New bill would allow therapists to refuse to treat LGBT people.

How can our legislators, who are supposed to represent equality, decency, and every single American vote for something like this? The Christian Right’s latest attack on the state’s LGBT community zipped out of the Senate Education Committee yesterday by a 7-2 vote. Nashville Republican Sen. Steve Dickerson was among the yes votes. The bill bars [Read More...]

Give praise where it’s due, and only where it’s due.

I have a system.  I go through all the news sites in my reader every day first to soften me up for when I get to the religious blogs I read.  Otherwise I might not get past lunch without a concussion from all the face-palming. First up in my religious reader today was Mark Shea [Read More...]

Cop demoted for refusing to pray.

In San Juan, a cop is suing his precinct for demoting him after he refused to participate in compulsory prayer to Jesus. The complaint (PDF) alleges that officer Alvin Marrero-Mendez’s superior officers often engaged in religious activities during precinct meetings, including an officially sponsored prayer. Specifically, it alleges that officer Mendez was asked to give [Read More...]

It’s all about respect for St. Patrick.

You may have heard by now (Hemant, as usual, has a lot of the details), but the Kansas City Atheist Coalition wanted to be in the Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day parade but got denied by the parade committee because… “Kansas City’s parade celebrates the Feast Day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, [Read More...]

Sarah Palin’s “liberty”.

I saw this over at TPM and it put a few thoughts in my head: Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on Monday couldn’t hide her satisfaction with a judge’s decision to strike down the ban in New York City on large-sized sugary beverages, declaring over Twitter that the ruling represented a triumph for [Read More...]

I want to buy this book. Help make sure it gets written.

I’m a little late to this party since Stephanie Zvan and Ed Brayton have already blogged on this, but Ania Bula is writing a book about depression that will lambast the copious amount of alternative treatments that seek to profit, not by alleviating mental illness, but by capitalizing on desire to be cured.  She will [Read More...]

Maddow on the flagrantly illegal abortion law in Arkansas.

Grab a bag to throw up in as you watch. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The term “unborn child” is so ridiculous. Anybody who uses it should refer to themselves as an undead corpse. [Read more...]

My religion says I must kick bigots square in the nuts.

This makes me sick. A pending bill in the Kentucky state legislature could pave the way for increased discrimination against LGBT people. Patheos notes that human rights groups are going to battle against a bill that would allow residents to sidestep anti-discrimination laws if they pointed to “sincerely” held “religious beliefs” that justify their actions. [Read More...]

Headed to Wichita and to St. Louis next.

This weekend I’ll be in Wichita, KS for Skeptics of Oz at Wichita State University’s CAC Theater.  The event’s free, so if you’re in the area come hang out with me, Teresa MacBain, Darrel Ray, Sharon Moss, and others.  Immediately after that I’m headed to St. Louis.  I’ll be at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood on [Read More...]


Steven here… Dan Fincke of Camels with Hammers put out a blog post recently calling on people to sign a civility pledge. A lot of it is completely fair and how we would hope people would behave. In fact, on my first read-through, I didn’t really see anything that I objected to. I try to [Read More...]

Apostacon early registration now available.

Not joking or embellishing: Apostacon is the type of conference I (and I’m pretty sure every other organizer) always dreamed of running.  It’s taking place at a hotel with massive indoor water park, including a four-story water slide.  Tickets to said water park will be included in the cost of a hotel room, which the [Read More...]

Recovery mode.

Oooooooooooh, I am so fried today.  Last night weather was terrible all over the country.  My flight (in which I got to sit right next to Katherine Stewart) was delayed out of Madison and then about 66% of the flights out of Ohare were delayed badly, including my flight to Kansas.  Ultimately my head hit [Read More...]

Good morning, hangover.

After a day of amazing talks, atheists once again confirmed, by evidence, that they know how to party.  I didn’t feel like a victim of this happy fact last night, but this morning is a completely different story.  It’s all good.  We will go just as hard today.  Cool things about the Madison Freethought Festival [Read More...]

Dave Muscato on International Women’s Day.

The following is a guest post from Dave Muscato, the communications person for American Atheists. Today is International Women’s Day. Here at American Atheists headquarters, we’re celebrating. Women have played a vital role in the atheist movement, and today I want to profile several great activists in the movement who happen to be women. Women [Read More...]