Craziest Republican legislation of 2012.

ThinkProgress just put out the eponymous list for this post.  There’s some impressive lunacy in there, but my favorites are #4 and #5: defining life at conception followed immediately by legalizing shooting at police officers. Keith Lowell Jensen couldn’t even write material like that. [Read more...]

Church fights gayness with bestiality.

I thought this was a joke. An American church is promising gay men they will be cured of their homosexuality if they stroke horses. The Cowboy Church of Virginia, led by chief pastor Raymond Bell, believes homosexuality and other ‘addictions’ can be cured by Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Horse therapy, in the right hands, can be [Read More...]

I am gutter sump pump funk.

The email I get from believers is generally pretty spectacularly bad.  I used to blog it.  Now I get so much of it that I just giggle and move on.  But the comments I get from believers I’ve banned are so depressingly obsessed and/or just frighteningly inane, they make the emails I get look like [Read More...]

Turkey invasion.

The other day I was chatting with my dad when some movement on the deck caught my eye.  It was two turkeys at the bird feeder (you know, for tiny birds) enjoying a Friendsmas feast. I took up my phone and sneaked around to a window in the kitchen to try and get a better [Read More...]

Young woman commits suicide after pressure to marry her rapist.

An Indian woman, only seventeen years-old, has ended her life by ingesting poison.  She decided to end her life in the wake of being pressured to marry one of the men who recently raped her. Inspector General Paramjit Singh Gill said that the teenager had been “running from pillar to post to get her case [Read More...]

Dwight Longenecker: leapfrogging the obvious to call atheists stupid.

Patheos’ selling point is that they are all about the conversation between faiths.  So far, I’m actually impressed with them.  They seem to give their writers tenure immediately, with the freedom to criticize as we please. So, in keeping with that tradition, we have Patheos blogger Dwight Longenecker directing the conversation at people like yours [Read More...]

A couple fun videos.

Dum dee dum…reading the news.  While I’m doing that, here are a couple fun vids that got thrown my way yesterday. First, if you’ve watched any football the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen a couple commercials for Pepsi with an old guy named “Uncle Drew” playing basketball.  It turns out there’s a story there.  [Read More...]

Ben Wiker: secularism is causing the economic collapse.

So we’re headed toward the fiscal cliff and, while our legislators are hot on the job (or on vacation, either way), many Americans are wondering how we got here.  Well, Benjamin Wiker over at The National Catholic Register has figured it out: it’s secularism. That we seem to be merrily rolling along toward a fiscal [Read More...]

David Koch wants to stop relief funding to Hurricane Sandy victims.

GOP financial backer (and world-class asshole) David Koch, is flexing his muscle with the GOP legislators, many of which he helped to get elected.  He wants to stop federal relief funding to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  The top deputy of Koch’s group, Americans for Prosperity, had this to say. New Jersey’s Americans for Prosperity [Read More...]

Likely upcoming Senator wants you to know how difficult it is for a minority like Christians in the United States.

South Carolina resident, Ashley Miller, will love this one.  After Jim DeMint resigned his senate seat in that state to take over a conservative think tank, governor Nikki Haley began the search for his replacement.  The most likely person to fill that role is Tim Scott, and he’s a winner just like Charlie Sheen.  He’s [Read More...]

Grover Norquist hates it when people don’t negotiate.

I asked Santa for an irony buffet, and he apparently delivered.  Grover Norquist, whose most notable accomplishment has been getting a large number of Republican legislators to sign a pledge committing them to never raise taxes, under any circumstances, has a new gripe with the President: Obama is apparently not negotiating. This is an explosion [Read More...]

Fired for the most horrible of crimes.

At a university in Virginia, a volleyball coach is being fired for the crime of being gay. Just three days before Thanksgiving, one of the most loved and most successful coaches at Virginia Commonwealth University was fired — my friend Coach James Finley. After delivering a 25-6 winning season and graduating every one of his [Read More...]

The Week in Review – Law and Atheism 12/27/12

Things have been sort of insane in my life over the last few weeks, so I’m horribly late posting legal updates – for which I apologize. I was the target of a home-invasion robbery the night of December 6 – you can read about it on my blog – and the details of putting my [Read More...]

To my readers, thank you for this gift.

In September of this year, I decided to make a go of it writing for a living.  I was certain that I’d barely skimp by and may even have to deliver pizzas a few times a month or something.  But you guys…you lovely, lovely readers who read my posts and share them, who upvote them [Read More...]