No change on feminism and charitable priorities from Bergoglio.

Recall that under Pope Ratzinger many nuns were reprimanded for spending far too much time pursuing justice and caring for the poor. The Vatican last year said in its doctrinal assessment that the nuns’ group was tinged with feminist influences, focused too much on ending social and economic injustice and not enough on stopping abortion, [Read More...]

Siran Stacy appearance shut down at Alabama middle school thanks to the FFRF.

I freaking love the FFRF.  Do you remember when a brave high school student named Katy Vaughn stood up and cried foul when her school invited evangelist Siran Stacy to give a presentation at their prom?  Stacy took the opportunity to talk about how gays are terrible and how pre-marital sex makes baby Jesus cry [Read More...]

Also, Lizard people.

DrB- The last one is my favorite: “…..”Do you believe that shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies, or not?” ….” Those 12,556,562 people who believe that alien lizards control politics? They vote….possibly for lizard people.   You can find me on [Read More...]

Catholic Church actually supported Chilean dictator.

Meet Augusto Pinochet, Chilean dictator from 1973-1990.  Not a very nice guy. From the beginning, the government implemented harsh measures against its political opponents. According to various reports and investigations 1,200–3,200 people were killed, up to 80,000 were interned, and up to 30,000 were tortured by his regime including women and children. And… By the [Read More...]

What is due to monsters?

If/when we find the person responsible for those bombs, what should be done to them? [Read more...]

Kermit Gosnell – Baby Killer or Public Servant?

Because he was brought up today in a comment on an older post, let’s talk about Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell is the doctor currently on trial in Pennsylvania on murder charges (among others)  because of  practices at his abortion clinic. In January 2011, Gosnell charged with eight counts of murder resulting from gross medical malpractice in treatment of [Read More...]

Comments on the internet.

I’m very fortunate: I have a hugely intelligent and well-measured commentariat here.  However, back when I was on xanga, and when I’ve contributed elsewhere… It’s funny, actually.  My most well-trafficked talks and posts are often ones that just came together in ten minutes.  A lot of times when I have an hour or two to [Read More...]

Think of stuff for me to do during SSA week!

So right after I get home from the Santa Cruz debate at the end of the month I’ll jump right into SSA Week.  SSA Week raises money for, you guessed it, the Secular Student Alliance.  Convenient name for the event.  I still consider the SSA, American Atheists, and the FFRF to be the most important [Read More...]

Islam is a horrible religion and a terrible influence upon the world.

Every day I read stories about what is transpiring in nations dominated by Islam and think to myself “Yup, it could be worse.”  And then I blog about the lesser horrors of American Christianity because, well, that’s where I and most of my readers live. But I actually agree with Sam Harris on the point [Read More...]

I can’t wait to move to Kansas!

Oh man, I’m reading the articles on Reasonfest.  You know how some people say to never read the comments because it’s depressing?  Oh, not me.  These are our opponents. Take this one from the Lawrence paper: More than the defectives calling themselves ‘open-minded’. After all, how open-minded can one be if they deny the existence [Read More...]

Back on the job.

I got back from my debate on Friday and then took personal days Saturday and Sunday.  It’s ok, my boss gave me permission.  Thanks for bearing with me while I got some rest.  Today I take off for Lawrence, Kansas for Reasonfest!  Reasonfest is this weekend on the KU campus and I’ll get to do [Read More...]


It’s great to win without even having to threaten to file suit. That’s what The Freedom From Religion Foundation manages to do on a regular basis. All it takes is a complaint and a little proof, and FFRF will contact an offending government entity and ask, firmly but politely, that the religious material be removed [Read More...]

In pursuit of magic.

Hey all.  I got in yesterday evening from the debate in Springfield.  It went well.  I think I won, but so does every debater, right?  Anyway, the Baptist Student Union told me they’d upload it to youtube and as soon as they do I’ll post it here. So I woke up this morning and started [Read More...]

Same Sex Marriage Update – The Week in Review

I don’t want to write about a whole week of legal fighting on this topic, because bigotry bores me today. Instead, I suggest we celebrate Uruguay, which just became the third country in the Americas and the twetfth in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. +++ But, in reality, I have to report how crappy [Read More...]