Day of comments #3: …Free will?

Here’s another one from Rebekah.  I’m not sure what to say. That is true but only if one attributes all types of “bad” things to God. Instead of trying to comprehend the value of free volition. Your right to choose of which you obviously hold highly. The only issue is does “God” do all of [Read More...]

Comment #2: Hell

Next up on day of comments is this gem from Icy Cantu. You have no idea what you are rejecting. You spit upon God’s mercy and grace that was paid for through the death of His only-begotten Son. When you expire, or when He returns (whichever comes first) it will be too late to say [Read More...]

Comment #1: Tone

Today is going to be a day of ‘interesting’ comments from yesterday.  This one comes from Rebekah. again your attitudes prove the point perfectly… the majority of Christians don’t take this attitude at all. There are much worse persecutions out there but face it seriously you have become as judgemental and snobbish as those christians [Read More...]

A child crossed my path and lived

For Easter I had the opportunity to plant my swampy ass in church and listen to someone who has no better reason to think he knows squat about the will or existence of god than any other believer of any other religion.  The other option was to go with Michaelyn to hang out with her [Read More...]

Zvan on psychology as a science

Last week I posted an email from a grad student in psychology detailing their efforts to document which schools are teaching bullshit under the guise of science in that field. It’s a noble and necessary endeavor. Psych grad and fellow FtBer Stephanie Zvan wrote up her own experience and posted it.  It’s a tremendous read [Read More...]

This weekend is the big debate in Dallas!

My April speaking schedule kicks off this weekend with a team debate at the North Texas Secular Student Convention.  I’ll be pairing up with Matt Dillahunty to take on Dr. Robert Sloan Lee and John Ferrer over the question “Does God Exist?” I’m ready!  I’ve been waking up every morning to do logic squats and [Read More...]

However do Christians get through their dreary days?

Someone found this on a table in a restaurant and left it on my facebook wall, asking me to comment on 4a and 4b. [Read more...]

Cadbury eggs: the real public enemy #1

Michaelyn loves them, but they are evil.  They are a scourge upon the face of the planet. “But they taste so good!” That’s because they’re full of things that will go straight to your ass.  You see, when god was making the world, he decided to make food that’s good for you taste bad and [Read More...]

Happy day of fertility!

Me:  “Good morning sweetie!  Happy Easter!  I love you!” Michaelyn:  “Glumph.” Me:  “I love you like god so loved the earth that he gave his only be-gotten son…” Michaelyn:  “Really?” Me:  “I’d torture and brutally murder my only son for you!” Michaelyn:  “That’s not ok” And right, she was! Happy Easter everyone!  It’s a day [Read More...]

Hunger Games review

Michaelyn and I went to go see The Hunger Games last night. If you’ve not seen it, go see it.  Stop whatever it is you’re doing and go see this movie. I tend to like movie/stories that are twisted, but not horror-movie quality scary, as well as movies that are set in a whole other [Read More...]

Get down with the sickness

Sarah introduced me to a new app called Patient Zero (once more, iPeople need to get their own link). How it works: you create a virus with a customized name and set of attributes.  You then infect anybody else playing the game who comes within range.  The exception is if the person in range is [Read More...]

Atheists outnumbered in Jesus Land; tell them this.

I got an email recently from Gordon Maples, who leads the Southeastern Collegiate Atheist Alliance (SECAA).  It was a forward of an email from Sheenan Cole, the secretary of the SSA at the University of Northern Alabama. My name is Sheenan Cole, I’m the Secretary for our new chapter of SSA at UNA.  Our university [Read More...]

People like to hear from you.

DrB- I got rage-faced, like all the other cool kids. Behold, I am a rage filled hot dog. The irony of a guy named Burger posing as a hot dog is not lost upon me.   Perplexing meat issues aside, I was shown a pretty sweet phone app a little bit ago. It’s called “Congress” [Read More...]

Being an atheist doesn't guarantee someone is rational

Christina did a post on Patrick Greene this morning.  I read the article and this was the part that stuck out to me. In late 2011, Greene joined the fight against a Nativity scene that had been set up outside the courthouse in the town of Athens, Texas, threatening to file a lawsuit over it. [Read More...]