Lets make out. For science.

DrB-   Would you say you enjoy tasting people?Apparently smelling each other’s butts is “frowned upon” in the human species, so we’ve resorted to tasting one another. These chemical signals might join other cues we get from the closeness and intimacy of kissing and combine to give an instant, hard-wired impression of whether this person [Read More...]

Vice Presidential debate open thread.

Here’s hoping Biden can make up for Obama’s uninspired performance. We know that Paul Ryan’s willing to lie his ass off, but he has a long history from which he cannot escape and likely makes Joe Biden’s mouth water.  Biden’s a stronger debater than Obama and I hope he comes out of the gate without [Read More...]

A meme I made.

Lucifer was totally the hero of that one book… [Read more...]

What has science ever done for us (aside from cell phones, clean food, the internet, hurricane tracking, medicine, clean water…)?

The most important science committee in Congress is chaired and staffed by a faithful folk without the first clue about science. We’re so beyond screwed. [Read more...]

Mitt Romney and Big Bird.

Mitt Romney wonders why the President is talking about Big Bird. JT points out that it’s because the President was responding to Mitt Romney doing it. [Read more...]

How effective are tin foil hats?

Dr. Dave finds a study dealing with the effectiveness of tin foil hats for blocking various radio signals and finds that they generally work…except with government bands. [Read more...]

Jesus doesn’t give a damn.

What…the….? Whether it’s a joke or not, I can only imagine two responses from believers. 1.  They’ll love it, because those believers endorse all the things encapsulated by this toy. 2.  They’ll consider it a sad derision of their savior and blame the toy-maker for mocking their religion instead of blaming all the people in [Read More...]

David Siegel is a terrible person.

Billionaire David Siegel threatens his employees with joblessness if Obama gets re-elected. [Read more...]

Slate gets it right on the Muslim riots.

Though Slate posted an article arguing that we should not necessarily be free to criticize religion a few months ago, they’ve now posted an article rightly saying that people shouldn’t kill because they’re offended. [Read more...]

ScienceMag live chat on mental illness in a few hours!

Today’s ScieneMag live chat will be over mental illness. Psychiatric disorders such as depression and schizophrenia are an enormous cause of disability throughout the world. Yet most current medications are no better than drugs discovered more than half a century ago, and some pharmaceutical companies seem to be giving up. Why has progress in this [Read More...]

A pineapple named Muhammad and a lot of moxy.

I like these guys. A group of atheist students were kicked out of their university’s fresher fair because of a “blasphemous pineapple” named Mohammed. The Reading University Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Society (RAHS) took part in the fair on Wednesday, in order to promote their upcoming debate “Should we respect religion?”. The society displayed a [Read More...]

People poisoned by faith attempt to extinguish one of the most noble lives.

A 14-year-old girl who had spoken out about equality for women was assassinated by the Taliban for her “crime.” What role did faith play in this? [Read more...]

Why the electoral college sucks.

A video explaining how the electoral college creates voter inequality. [Read more...]

Cranky manager?

Michaelyn sent me this.  Some hotel manager got up on the wrong side of the bed. [Read more...]