It has been a rough day for me.  I will talk about it tomorrow. For now, here are some otters Michaelyn sent me to make me smile.  I hope they make you smile. [Read more...]

Wheelchair Rope Suspension

Christina here… I did this the other day:     [Read more...]

Design a billboard for American Atheist event!

I’m speaking at the American Atheists RAM (here’s the meetup page) in October.  It’s going to be a real hoot.  The theme is “Godless Government” and they’re going to put up some billboards to advertise it. But they’re having trouble coming up with a solid design.  How many of you graphics people out there can [Read More...]

Next up: black people saying slavery ain't so bad.

So, I saw a video posted by Cristina Rad in which a woman defends men who beat women.  Her justification?  The woman might be nagging him.  I recall thinking to myself that this was a lone nutjob preaching to nobody and proceeded to ignore her. Turns out she has a following.  I mean, it’s probably [Read More...]

Trolling Jesus

For anti-trolling day, how about rebelling by trolling Jesus? [Read more...]

Jerry DeWitt's story

Sometimes atheist activists get more media attention and I groan, because I know they’re really a shitbag beneath the atheist activism and I hate the prospect of having that type of person making public appearances representing atheists. But when I see CNN discussing someone like Jerry DeWitt my cold heart grows three sizes.  And then [Read More...]

Doug Stanhope nails it.

Last year I gave a talk at Grand Valley State that was attended by Ed Brayton.  He turned me no to Doug Stanhope, praising him as one of the greatest comedians to ever live.  I watched the video Ed loaded on his tablet, laughed, and moved on. The other day I saw a picture of [Read More...]

On assisted suicide.

Christina here. The other day, my aunt died after being on life support for pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in the lungs) and all sorts of other nasties, including dementia. I’m not really sad about her death, which I guess makes me a heartless bitch (kidding!), plus we knew it was coming. Anyhow, right before she died, she [Read More...]

Another excerpt

Here’s another excerpt.  Again, thank you to everybody for being so forgiving with my inability to write things of substance this last week.  I’m working on ways to make it better. …people do not send psychic messages to their friends, they dial their phone. People do not fly by telekinesis, we build airplanes. And sickness [Read More...]

Book excerpt: on prayer

Here’s an excerpt from the book: You may respond with an anecdote that you prayed for something and it happened. A popular one is to claim that someone prayed for their relative with cancer and that the cancer went into remission. But surely you don’t believe this happens every time. Lots of people pray for [Read More...]

Question for the readers

I can’t seem to make words work right now.  So instead of putting up something shitty, here are some of my better pieces. Reason as a Moral Obligation Transcript: Dear Christian My Requirement for Talking God Reluctant Warriors Evolution! The Culprit is Obvious The Last Gasps of a Desperate Man Jessica Ahlquist Was Totally the [Read More...]

Get to know the contributors: Michaelyn

As I said last week, I plan to do a post in which I interview each of the people who contribute to this blog (you can read about them by clicking that fancy “contributors” button at the top of the page).  Today is my lovely girlfriend, Michaelyn. [Read more...]

Atheist fantasy football!

My friend Courtney has convinced me I should try fantasy football.  She is willing to commissioner a league (whatever that means) for atheists. So, we need ten atheists who want to compete in a fantasy football league.  First ten people to email their wish to play to wwjtd21[at]gmail[dot]com get in. The name of my team?  [Read More...]

Ebony Dixon tries to save my soul.

Ebony Dixon found my post on the American Bible Challenge and decided to take a stab at saving my soul. [Read more...]