Catholic dorms coming to secular universities.

It’s no secret that young people tend to fall out of faith when they attend college.  There’s something about meeting new people who don’t share their views and learning that is toxic to the survival of religious faith.  Matt Zerrusen, president of Newman Student Housing Fund, has the solution: make sure Catholic students live around [Read More...]

Roads of the future!

Oh fuck the hell yes. Maybe I can convince Michaelyn to go to grad school in the Netherlands. German Dutch is a fun language… [Read more...]

Obama points the state sword at the church and the elderly.

I used to think Obama was a Christian who contributed to legislation that granted religious groups further ability to obfuscate their financial records.  It turns out that, according to Gordon Klingenschmitt of the Pray In Jesus Name Project, Obama is attempting to kill off the elderly and applying his power toward “abolishing the church with [Read More...]

Catholics don’t like gay marriage in Illinois.

The Illinois legislature is moving rapidly toward marriage equality.  Though this will not alter a single Catholic marriage in any way, the Catholic church is greatly displeased. Chicago Cardinal Francis George has launched a last-ditch campaign to convince the lame-duck Illinois legislature not to legalize same-sex marriage, saying that government “has no power to create [Read More...]

This Congress could be fun.

The 113th Congress includes a record seven openly gay lawmakers and an unprecedented 20 female senators, including the chamber’s first lesbian, Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin, and its first Buddhist, Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono.  Also for the first time, women and members of minority groups hold a majority of the Democratic Party’s House seats. Nineteen of the 84 [Read More...]

Mental health: eating disorders affect more than the mind.

I take care of my mouth.  I brush twice a day.  I floss.  I don’t floss EVERY day, but I floss most days. I just went to the dentist and found I need to have about $1,600 worth of medical work done.  Writing’s great, but it’s not the kind of high-paying work that makes that [Read More...]

Volunteer for Camp Quest Kansas City!

I have volunteered at Camp Quest Ohio for the last two years and I will likely do so again this coming summer.  It’s about the closest thing to magic as I’ve ever experienced.  Being a part of young people developing critical thinking skills and, frankly, watching many of them know more about religion and science [Read More...]

Catholic Church to the Netherlands: it’s your country’s job to spread our religion.

The Netherlands just passed legislation that will stop government funding of televised programs for various religions. The announcement by Dutch Culture Minister Sander Dekker that the government’s plans to overhaul the way public broadcasting in the Netherlands is funded, includes withdrawing subsidies for religious broadcasting, has infuriated the Catholic Church. At present religious groups are [Read More...]

The Week in Review: Law and Atheism 1/3/13

Happy New Year! Maryland celebrated with lots of weddings New Year’s Day as same-sex marriage became legal south of the Mason-Dixon line for the first time. There’s a Cardinal in Illinois, though, accompanied by his bishops, who is urging Catholics there to contact their state legislators in an effort not to let Illinois pass such [Read More...]

New study: the Milky Way contains at least 100 billion planets.

A new study puts the number of planets in our galaxy at at least 100 billion – and this is a conservative calculation. The Milky Way contains at least 100 billion planets, or enough to have one for each of its stars, and many of them are likely to be capable of supporting conditions favorable [Read More...]

Bill Elliff: 9/11 and Sandy Hook caused by lack of Christianity.

Bill Elliff, a pastor from right here in Arkansas, went on the American Family Association’s radio show yesterday to talk about how the 9/11 and Sandy Hook attacks weren’t the result of maniacs with too much power in their hands, but because of humanism and gay marriage. Elliff: I think what’s going to happen is [Read More...]

American Atheists and FFRF Sue Internal Revenue Service – Again

On December 21, American Atheists, Atheists of Northern Indiana, and Atheist Archives of Kentucky joined together and filed suit against the Commissioner of Internal Revenue for giving preferential tax treatment to churches and religious organizations. Last Thursday, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) and Triangle Freethought Society, a North Carolina group, filed a similar suit. [Read More...]

Atheistish pictures 1/2/13.

There is literally nothing exciting in my reader for today, and I’m sure you guys are getting enough fiscal cliff drama to make you puke elsewhere, so I’m not going to do any of that today.  So here are some pictures.       [Read more...]

On Christians who cite scripture in an attempt to win arguments.

We’ve all had those conversations with believers, where we cite scientific and historical fact as supported by mounds of evidence and they respond with trotting out scripture, as if scripture carried more (or any) weight to us.  My father just watched this happen in a thread and made the following comment. I just do not [Read More...]