However do Christians get through their dreary days?

Someone found this on a table in a restaurant and left it on my facebook wall, asking me to comment on 4a and 4b. [Read more...]

Cadbury eggs: the real public enemy #1

Michaelyn loves them, but they are evil.  They are a scourge upon the face of the planet. “But they taste so good!” That’s because they’re full of things that will go straight to your ass.  You see, when god was making the world, he decided to make food that’s good for you taste bad and [Read More...]

Happy day of fertility!

Me:  “Good morning sweetie!  Happy Easter!  I love you!” Michaelyn:  “Glumph.” Me:  “I love you like god so loved the earth that he gave his only be-gotten son…” Michaelyn:  “Really?” Me:  “I’d torture and brutally murder my only son for you!” Michaelyn:  “That’s not ok” And right, she was! Happy Easter everyone!  It’s a day [Read More...]

Hunger Games review

Michaelyn and I went to go see The Hunger Games last night. If you’ve not seen it, go see it.  Stop whatever it is you’re doing and go see this movie. I tend to like movie/stories that are twisted, but not horror-movie quality scary, as well as movies that are set in a whole other [Read More...]

Get down with the sickness

Sarah introduced me to a new app called Patient Zero (once more, iPeople need to get their own link). How it works: you create a virus with a customized name and set of attributes.  You then infect anybody else playing the game who comes within range.  The exception is if the person in range is [Read More...]

Atheists outnumbered in Jesus Land; tell them this.

I got an email recently from Gordon Maples, who leads the Southeastern Collegiate Atheist Alliance (SECAA).  It was a forward of an email from Sheenan Cole, the secretary of the SSA at the University of Northern Alabama. My name is Sheenan Cole, I’m the Secretary for our new chapter of SSA at UNA.  Our university [Read More...]

People like to hear from you.

DrB- I got rage-faced, like all the other cool kids. Behold, I am a rage filled hot dog. The irony of a guy named Burger posing as a hot dog is not lost upon me.   Perplexing meat issues aside, I was shown a pretty sweet phone app a little bit ago. It’s called “Congress” [Read More...]

Being an atheist doesn't guarantee someone is rational

Christina did a post on Patrick Greene this morning.  I read the article and this was the part that stuck out to me. In late 2011, Greene joined the fight against a Nativity scene that had been set up outside the courthouse in the town of Athens, Texas, threatening to file a lawsuit over it. [Read More...]

Patrick Greene, atheist activist, turns Christian

Christina here… Here’s an news article in the Christian post about Patrick Greene, an atheist activist who recently turned Christian. A few months ago Patrick Greene was an atheist who was threatening to sue Henderson County, Texas, if the county didn’t remove a Nativity scene from its courthouse lawn. Today he is a believer in [Read More...]

Ear worm for all

Sarah played this song in the office yesterday and it has been gloriously bouncing around my noggin ever since. Which means you guys get to hear it too. [Read more...]

Why Jenny McCarthy wins

Speaking of people who think their intuition trumps the consensus of the experts… Well, I’m sure convinced. [Read more...]

Places I'll be in April

I’ve got three appearances in April. April 6-9 – Lawrence, KS I’m flying to Kansas City to see Michaelyn.  This is my weekend.  You can’t have it.  April 14 – North Texas Secular Student Convention I’ll be doing a team debate with Matt Dillahunty against John Ferrer and Dr. Robert Sloan Lee on “Does God [Read More...]

Daily Twitter: worshiping doctors

My office-mate, Sarah Moglia, tweets.  She tweets a lot.  I follow her during the day because it’s hilarious and because, occasionally, she gets something like this from @BarefootPeace. @Mowgli3 nothing worse than atheists who worship doctors instead of priests #irony He was, of course, chastising Sarah for placing too much trust in the opinions of [Read More...]


Christina here… I discovered this message board, THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, which at first glance appears to be a badly-designed little corner of neoconservatism. Appearances deceive, however, as the board boasts over 250,ooo posts. Here, have some of their more telling forum names: DEFEATING MARXISM/SOCIALISM—WHILE REBUILDING CONSERVATISM BORDER SECURITY and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ISLAMIC CULT’S [Read More...]