State representatives being forced to follow the state's laws

Back in November I wrote a bit on a state representative from Arkansas named Justin Harris.  Justin owns a private preschool named “Growing God’s Kingdom Preschool”.  I know you’re going to be shocked, but Growing God’s Kingdom Preschool is awash with Christian indoctrination.  Legally, that’s not a problem, until you start receiving state funding.  Harris’ [Read More...]

It feels like this sometimes…

You know how sometimes we get some trolls in here? Via Adam Brown at Atheism Resource. [Read more...]

Reason as a moral obligation

Below the fold is my talk from this last weekend on reason as a moral obligation.  It’s a new talk that is still getting tweaked, so be merciless. [Read more...]

Recap of speaking in Arkansas

This picture pretty much captures how the event with Greta at the University of Arkansas went this weekend. [Read more...]

Why Twitter isn't blocking #atheistrollcall and #godisnotgreat

Christina here… For the past day or so, the Twitter hashtag #atheistrollcall has been rather active. For awhile, the tag was trending on Twitter – but not forever. Shortly after #atheistrollcall left the lists of trending topics, tweets accusing Twitter of blocking #atheistrollcall started rolling in: [Read more...]

Best boss

I am not the easiest employee to manage.  I have a psychological disorder that makes me useless some days.  I have a history of being openly defiant of authority.  I’m very idealistic and have the same appreciation for being politically correct as a wolverine. But my boss at the SSA, Lyz Liddell, manages it. I [Read More...]

Waking up flattered

I woke up this morning to a friend request and a message in my facebook inbox. I am so thankful I was able to make it to Fayetteville to see you and Greta. I appreciate your insight. After listening to you speak I am now finally ready to cross over from being Agnostic to Athiest. [Read More...]

Conversations on the road

On the flight from Memphis to Fayetteville on Friday I wound up next to another die hard Razorback fan.  We had a good chat about sports and eventually he asked me… Neighbor on plane:  What brings you back to Arkansas? Me:  I’m giving a talk at U of A. NOP:  What about? Me:  Atheism and [Read More...]

The Polyamory Bear

Christina here… Many weeks ago, this video made the rounds on the atheoskeptifeminicalistosphere, for its message of  remaining “pure” until marriage.     That’s great if this is what you want, but we decided there are perfectly reasonable alternatives to this idealized and (frankly, rather bizarre) idea of “purity”. JT and I have a video [Read More...]

The lord provides

I was reading back over some of the speeches from the Cranston banner meeting last night and one that stuck out to me was the woman who said they shouldn’t worry about the money because the lord will provide. It had not occurred to this woman that the lord has not provided during the initial [Read More...]

Now that's love

Maybe Valentine’s Day doesn’t totally suck… [Read more...]

Get your Reason Rally swag

I fully expect to see a battalion of Evil Little Thing shirts/hoodies at the Reason Rally.  For everybody else there is now Reason Rally gear available! [Read more...]

The best place to start is at the beginning.

I recently extended an invite to my friend, David Burger, to be the second contributor to this blog.  David is the best activist and leader you’ve never heard of.  This is his inaugural post. Please join me in welcoming him aboard! ~JT I’ll start with the best opening line from any speech; My name is [Read More...]

In Arkansas tonight? Wanna hang out?

Tonight Greta Christina and I will be speaking at the University of Arkansas.  It’s going to be some serious fare: Greta is going to be talking about death and I’m going to be talking about reason being a moral obligation (one that every religious person has failed). Meeting Details: Friday, February 17 from 7:00-9:00 PM [Read More...]