What the fuck, Kansas?

I really hope that the legislature in Kansas is ramping up for a big April Fools joke, because otherwise the shenanigans they’re pulling are the opposite of funny. In a typical Math 002 class, you might find an 18-year-old freshman sitting next to a 35-year-old mother of two. The freshman might be there because he [Read More...]

Kansas House passes bill allowing religious people to discriminate against homosexuals

I used to think tornadoes were the most destructive things in Kansas, then I got a good view of their state legislature. The Kansas House on Wednesday advanced legislation that would allow a religious defense to discriminate against gays. Yes, you read that properly.  The Kansas House, charged with maintaining equality for its citizenry, just [Read More...]

Atheists: open your mouth and we hate you.

Christina here… I’ve noticed since the Reason Rally, certain attitudes about atheists are cropping up in news media outlets and blogs. Not that I’m surprised. It will be a cold day in a nonexistent hell when atheists hold a rally or event and get only positive reactions in the USA. Now, a lot of news [Read More...]

it's not all doom and gloom

DrB- JT said I should put a picture at the top of posts. I countered that then somebody might recognize me, and no good could come from that. That would reduce my ability to sit quietly in the back. Does this count? I’m in there somewhere.   Now with that over with, I did come [Read More...]

Thank you to the American Atheists crowd

At the American Atheists conference I was scheduled to speak at the costume dinner (which had a price tag of $200 $50 to get in, I believe).  All day on twitter people were wondering if people who didn’t pay for the dinner could get in to see my talk.  Dave Silverman, who freaking rules, saw [Read More...]

Rick Crawford wants my dad's support

My father recently received an email from Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford. As the Supreme Court hears arguments about the constitutionality of Obamacare’s individual mandate, I wanted to make clear that I favor a full scale repeal of the President’s healthcare law. Obamacare took $575 billion from the Medicare Trust Fund to pay for the costly [Read More...]

Reason Rally panel

If you’re in Ohio, I’ll be sitting down on a panel at the end of the month to talk about the Reason Rally.  I’ll be sharing the space with Mid Ohio Atheists president Ron Stephens, their communications director Michael Adams, and Joy Beer and her daughter Savannah.  The event is being put on by the [Read More...]

Tim Minchin, The Pope Song, and offense.

Christina here… So, Tim Minchin performed The Pope Song at the National Mall, which has about a million people upset, because his song contained, er… a “few” expletives and said some bad things about the pope. The message of the song is clear from the lyrics, and is brilliantly written, in my opinion.     [Read More...]

I snuck this past airport security.

Christina here… Right now, at this very moment, I’m in the Cincinnati airport. My husband and I have just finished our week of atheisting at the Secular Lobby Day,  Reason Rally and the American Atheist National conference. We’re pooped, and we’ve been beset by delays all day trying to get home to St. Louis. [Read more...]

Michael Bay has really crossed the line

Michael Bay is rebooting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, but with a twist: the beloved, zany terrapins from my youth are now aliens.  Yes, aliens. Cracked.com pretty much sums up my reaction. [Read more...]

The Daily Twitter: #mencallmethings

Christina here… Here’s a new Daily Twitter! I must admit: I do actually have ethical standards when I interact with people on twitter: 1. I mostly seek out people saying negative things about atheists or gay people on Twitter. 2. I re-tweet the person’s tweet, editing it for shortness if needed. 3. I only do [Read More...]

Don't forget to actually do shit too

At the training for Lobby Day, then SCA lobbyist Amanda Knief (now with American Atheists) said, “Atheists spend a lot of time pontificating instead of doing.”  Immediately I tweeted the quote with an emphatic agreement. A tweeter by the handle of SpaceGhoti then asked what we aren’t doing.  I promised him a response, since twitter [Read More...]

Introducing: your bloggers!

Christina here… So, maybe you don’t know that THREE people blog here.  JT Eberhard, Myself, and David. All three of us managed to be in the same place at once, at the Reason Rally and American Atheist’s National Convention. Please enjoy this picture of us all together, which I can’t stop laughing at:   Learn more [Read More...]

A favor from anyone that stole my soul

DrB- If any of you happy heathens happened to snap a picture at the Reason Rally of this guy: I would sure appreciate it if you could upload it to a place such as http://imgur.com, and post the link in the comments. Thanks!   You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas [Read More...]