Arizona to allow bible classes in public schools.

Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona just signed a bill into law that would allow the teaching of bible courses as an elective in public schools. According to HB 2563, “A school district or charter school may offer an elective course pertaining to how the Bible has influenced western culture for pupils in grades nine through [Read More...]

Building bridges to wickedness.

Geez, do I hate giving Chris Stedman any attention.  Over the last few years he, and some of the people to whom he has provided a platform, have taken shots at me when he knew I would not be able to fire back.  Though he attempts to build himself up as some type of hero [Read More...]

Apostrophes – learn how to use them.

This is just painful. [Read more...]

Taking cooking to the next level.

It’s Labor Day and Michaelyn (my lovely girlfriend) is in town.  We’ll probably spend the whole day snuggling and watching Doctor Who like proper nerds (so posting will be scarce, if at all).  Right now she’s asleep.  I’m downstairs in the kitchen taking cooking to the next level by making bacon and white chocolate pancakes [Read More...]

A holy ghost hoedown.

It’s Sunday morning, so why not post a video of a worship service? I give you Rick Pino.  The bio from his website says… Rick Pino is the founder of Fire Rain Ministries, a “voice crying out” ministry who for the past 7 years has been calling people to lives of radical love, radical holiness, [Read More...]

Speaking in Indiana on Saturday.

This coming Saturday, September 8th, I’ll be giving a talk at the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology on atheism and morality.  The event will take place from 3pm to 6pm in Moench Hall, Lecture Hall E104.  I suspect there will be either merriment or a lynching afterward, either way you should probably make time after. [Read more...]

Comment round-up.

Well that didn’t take long.  Already I’ve got some believers in the comments howling at me.  Splendid.  The door is always open to you here at WWJTD.  However, no quarter will be given here either.  Know that before you make yourself at home. It has become clear to me that I should have a weekly [Read More...]

Marco Rubio: divides us while talking about unity.

Marco Rubio doesn’t place a premium on his time.  For instance, a couple nights ago he could’ve just said, “Fuck you, atheists,” before dropping the mic and walking off.  Instead, he wasted all sorts of time giving this speech. We are special because we’ve been united not by a common race or ethnicity. We’re bound [Read More...]

Disdain for the population to plead for their votes.

Salon has a breakdown of some of the biggest whoppers that escape Paul Ryan’s lips the other night (during the talk that even FOX News had to admit was dishonest). GM plant —  Ryan: blamed Obama for the closing of GM plant in his hometown of Janesville, Wis. Truth: One of the biggest whoppers of [Read More...]

Live Tweeting my homeopathic overdose.

Christina here… Hi! I contribute to JT’s blog! Isn’t that swell? Most people say I’m nicer than JT. I’m really not. I just pretend to be nicer. Grrrr! I write about whatever I feel like: JT says I have complete freedom to put whatever I want in this space. So I’m going to hang up [Read More...]

My new place.

I’m standing on the porch holding a small cardboard box.  The wood beneath my shoes shows many signs of age and is neither painted or stained.  However, it’s a pleasant change from the overgrown grass creeping up over the walkway and giving the chiggers a springboard up to my calves. The house itself is a [Read More...]

Where to go next?

Tomorrow I make the move to Patheos.  I’ll really miss FtB, but I’m looking forward to my new life as a writer.  Speaking of which, I picked up another writing job (more on that later), and so between that and Patheos I’m going to be living pretty comfortably working from my home and transferring my [Read More...]

Timothy Dalrymple on homosexuality

Christina here… The other day, JT posted this commentary on a blog post over at Patheos. And since it’s on my mind, I came across this post by Timothy Dalrymple at Philosophical Fragments and thought I’d comment on part of it. JT addressed only a small part of the post. I read it, and decided to comment [Read More...]

ISSA's Brother Jed bingo was a great success!

Yesterday I posted about the Illini Secular Student Alliance’s plan to treat Brother Jed as the joke that he is.  You’ll be happy to know it went extremely well.  Thar be pictures at this link.  Yarrrrr! I especially like this one.  They made a big dry erase board to keep track of all the quips [Read More...]