The answer fatwa envy

We’ve all seen fatwa envy.  It’s when someone asks us why we spend so much time on the sweet, innocent Christians and not on Muslims.  The answers up until now were automatic: we do also touch on Muslims and other faiths, and Christianity is the most prevalent religion here, so it is the most relevant. [Read More...]

Break out the bubbly!

Yesterday WWJTD received its one millionth hit since joining Freethought Blogs. I have always written whatever’s on my mind, and have insisted to Christina and Dr. Dave, my two contributors (follow them on twitter, they are @Ziztur and @DrDavidBurger respectively), that they write because they are moved to write, not to follow a schedule and [Read More...]

Evil in our midst

Mare Lacrimarum, reader/commenter of the site, sent in this touching email and a picture. Big guys can be Evil Little Things too!  Jessica inspired me to finally come out to my family about who I am.  I am proud to support her future education. Thanks Jessica! And thank you too, JT.  Rational voices are heard, [Read More...]

This made me tear up

I know I post a fair amount of the email I get from believers, but I also get some nice emails for which I am very grateful. I’m still the meanest, but god damn, this one made me puddle up.  It’s from the Healthy Humanist (who lives in a place I sometimes visit, will post [Read More...]

A street lamp in heaven

There are a few tufts of snow drifting around outside my window this morning. I live in a neighborhood with old multi-story houses and streets of brick.  Despite being in the middle of the city, it has an old, open feeling to it.  In the snow it’s somewhere between old London and Narnia.  My block [Read More...]

This also needs a caption

A friend of a reader posted this saying “nobody is beyond grace.”  He then sent it to me because he suspects you guys can come up with a better caption. I think he’s right. WWJTD: we don’t make the pictures you post.  We make the pictures you post better.     [Read more...]

Godless killing machine

I have resisted charging an honorarium when I speak for so long it has annoyed many people close to me (I now have a suggested honorarium of $100, but I’ll waive it if asked).  I’ve done this because, for one, I’m happy to speak.  I’m flattered for the chance and that people are keen to [Read More...]

Atheism and burden of proof

Christina here… I stumbled upon this blog, Choosing Hats.  On said blog, the author, BK, wrote about atheism and burden of proof. I shall quote it somewhat liberally, but you can read the whole post if you like: This position of not having a burden of proof is fine until one considers that holding any [Read More...]

This needs a caption

And I know how helpful you guys are… [Read more...]

Genital-based insults and transgendered people

Christina here… So last week I posted a The Daily Twitter in which a person with whom I engaged in conversation with attempted to “insult” me by asking if I was born a man. In another The Daily Twitter, I was called a hermaphrodite, presumably because of my lack of belief in god. Fellow blogger Natalie [Read More...]

We have been RAGED!

Christina here… The other day I asked my friend Ben if he could make a RAGE version of JT and I. He delivered:   [Read more...]

Go mom!

Remember when my mom was in that online contest with the venison dish she made?  I’m pleased to announce that, due to help from all of you, mom miraculously launched into a commanding lead and held onto it through the end. She is now the proud owner of a ‘Savannah’ Custom Knife, RediEdge Original Sharpener, [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: Science is athiest religion

Christina here… Here’s your daily dose of Twitter:   Dude, I’ve got nothin’. I’m an atheist, and my job is to help people with disabilities live better lives. They are pretty much all poor and needy. I don’t do it because of any god or lack of gods.       Learn more about Christina and [Read More...]

I'm still the meanest

I gave a talk to Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists at the University of Minnesota last night.  I talked about atheism, but worry not!  As fellow FtBer Brianne Bilyeu painstakingly recorded, I remain the meanest atheist of them all.  It was also good to get to see some of my FtB cohorts again like PZ [Read More...]