You go, Mizzou.

The Missouri Tigers were a pretty good team in the Big 12.  However, as newcomers to the SEC the Tigers have found life in the strongest football conference to be, well, difficult. But finally, this last weekend, they came up against the SEC’s traditionally weakest football team, the Kentucky Wildcats (1-8), and emerged with their [Read More...]

Patheos question: For whom will you vote?

Each week this month, Patheos has tossed out a question for its bloggers to answer.  Here is the one that just came down the pipe. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached the fourth and final week of Election Month at Patheos. It’s been a really enjoyable conversation, and it’s been especially nice to see so many [Read More...]

Jerry DeWitt: he’s still got it.

Jerry DeWitt is perhaps the kindest new face in the atheist movement.  He’ll be at Skepticon this year (not as a speaker, just hanging out).  I strongly urge you to track him down and spend a few minutes with him.  He’s amazing. He and I got to hang out at Reason in the Rock, which [Read More...]

Tuesday conversation: movie soundtracks.

Since there has been so much cynicism lately on the blog, what with the election and all, how about a lighter fare for the Tuesday conversation this week? Which movie has the best soundtrack?  Which soundtrack has the most nostalgia for you? Commenters are encouraged to link a youtube clip with a good song from [Read More...]

Test of fire? Test of my gag reflex.

Mike Huckabee narrates a video that made me gag (and considering some of the porn Christina has shown me, a video that makes me gag has reached a very high bar of raunchiness). Oh holy hell.  Literally. This November, Christians across the nation will be put to the test. And an arduous test it will [Read More...]

Think of the children!

  DrB- It’s that time of year, where we come together on the most high holy of days, and contemplate some great moral questions. It’s time for Halloween. There comes a time, when we heed a certain call. When the world. Must come, together as one.  That time is now. We can’t go on, pretending day [Read More...]

Urgent Hurricane News

DrB- In a stunning turn of events, there is urgent news over Hurricane Sandy: The storm is caused by gays. The storm is just making landfall now, but Chaplain John McTernan has got it figured out already:  the preacher says the gathering storm must be God’s judgment on gays, and punishing the president Barack Obama [Read More...]

I am voting for Barack Obama. So should you.

Am I pleased with Obama’s Presidency?  For the most part, I am. Of course, I have plenty with which I am displeased.  The President promised the most transparent administration in history, yet his administration has used the State’s Secrets privilege to a greater and much further reaching extent than his predecessor.  His excuse has been… [Read More...]

In vitro? Can’t. Rape? Must.

Jon Stewart nails the entire Republican party on the rape comments. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook [Read more...]

I’m changing my vote

Steven here… I’m a filthy liberal, but if Joss Whedon says to do it, I have to. [Read more...]

Open thread.

I’m sitting in the Little Rock airport after a fantastic event!  The short of it was that I got to reunite with my old friend, Lauren Lane, I got to hang out with old friends like Jerry DeWitt, I got to meet The Thinking Atheist, and I got to hear Aron Ra speak for the [Read More...]

“Einstein proves my point!”

Steven here… In my debates with theists, I tend to have to bring up the flaws in religious epistemology. It’s an incredibly flawed method of finding out what’s real, especially when compared to that of science. The problem with bringing up the superiority of science, is that inevitably you will hear the argument that Albert [Read More...]

College football thread: #1 Alabama vs. #11 Mississippi State

I’m still chilling at Reason in the Rock.  Tons of fun, lots of good speakers. Game of the day could either be #1 ‘bama vs. #11 Miss. St, or #2 Florida vs. #10 Georgia.  Point for discussion: is there any way that Miss. St. comes out on top? My picks: the Tide and the Gators [Read More...]

Does it seem like something is missing?

[Read more...]