Fundraiser is on like Donkey Kong.

Literally.  This weekend is the first annual retro gamers for goodness fundraiser.  Jason Thibeault and I will be hanging out on a live-stream talking religion, politics, retro gaming, etc.  The whole time we’ll also be live-streaming the retro games we’re playing. Jason has just released the names of some of our guests… I’ve gotten confirmation [Read More...]

Tuesday conversation: retro games!

In honor of the forthcoming retro gamers for goodness fundraiser, let’s talk retro games! We talk about retro RPGs all the time, but what other retro games do you remember?  Maybe we can steal some of your favorites for the retro gaming fundraiser.  Back in the day I sunk so much money into NBA Jam.  [Read More...]

Believers still largely don’t get the law.

My, my.  I read the MSNBC article about the growing legal firestorm down in Little Rock, where a public school is busing kids to a church during school hours to see a production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” which contains an unequivocal pro-Christian message.  The believers in the comments are a slavering bunch. Liberals are [Read More...]

WWJTD podcast streaming tonight.

If you want to watch the podcast live, the WWJTD podcast will broadcast from here in about 30 minutes. I’ll be on this episode and will be checking the comments for questions and what not. UPDATE: Soon, soon…also fixed the link.  Thanks for the heads up there. UPDATE #2 We’re live now!!!  Sorry, google plus [Read More...]

Atheists have nothing to live for. No meaning in our lives!

This last Friday, Michaelyn and I took a trip down to Kansas City to meet up with my family for a production of Batman Live.  Holy crap, it was amazing. This is what atheists live for.  Family and friends, and indulging the spectacles of learning, the story-telling potential of humanity, and the wonders of reality.  [Read More...]

League of Legends?

I’m a lousy gamer…I’ve never played League of Legends. However, my brother is a huge fan and he has convinced me to play with him some over the holidays.  So I downloaded it.  Of course, I’m going to have to wait until after the gaming fundraiser this weekend to really sink my teeth into it, [Read More...]

Deep Fried fundraiser for Skepticon 6.

Below is a guest post from Nathan Piccolo from the Deep Fried Freethinkers blog.  He and his wife are doing a fundraiser to get people to Skepticon 6.  Nathan Piccolo from the Deep-Fried Freethinkers here. Have you ever had one of those experiences that hits you like a bolt of lightning and you’re energized for [Read More...]

The Friendly Atheist’s new book is a must have.

It’s not often a book comes out that has the potential to change a movement over the coming decade.  Hemant Mehta has just released The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide and it is very much that type of work that will make a difference in the coming years.  Atheism is on the ascent in no other [Read More...]

American Family Association leader loves the “kill the gays” bill.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association just praised the bill in Uganda that could result in gay people being put to death.  And why should anybody be surprised?  It’s the influence of deep, fundamentalist Christianity in Uganda that has paved the way for this kind of barbarity in the first place. Bryan Fischer, the [Read More...]

Speaking at the University of Kansas tomorrow.

Tomorrow night at 7:00pm, I’ll be giving a talk in the Alderson Auditorium at the University of Kansas.  It’s going to be an hour-long rundown of the most popular arguments for god’s existence and why I think those arguments are not good, to say the least. Because I’m in the area, I helped the SOMA [Read More...]

Dear Christian 2 video.

My talk from Skepticon 5 is up! There have also been some other great talks that have been rendered like Richard Carrier‘s Miracles and Historical Method, Tony Pinn’s Racial Diversity talk, Darrel Ray‘s Why Do We Act Like Christians?, Greta Christina‘s skype in to talk about death and cancer, and others.  Go check ‘em out! [Read more...]

Church bans children from Sunday services so convicted sex offender can preach.

I saw this image this morning and rolled by eyes.  There’s plenty wrong with the behavior of hardcore believers that we don’t need to be stretching with obvious bullshit like this. Then I decided to fact-check it so I could stop the flow of misinformation. Holy shit, it’s true. A convicted sex offender can keep [Read More...]

Help Rob Lehr with transcriptions

Steven here… I don’t always watch videos, but when I do it’s videos from Skepticon. Rob Lehr is a juggernaut of awesomeness getting all of those filmed, edited and uploaded all by himself. However, since he is only one person and(probably) mortal, he can’t get to everything that needs to be done. One of the [Read More...]

Liars for Jesus: Child Molestation style

Christina here.. I really don’t understand what motivates some Christians to be such liars for Jesus. Especially when they hate atheists so much that they aren’t content simply pointing out the unethical actions of some people who are also atheists as if that says anything about the character of atheists in general, but must resort [Read More...]