The homosexual agenda Orwellian propaganda machine

Christina here… Here’s a quick bit of…fascinating… news reporting straight from GLAAD Sets Up Ministry of Propaganda to Silence Opponents of Homosexual Agenda In a sign of their growing intolerance of people who hold positions other than those of the Homosexual Cultural Revolution, the Media Watchdog Organization “GLAAD” (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) [Read More...]

The woman who continues to mean so much to us

In college there were three blogs I read every single day: Pharyngula, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, and Greta Christina’s Blog.  My father, too, was a big fan of Greta’s.  It was kind of ironic that in defense of the rational Greta seemed to be magic.  It was the only way somebody could say so [Read More...]

On Contraceptives, Penis Implants, and Wheelchairs.

Christina here… In my hometown of St. Louis, the owner of O’Brien Industrial Holdings, Frank O’Brien, filed a lawsuit in federal court, alleging the contraception mandate violates his rights. He’s the first business owner to file suit. Frank O’Brien, who owns O’Brien Industrial Holdings, said the contraception rule violates his Catholic beliefs, according to the [Read More...]

The Scarlet Letter

At Skepticon IV I got asked to do an interview for an upcoming documentary: The Scarlet Letter.  They just put out a trailer and it’s looking really good.  I’m flattered to be asked to give my opinions along with the company in this film which includes Richard Carrier, PZ Myers, Dan Barker, Dave Silverman, Greta [Read More...]

Reason Rally almost here

Tomorrow Michaelyn gets into town and then Wednesday we are road tripping to DC for the Reason Rally!  We will be live-blogging the whole journey and we will be joined by our atheist bear (courtesy of CASH at the University of Minnesota). [Read more...]

"hooking kids on Sex II"

Christina here… This is maybe the most ridiculous video I’ve ever watched.   Ugh. I can’t find hooking Kids on Sex 1! Darn. Here’s what I think though.   1. “These perverts are allowed unfettered access to our children while raking in government cash to sell them unrestrained sex.” [Read more...]

The Daily Twitter: Athiest clubs wtf?

Christina here… Okay, I’m going to post another week of The Daily Twitter! This first one brought to you by Bree Higgins (@feBreeze_) Northgate has an athiest club!? #wtf! — Bree Higgins (@feBREEze_) March 17, 2012   Yay! RT @feBREEze_ Northgate has an athiest club!? #wtf! — Christina Stephens (@Ziztur) March 17, 2012   @ziztur [Read More...]

Alternative medicine and prayer

I realized the last time it rained that I needed to clean out some of my gutters. So, I got around to doing it yesterday. And when you’re on your roof, and live by yourself, and it’s windy, and you’ve decided to use powertools instead of your hands, cause doing things manually sucks balls, you [Read More...]

"Be Respectful" or: I Critiqued the Sermon Pt. 2.

Christina here… Yesterday I posted part 1 of my critique of this Ledbetter sermon. You’ll need to read it before you read this, I imagine. Honestly, I just intended to write a short post on “respecting” religious ideas and how we shouldn’t do that unless they deserve respect on their merit and not on their [Read More...]

Karaoke suggestions

The Secular Student Alliance has hired a new development associate: Jessica Kirsner.  Jessica is in town this week to get some training done so I’m going to drag her to karaoke. What shall I sing?  I’m thinking definitely this, since I’ve had it on repeat all week (much to Michaelyn’s chagrin). What else would you [Read More...]

"Be Respectful" or: I Critiqued the Sermon Pt. 1.

Christina here… The other day JT posted this blog entry, “Oh America” JT used some words to describe the preachings of Bill Ledbetter to the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Here, I picked out the juicy ones for you: “a positively lunatic rant” … “From a faith-drunk populace comes faith-drunk leaders.” … “This is what happens [Read More...]

Bradlee Dean is poison to the young, but he has help

Church leaders are fully aware that most converts to Christianity come between the ages of 4-14.  Once kids are past the point of being biologically programmed to reason on their own and to no longer trust adults, it’s much harder to convince them that someone rose from the dead. This is why there are so [Read More...]

Believers lost and wasted money in Cranston so Ahlquist could convert

Well ain’t this cute. Excoriating Jessica Ahlquist is not going to accomplish anything positive. What will help is for all believers to offer up to God their prayers, fasts and other sacrifices for her conversion and that of all atheists, especially during Lent. Small sacrifices add up. Forgo a candy bar, a new blouse, etc. [Read More...]

#tomyunbornchild – your future parents are bigots.

Christina here… Sorry I’ve been slacking off on The Daily Twitter recently – my life got busy and I haven’t had much time to blog. Shameful, I know. Still, I’ve been plugging away on Twitter between clients at work, baiting bigots left, right and center. A few days ago, the hashtag #tomyunbornchild trended. Most of [Read More...]