Ehrman gets NAILED by Richard Carrier

So first, the back story.  A few weeks ago Bart Ehrman wrote an article for the Huffington Post dogging on historians who think Jesus was just a mythic figure, never even a real, ungodly person.  Richard Carrier caught wind of it and proceeded to go positively hulk on Ehrman.  Reports suggest that Ehrman walked funny [Read More...]

Help Sarah and Simon bowl for abortion

Bowling for abortion…it rolls off the tongue so nicely. Two of my office mates, Sarah Moglia and Simon Keegans, are participating in a fundraiser called Bowling for Abortion.  The name pretty much tells you everything you need to know. The money goes to local abortion providers.  She’s trying to raise $300, and has $157 raised.  [Read More...]

This Beautiful Life, part I

I have a friend from high school, Michele.  We grew up in BibleLand, Arkansas.  Michele went to college there.  She married there and she has lived there her entire life.  She kept the faith.  I did not. Recently she messaged me to tell me that at 31 she had left Christianity. She has now started [Read More...]

American Airlines listened!

It looks like I can continue to fly on American Airlines. As Kylie Sturgess reports, after a huge outcry from the skeptic community (including lots of signatures on the petition I linked), they decided not to run the anti-vaccination ads.  I’ve gone in and removed my boycott of AA from my speaker page at the [Read More...]

Kent State rocked!

Kent State was interesting. I had added a lot of new material, but I thought of even more on the drive up to KSU.  So I got there, hauled out my laptop, and sent to work.  Then Kay, the organizer, told me she expected a good turnout of religious people.  So I played a game: [Read More...]

The young are the future

We were tabling at the Dundee Crown High School activism fair on the National Day of Silence (a day of protest in defense of LGBT rights).  There were several people throughout the school who had tape over their mouths signifying that they were participating.  I made a point of congratulating each of them I saw. [Read More...]

I'll be in Madison this weekend

This coming weekend there’s going to be a killer event, the University of Madison-Wisconsin Freethought Festival.  I’ll be there.  So will Darrel Ray, Hemant Mehta, Matt Dillahunty, PZ Myers, and Richard Carrier, but also plenty of other high profile atheist d00ds/d00dettes (note there will be four FtBers present…we’re slowly taking over).  Seriously though, check out [Read More...]

I lol'd

lol’d. [Read more...]

American Airlines fucked this one up

I hate Delta Airlines.  They suck immensely.  But I’ll still fly them if they’re cheapest for whatever group bringing me in to speak. Well, American Airlines has just squirmed their way beneath Delta in my eyes.  My speaker page at the SSA has been updated to say that I will not fly AA until they [Read More...]

Put a caption on this one too

There were a lot of captions submitted for the last pic of me and Matt from out Texas debate.  Someone just put a new one up that also screams for a caption. I can’t tell if it looks like we are about to make out or if he’s telling me not to fuck this up… [Read more...]

At Kent State tonight

As soon as I have time I’ll do a post about my talk at Dundee Crown High School yesterday.  Short story: awesome!  Those students were spectacular.  Also, it was national Day of Silence, and plenty of students had tape over their mouths advocating for gay rights. I spent the day trading magic tricks and singing [Read More...]

Skepticon, always pushing the limits

We all know about Skepticon, the monster in-your-face, take-no-prisoners atheist convention right smack dab in the middle of the bible belt.  It’s the place where people like me, PZ, Greta, and Rick Carrier (look at all those FtBers!) go to haul out the claws and shred anybody who conjures the audacity to look us in [Read More...]

Here comes the ban hammer

I recently accepted a blogalog with a commenter named cl.  It has proven frustrating due to the endless and superfluous minutia of just trying to get a conversation started (such as demands that I define “evidence”). I recently received an email from Adam Lee over at Daylight Atheism. OK, so here’s the deal with cl: [Read More...]

Wanna karaoke in Chicago?

Ok, so I’m speaking at a high school activism fair in Chicago tomorrow.  The activism fair is closed to the public, but I arrive in Chicago tonight and, word on the street is that there will be shenanigans. From Andrew trip of the Depaul Alliance for Freethought: So, plan is to start things off at [Read More...]