She responded to me…

The person from earlier responded to me. Thanks for your concern, JT, but I wasn’t really looking for your approval. (Just as I’m sure you weren’t looking for mine. Those things I listed DO support my beliefs! (SUPPORT my beliefs…faith is an action of the heart) And I’d be happy to defend my faith! I [Read More...]

I won't comment

Today the Secular Coalition for America announced their new executive director.  Her name is Edwina Rogers and she is admittedly an unorthodox choice.  This has excited some and boggled others, all of which are sending me emails asking my opinion. Here’s the deal.  I work for the Secular Student Alliance, one of the member organizations [Read More...]

What to do with this new toy?

My friend, Brian Sage, who is the most badass web developer alive, just registered the domain Now he just needs ideas for what to do with it.  :)  Any ideas? [Read more...]

How do people think these arguments are good?

Remember my friend who recently became an atheist?  She had a facebook status talking about the null hypothesis.  Someone left this. Have you ever wondered why atheists spend so much time refuting something that they don’t even believe exists? My personal belief is that they want someone to convince them otherwise. To become free from [Read More...]

CL emails

I’ve had requests for the emails between myself and cl that were the beginnings of my first attempt at a blogalog.  Here’s the story. After the pleasantries, it started with cl.  His emails will be in green, mine in blue. [Read more...]

I love my friends

How could I not love my friends when sometimes stuff like this randomly happens in our Skype conversations? [Read more...]

Help with a study on closeted atheism

I got an email the other day from Sarah Morehead with the Recovering From Religion Foundation.  If you are a closeted atheist, they need your help – and all you have to do is talk about your atheism confidentially.  Hiya JT! We (Recovering From Religion) are super excited to be working with Daniel Swann at [Read More...]

High school students changing the world

Last month I spoke at an activity fair put on by a group of students at Dundee-Crown High School.  The event was one of the most well-organized gigs I’ve ever been to – and it was done by high school students passionate about human rights. Some of them are the same students that immediately decided [Read More...]

Ongoing blogalog

Here is John Henry’s first email. Here is my response… [Read more...]

New blogalog

Had a guy email me yesterday asking if I’d revive the blogalog idea after the cl disaster.  I’m willing to give it another go.  His name is John Henry, which is kinda neat because I have a dear friend back in Springfield, MO named John Henry.  Small world, eh? Anyway, here’s his first email.  Mine [Read More...]

Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis

Ok, the last thread was pretty big, so let’s have this out right here. [Read more...]

Tim Huelskamp: religious freedom = banning gay marriage ceremonies

Christina here… Maybe I’m just really stupid, but to me, “freedom” means (in part, and in  political sense) that we have a lack of restrictions on behaviors, actions and thoughts, so long as those behaviors, actions and thoughts do not infringe upon the freedom of others. So why the blue fuck does this “Military Religious [Read More...]

Culture Wars Radio: Mental Illness

Last week I was on Ed Brayton‘s podcast, Culture Wars Radio, talking about mental illness and why the skeptic community should pick it up as a cause.  I start in about 20% of the way through the clip. Ed is a pretty fantastic interviewer.  One of my favorites. You can listen to the episode by [Read More...]

Help Skepticon!

DrB- The organizers of Skepticon are looking to get your input. Quick survey here: Help em out!       You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas City, & [Read more...]