Obama’s final campaign speech.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Barack Obama can give a hell of a speech when he’s on his game.  You can tell the guy is beat from being all over the country and campaigning the last few months, and he still delivered one of his best. Actual speech starts around [Read More...]

Podcast? Podcast!

Steven here… The reason I’m a skeptic is not because of all the awesome blogs dedicated to reason. It’s because of podcasts. They are incredibly effective outreach tools. Because of that, me and the rest of the WWJTD team have been talking about what a WWJTD podcast would be like. Most of the contributors have [Read More...]

Don’t get bullied at the polls.

The open thread is here.  If you want to converse with other voters, head over there.  I’ll be in the comments there all day until Christina and I do our live blog tonight.  I’m constantly updating that post with what I’m finding around the web today surrounding the election.  This bit was important enough to [Read More...]

Election open thread.

Readers are reporting extremely long voting lines in… Columbia, MO New York, NY Jefferson County and Arapahoe County, CO Austin, TX Bucks County, PA St. Louis, MO Benton County AR  (50 precincts that ran out of paper ballots, they can vote electronically, some are leaving due to lines) If you live in these areas, you [Read More...]

Tisha Unarmed…armed.

It’s been a busy day here in JT land.  Tomorrow’s going to be a big day of political blogging.  I feel like I’m going to be live-blogging the whole day. Christina and I will be hosting a watch-party here at her house.  She and I will both be live-blogging the entire evening and will be [Read More...]

Susie and Sandy Make a Mistake

A reader, Dr. Peter Coppinger, wrote the following bedtime poem for his infant twins and emailed it to me.  It’s lovely. “Susie and Sandy Make a Mistake.” It was the first day of school and the children could vote, On the lunchtime vegetable they wanted most. Broccoli or beans were the only choice, Then Susie [Read More...]

“I don’t vote.”

Steven here… I’ve seen a lot of people address undecided voters, and protest voters this year. But not a lot of time spent on those abstaining from the practice altogether. I can understand not voting if life gets in the way. I’ve missed votes because of work schedules, traveling and just not getting registered in [Read More...]

Skepticon: pretty much saved.

It seems that thanking my readers is becoming a full-time job for me.  I’m ok with that. Just two days ago many of the movement’s leaders asked you to help Skepticon.  Though I am no longer part of the organizing effort, Skepticon remains my baby, and one of the most important things to me in [Read More...]

Atheists of note

Steven here… You all have been doing a wonderful job supplying me with candidates for this series. I can’t thank you enough. I am pretty sure I’m going to have more candidates than I know what to do with after this year’s Skepticon and meet hordes of them in real life.   1. Deanna Joy [Read More...]

The graffiti outside of my apartment

Steven here… So I live in Independence, Missouri. It’s like Kansas City, but more god-soaked and annoying. When I was walking my dog I noticed this graffiti.         [Read more...]

What depression feels like.

Michaelyn sent me this.  The artist is ricochet188. [Read more...]

Why was I not notified?

This video exists.  How was I not invited to be in the chorus at least? One Term More – with subtitles from One Term More on Vimeo. [Read more...]

Twitterdump 11/3.

Behold, all the twitterings that didn’t make the blog from yesterday. Haha! @Ziztur has about half the followers that I do! I’ll just have to lord that over her until some of my other readers help her out. Big atheist happy birthday to @Jennifurret! “I disagree with some of Romney’s positions, and agree with others. [Read More...]

A father responds to his transgender child

Steven here… We see a lot of stories of parents that don’t know how to be compassionate. Kicking out and belittling their LBGT kids is sadly one of the more common things we see. One of my cousins is transgender. She recently made a post about how happy she was to be able to jettison [Read More...]