Because the bible says so

Some people are just bewildered at how anybody can oppose the love of two human beings on the basis of their gender.  I always have the same response: ask them.  You may get a few shitty arguments making pretensions to a secular reason, but if you pry, you’ll always wind up at the real reason. [Read More...]

You've confused a "war on religion" with "not always getting everything you want"

God damn, do I love Jon Stewart (most of the time). The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook   “You’ve confused a ‘war on your religion’ with ‘not always getting everything you want.’…America isn’t Nazi Germany. And the secret police aren’t coming [Read More...]

Satanism at the Grammys

At the Grammy Awards last weekend apparently Nicki Minaj did a routine that paid homage to film Beyond the Door (similar to The Exorcist). This was enough for a couple Catholic groups to lose their shit.  An article on called the performance Satanic and cranked the martyr up to eleven. “Nicki’s disturbing performance at [Read More...]

High profile loons represent!

Things like this make me very proud of what I’ve done/am doing with my life. I left church more depressed than ever. What was wrong with me, it seemed so easy for them to believe, to heal, to be all better (at least that’s how it seemed then, now I’m not sure how much good [Read More...]

VD sucks

I hate Valentine’s Day. “But JT, why is the expression of love such a bad thing?” It’s not, which is why, if you love somebody, you should do it the other 364 days out of the year without needing some arbitrary day that does more for the economy than it does for love. [Read more...]

The Beautiful Kind interviews us. About sex!

Christina here… Kendra Holliday is a good friend of mine who blogs about kinky things, polyamory and sex over at She interviewed my husband Christopher and I a few months ago about our relationship, polyamory, and the crazy things we do for fun. You’ll probably want to check it out. We talk about a [Read More...]

How religions die

A commenter by the name of Zinc Avenger, in response to shrieks of “Stalin!”, produced some absolute gold yesterday. Because there was no possible reason anyone could have wanted them overthrown apart from atheism, right? Or maybe their regimes self destructed because they were murderous lunatics. That happens to murderous theocratic regimes too. Atheism isn’t [Read More...]

Reluctant warriors 2

This weekend I debated Dr. Michael Murray, a professor of physics at the University of Kansas, over whether or not science and Christianity can coexist.  Dr. Murray is a soft-spoken British man, the kind that is nearly too timid to make eye contact.  When we first met he produced a deck of cards from his [Read More...]

Jealousy is lame

As I have become more of a public figure I’ve come to realize that it’s impossible to please everyone (not that I ever tried), and that some people are just going to try and get a rise out of you because you’ve made them mad in some way.  I got one of those yesterday. She [Read More...]

How you make a difference

I am often asked by those around me why, with the volume of speaking requests I get, I don’t charge money to speak.  The answer’s simple: I’d feel dirty.  I love this cause and I’m still flattered to no end just to be asked to contribute in that way. So I always enjoy bumping into [Read More...]

Why you don't make impulse decisions

Ok…so my lovely girlfriend Michaelyn pledged to get a mohawk if $1,000 was donated over 2 weeks last month.  You guys responded! Well, she’s a woman of her word. [Read more...]

He says "abomination" I hear "absolute success"

Muahahahahahahahahahahaha! A guy in a Jesus hat and waving a bible just interrupted Greg Epstein’s talk by shouting that this is an abomination and that Jesus loves us.  I’m jealous!  Skepticon has never had anything like that. The rest of his yelling was lost beneath a harmony of applause, laughter, and snickering.  Everybody bound together.  [Read More...]

Live-blogging Reasonfest: Greg Epstein

The contents of this post represent the opinions of JT Eberhard, not the Secular Student Alliance. And we’re off with Greg Epstein. Starts off talking about how groups now are more defined by what they do and what they don’t believe than what they don’t.  But we’ve always been defined by that.  We support reason, [Read More...]

Live-blogging Reasonfest: Interfaith Panel

The contents of this post represent the opinions of JT Eberhard, not the Secular Student Alliance.  The SSA supports groups that work with interfaith and I will work to support those groups and those projects no matter my personal feelings on interfaith. Mark Blumberg rocked faces.  This was my first time experiencing his work and [Read More...]