Government sanctioned rape.

**trigger warnings** Oh, you live in Wisconsin and want a legal medical procedure?  Not before we get to stick a bunch of stuff inside you that has absolutely zero relevance to that procedure. At the Wisconsin Right to Life Legislative Conference this week, the state’s top Republican lawmakers assured attendees that they will do everything [Read More...]

Oklahoma gets an F-. It’s a grade invented just for Oklahoma.

I’m trapped in Iowa for the next few days courtesy of the snowstorm of the century.  Looks like video games and lounging, and lots of reading news stories that piss me off like this one.  Now students can answer “goddidit” on evolution tests in public schools in the state of Oklahoma and somehow not fail. [Read More...]

Michaelyn’s favorite quote.

Michaelyn made this out of one of her favorite quotes of mine.  She sent it to me saying “Thank you for helping me to find my present heaven.”  That woman is too good to me, and far too flattering. I’m so, so lucky. [Read more...]

Meming it up.

While I was in Las Vegas, I posed for Mallorie Nasrallah‘s Faces collection.  Essentially I sat in her studio and made silly faces for her.  Today, she sent me the one she chose for the series. So I posted it to facebook…and then this started happening. This shiz cracks me up.  If you do one, [Read More...]

Turkish court rules that gay sex is natural.

Yup. An Istanbul court ruled on Monday that consensual sex between two men is natural. The landmark ruling contradicts rulings made in the past by the country’s Supreme Court, Gay Star News reports. Of course, it’s irrelevant.  It doesn’t matter if consensual sexy times between two people of the same gender is natural or not.  [Read More...]

Best atheist career ever!

Why am I enjoying my career as a writer so much?  If I weren’t, I’d be the first application in for this job: the program director for Camp Quest! Full-time employment, working with kids, brightening the future, and getting Amanda Effing Metskas as a boss!  Seriously, you could not ask for a better job. Go [Read More...]

Poor, poor protector of child rapists.

Roger Mahoney, the Los Angeles Cardinal who protected child rapists, got caught, and still gets to be one of eleven Cardinals in the United States who gets to vote on the next Pope, is feeling humiliated.  He’s even got a blog post about how noble that makes him. But as disciples of Jesus Christ, we [Read More...]

Pre-marital sex laws in Virginia and the GOP.

Until recently, Virginia still had a law on the books that forbade pre-marital sex (a clever lawyer would note that it’s only pre-marital if you intend to get married). The law, originally enacted in the 19th century (1800s), makes cohabitation by unmarried couples a misdemeanor punishable by a $500 (US) for the first offense. A [Read More...]

I get email: John Harrington’s 15 minutes of fame.

The other day I posted a silly question and invited people to destroy it.  The person who posed the question then sent me this message. I understand what you’re saying JT. I wasn’t going to pull the inscrutable thing though. I honestly was clarifying and maybe i could have phrased it better or PMed you. [Read More...]

How could you ever think the GOP is racist?

This got posted to facebook recently.  It’s a picture of a plot to capture our African American President by baiting him with a watermelon. It was posted by Jennifer Olsen, the Chairwoman of the Yellowstone County GOP in Montana.  But rest assured, it’s not that he’s black or that the GOP is home to the [Read More...]

The Week in Review – Law and Secularism 2/21/13

Anne’s back… Frankenhand’s post-surgical bandages are off. I can type again! This is good news, because I can’t dictate well enough for Dragon Naturally Speaking to understand me. When I complained about this to my former secretary the other day over lunch, she cleared her throat awkwardly, shifted uncomfortably in her chair, and changed the [Read More...]

Destroy this stupid question.

I posted my rant about people telling me their prayers were answered on facebook.  The first comment on it was… So even if a god was shown to exist through demonstrable phenomena, you wouldn’t want to worship/know/follow it unless it lined up with your standards of character? My standard is compassion.  If god is not [Read More...]

Catholic Church is dysfunctional. Who knew? I mean, except for everybody…

For those of you who travel a lot, do you ever have those days where nothing goes right and it costs you a lot of money?  That’s how my day is going.  Evidently I’ve gotten into god’s knickers.  Good. Anyway, I just touched down in Dallas and am getting ready to head to Columbus and [Read More...]

Stop telling me god answered your prayers.

To each and every Christian emailing me, or telling me in person, how god answered your prayers: stop it.  The god who answers the prayers of those who have plenty because they have the right faith, while ignoring the prayers of those who suffer in want because they have the wrong faith, is a god [Read More...]