halloween song of all time, courtesy of Stephen Lynch. Enjoy. [Read more...]

Lesbian Teen Crowned Homecoming King

For days that begin with something crushing my esteem for humanity, thanks FSM for stories like this to help restore it. Two California high school students became one of the first lesbian couples crowned homecoming king and queen in the nation this weekend. Rebeca Arellano, a senior at Patrick Henry High School, was made the [Read More...]

Best of #ChurchTweet

Welcome back to another installment of the Best of #ChurchTweet! First, this week’s winner in the What Passes For Wisdom In Christianity category is… robynreneeriley – The Pastor just said in his sermon there are things we should stop doing & things we should start doing. #churchtweet Now that’s profound. Your reward is a 55 [Read More...]

Rep. Trent Franks: Straight Marriages Deserve Special Rights

Nothing like a good dose of religion-infused stupid to get my blood boiling in the morning. Republican Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona says that straight marriages deserve “special” rights, and says that gay marriage a “threat to the nation’s survival.” In a radio interview with SPLC-​certified hate group president Tony Perkins of the Family Research [Read More...]

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mother’s birthday.  Halloween baby!  Ain’t she cute?  Despite being tough as nails, she’s just as sweet as she looks.  If you were to visit the house, she would be sure to make some special food dish (likely from an animal she has personally killed or from a plant she personally grew), stock [Read More...]

Barry Goldwater On Christians And Compromise

Wise words about the future (now the present) from “Mr. Conservative”. “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they [Read More...]

How To Keep Your Child From Becoming An Atheist

Yup. Thanks to Beaux for the image. [Read more...]