The Catholic Church isn’t evil, just dumb in all the right ways.

Oh, Catholic Church.  You’re so adorable (read: despicable) when you try to do sneaky, underhanded damage control as if you’re clever and everybody else in the world is an idiot.  You could just say “Hey, we fucked up, it’s not like we’re infallible, and we’re going to do our best to make it right” and [Read More...]

Pride in the shadows.

A high school football coach has learned how easy it is to be proud in the shadows.  When your bosses aren’t listening, it’s easy to bravely defy the responsibilities of your job. Lauderdale County Schools Superintendent Jennifer Gray confirmed to The TimesDaily that Lauderdale County High School coach Bob Grisham was being investigated after an [Read More...]

One Week Left: Support the Darwin Day Resolution!

Anne here… I got this yesterday from the American Humanist Association.   Dear Friend, By now, you’ve probably heard that the American Humanist Association worked with Representative Rush Holt (NJ) to introduce a resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives “expressing support for designation of February 12, 2013, as Darwin Day and recognizing the importance [Read More...]

For being Truth with a capital T, it can be awfully hard.

My dad’s facebook status today was… I wish you folks would come out and say it: “My religious beliefs are that human life is sacred and god-given, and that protecting fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses is a must because they have souls, and therefore women must be forced to carry these entities to term, and [Read More...]

Surprise! Church Patriarch wants blasphemy to be punishable by law.

It is said that the Catholic church lost its best argument when it stopped burning people at the stake.  In that spirit, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church is taking steps toward securing the sanctuary every person who cannot defend his position wishes for: being able to punish those who do not treat your [Read More...]

France’s Parliament says yes to marriage equality.

Add another likely nation to the list of those that will endure virtually no change to their well-being with regards to their economy, to natural disasters, and pretty much everything on account of letting people marry the consenting adult of their choice.  The French Parliament has voted, overwhelmingly, in favor of equality. Deputies voted 249-97 [Read More...]

Tuesday conversation: who are your four horsemen?

The people who were once go-to names for atheism are becoming less so.  Not necessarily because they are not good, but because new people are rising to the forefront.  It’s just the natural cycle of things.  So if you were to pick your own four horsemen of atheism as the movement stands right now, who [Read More...]

Jenny McCarthy removed from breast cancer fundraiser.

Remember that breast cancer fundraiser that had invited Jenny McCarthy, a prominent anti-vax advocate, to headline their event?  Yeah, when it was brought to the attention of those planning the event, they did exactly what people promoting science should do with the people undermining science: they gave her the boot. The misinformation spread by McCarthy [Read More...]

How do you know he wasn’t Jesus?

This has been floating around the web.  It’s the story of a hitchhiker who saved some people from a man claiming to be Jesus. The dude, identified only as “Kai,” said a driver who had given him a ride near Fresno began claiming to be Jesus—generally a good time to ask your driver to pull [Read More...]

Sleeping in.

I woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep…so I’m going to try and sleep in.  I asked my boss and he said it was ok. I’ll get around to reading the news and posting here in a bit. [Read more...]

How often god’s moral decrees bear no resemblance to justice.

The five year-old daughter of an Islamic preacher is dead at his hand, and not quickly or mercifully. The girl, Lama, was the daughter of Fayhan al-Ghamdi, an Islamic preacher who made regular appearances on TV. He was arrested after Lama’s death in November but was reportedly absolved by the judge in the case. The [Read More...]

Time to be a jetsetter.

This Friday I start hopping around the country again.  My first stop will be in Dallas, Texas for the North Texas Secular Convention from February 8-10.  This bad boy was conceived by the SSA’s Kevin Butler, who is a one-man wrecking crew as an organizer.  The volunteers that work this event are always not only [Read More...]

Do True Christians wear seat belts?

DrB- Millions of people who claim to be Christians drove to and home from churches yesterday. How many of them wore a seat belt while they did so? Consider, that if you are a True Christian (™) who believes in The One True God (™) , you may believe the following: 1. Heaven and Hell [Read More...]

Help Christina.

You all know Christina, who writes for this blog.  She’s had an interesting three weeks. On January 17th, She was changing her brakes when her car slipped off the jacks. Christina’s foot was, unfortunately, directly under the brake rotor, which I’ve heard is really heavy…or maybe it’s just the rest of the car attached to [Read More...]