Matt Birk is a bigot.

Another Ravens player is speaking up on marriage equality.  Unfortunately, Matt Birk is regurgitating the god awful (see what I did there) arguments of the side of bigotry. The union of a man and a woman is privileged and recognized by society as “marriage” for a reason, and it’s not because the government has a [Read More...]

I’m definitely not hungover, if that’s what you’re thinking.

The talk went well last night.  There were plenty of Christians in the audience and they were vocal during the Q&A.  Lots of attempts to convince me that god sending his son to die showed that he loved me instead of showing how god undervalued his son.  Those were fun. Anyway, to I set off [Read More...]

I vote for another drink

DrB-   We know the United States wasn’t founded on Christianity, in any sense of the word. You know what it was founded on? Beer. George Washington famously brewed it. James Madison purportedly sought to create a cabinet-level Secretary of Beer. And Franklin Delano Roosevelt helped make it legal to produce and sell (again) by [Read More...]

Sorry for not posting today.

Sorry for the lack of posting today.  I’ve been working all day on my response to Frank Turek for tonight.  I just finished.  125 slides and should come in at just over an hour.  I’m really pleased. Now to run it a few times.  Wheeeeeeee! [Read more...]

Faith kills again

DrB- It’s a failure to be reasonable when a parent prays while their child dies of a curable condition. But murdering the child in the name of faith? A six-week-old baby was killed by her bipolar mother after she stuffed pages from the Bible into the infant’s mouth…..Christian fundamentalist Julia Lovemore, 41, killed daughter Faith [Read More...]

On the merit of their ideas?

Awwwwwwwww.  After Frank Turek’s talk, we found a poster for my event ripped down and in the trash. Because Christianity makes you more moral, and because they’re confident in their arguments. Tonight I get to go after Turek’s talk.  Rawr!  I will be fierce. [Read more...]

You can trust him, he’s a Pastor!

DrB-   You ever notice how religion makes people develop superior ethics? How being in tune with the will of God makes one a better person? How those in leadership positions of theology are pillars of the community? A Toronto pastor swindled parishioners and colleagues of more than $8 million   Well. That’s awkward. Well, [Read More...]

Let the fun begin.

Frank Turek is going.  He’s already said if we’re just molecules that there’s no purpose to life.  *sigh*  Let the live-blogging fun begin! Turek: “Four questions, if you answer yes, then beyond a reasonable doubt that god exists.” Does truth exist? Does god exist?  Are miracles possible? Is the NT True? If those questions are [Read More...]

No more “gay cure” treatment in California!

Remember the bill that was being considered in California that would make any treatment trying to alter someone’s sexuality illegal?  It passed last week! “This bill bans nonscientific ‘therapies’ that have driven young people to depression and suicide,” Gov. Jerry Brown said in a statement on Saturday after he signed the bill into law. “These [Read More...]

In Rolla, and I’m all out of gum…

I’m in Rolla, Missouri safe and sound!  Tonight I will attend (and live blog) Frank Turek’s lecture along with the Missouri S&T Secular Student Alliance.  Frank Turek is the author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, one of the most effectively vomit-inducing collection of lies and bad arguments in existence.  I’m [Read More...]

Reddit: sometimes it’s a force for awesome.

IMDB prioritizes actors in films based on the page views those actors get.  Well, when Alexander Rhodes put his IMDB profile on reddit, the readers made him a star. In all fairness, his performance was probably superior to Cruise’s. [Read more...]

Tuesday Talking Time: Long distance relationships

Michaelyn here! I don’t actually remember what JT calls this segment, so I made my own title. You know the drill, right? Every Tuesday we share stories and thoughts in the comments. Whee! [Edit: JT's been calling this Tuesday Conversations.] Today the topic is long distance relationships. Have you tried it? Did it work out? [Read More...]

Enhancing your productivity

DrB-   It’s a rough economy out there, and we could all use a boost to our productivity. There’s a new study out, with some new thinking into ways to boost employee output. What’s something you can do to further your career? A team of researchers at Hiroshima University recently conducted a study where they [Read More...]

Today’s the anniversary of a petty mistake.

Today, 55 years ago, in an effort to thumb our collective noses at the godless communists of Russia, “In God We Trust” first appeared on paper currency. A law passed by the 84th Congress (P.L. 84-140) and approved by the President on July 30, 1956, the President approved a Joint Resolution of the 84th Congress, [Read More...]