"Separation of church and state isn't in the Constitution!"

It’s inevitable any time you point out that government endorsement of religion is against the law. It seems to be an instantaneous reaction of those on the right, like screaming when someone shouts “boo!” at them from the shadows: “Show me where the words ‘separation of church and state’ appear in the Constitution!” Let’s sort [Read More...]

More update

Between naps and sleep last night, I got eleven hours of sleep.  I’ve napped a couple times today already and feel like I could sleep forever.  I got through my workout today without throwing up and did the whole thing. I’m not great, but I’m certainly not in the dire shape I was this whole [Read More...]

Dave Mustain: inhuman

Someone who hates LGBT people and plays the guitar said something unfathomably stupid and inhuman. During a recent show in Singapore during Megadeth’s “Th1rt3en World Tour,” Mustaine took to the mic from the stage to discuss his beliefs about some of the recent gun violence in America. “Back in my country, my president,” Mustaine begins [Read More...]

How do they not know?

Cox Health runs the biggest hospitals in Springfield, MO, where I went to college. We always made this joke because we were juvenile and worn out from non-stop studying/socializing.  We weren’t, y’know, responsible for their public image or anything. ::EDIT:: I’ve been informed by one of the locals that this is part of a humor [Read More...]

Meet the contributors!

So, this blog has three official contributors: Christina, Dr. Dave, and Michaelyn.  They’re all badass – that’s why they’re here.  I think the world should know them better. I plan to do a get-to-know-you post for each of them sometime in the near future.  Leave comments here if there’s anything specifically you want me to [Read More...]

Armless friend-promotion

Christina here… One of my best friends, Tisha, decided to create a Youtube channel. I think you should go watch, because Tisha shows you how do to ALL THE THINGS with your feet – she has no arms.     .     Learn more about Christina and follow her @ziztur. [Read more...]

The five best atheists

Recently, an article came out naming the author’s picks for the five worst public atheists.  I’d like to counter that with writing about the people who I think are the best public atheists.  These are the ones who I feel should be the public face of atheism, and who we should be the proudest to [Read More...]

Amphetamines in a bottle

Despite finally getting some sleep last night, I’m still having some physiological effects from my present struggles with mental illness. Good things: I’m still able to eat and am not hallucinating.  Both generally happen when I’m struggling.  Take that, malfunctioning brain. Shitty things:  Difficulty sleeping and inability to finish my workouts.  I’ve thrown up during [Read More...]

Of course it makes sense if you use facts!

Along the merry debunking train we go. The hell?  He accuses William of believing in solid fact and yet chastises him for speaking out of ignorance? Also, if you have to disdain facts in order to maintain your beliefs, you’re not demonstrating much esteem for your beliefs.  If the person making this post had facts, [Read More...]

When is it enough?

I asked for Christian arguments to tear apart, thinking doing something so familiar might help me square away my brain.  Unexpectedly, this is the first thing I got. JT- Emailing you in response to your latest post, to give you something to think about, and something I’ve been trying to work through in my own [Read More...]

Cause science is awesome.

DrB- Just didn’t want anybody to miss this, “We’re NASA and we know it”       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFvNhsWMU0c&feature=colike You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas City, http://www.kcatheists.org/ & https://www.facebook.com/KCAtheists [Read more...]

Mystery pile #1: First meal

A couple days ago Cambridge produced the first mystery pile meal.  She used all the crossed out ingredients… A baguette Applewood bacon Basil Dill Chicken breast Eggs Swiss cheese Lemons High class $7 bottle of wine with the twisty cap Shrimp …to make a lemon, butter, and dill salmon with a lemon basil ice cream.  [Read More...]


Got ten hours of sleep last night.  I feel a lot more in control today.  This is undoubtedly due to controlling my environment so I have less to worry about today (probably also why I was able to sleep so much). The monster is still loose and rummaging around up there, but I’m moving it [Read More...]

This needs downvotes

Here’s a band with a used car salesman (or, at least, a guy who really looks like one) making a pitch for mandatory school prayer/bible study.  Apparently, students only having the option to pray or read the bible in school isn’t enough. And apparently students didn’t get in fights, get high, or make out in [Read More...]