Tuesday conversation: Christmas!

I don’t celebrate Christmas – I celebrate Friendsmas!  :)  It’s a holiday conceived by my friend, Cambridge.  It’s pretty much like Christmas, but without all the religious hullabaloo and which puts the focus on the real reason for the season: friends. My family has also always opened presents on Christmas Eve.  I was the envy [Read More...]

WWJTD Podcast Episode 4: Tubcast.

Here is episode 4 of the podcast, where Christina served as our special guest from her bathtub.  We talked about mental illness, gay rights, the turmoil in the GOP, and much, much more. To submit a story, question, or guest request to the podcast, you can call  (314) 717-1399 anytime during the week or send [Read More...]

David DeWolf, like so many touched by Christianity, mistakes virtue for bigotry.

Washington State recently legalized gay marriage and marijuana.  Jesus didn’t care much for this, but can’t be bothered to pop down and tell us himself, so his followers are out in force to talk about what a hell Washington has become. One of them is David DeWolf. To David DeWolf, who teaches law at Gonzaga [Read More...]

Antonin Scalia said it first: precedent favors gay marriage.

The SCOTUS is set to hear prop 8 and DOMA in the spring, which means it’s about time to resuscitate the past words of Justices likely to constrain the happiness of others because of what some people wrote down thousands of years ago.   In a landmark 2003 decision, the Court ruled that states may [Read More...]

A matter of pride

Steven here… A childhood friend of mine posted this on Facebook after her visit to the doctor: “Syphilis-NEGATIVE, HIV-1&2-NEGATIVE, Chlamydia-NEGATIVE, HPV- Negative, Herpes-NEGATIVE, GC (Gonorrhea)-NEGATIVE, Trichomonias- NEGATIVE, ALL DRUG TEST NEGATIVE… At 32 I have Never had a STD and IM proud of it. These type of papers are like a TREASURE, DO YOU HAVE [Read More...]

That awkward moment when you learn that a friend did you wrong.

I found out today that someone I had considered a friend up to today did me wrong a while back, and has been chummy as hell to me before and afterward. It doesn’t suck so much to lose a friend like that.  Personally, I think I’m pretty rad about keeping shitty people out of my [Read More...]

Godless NFL thread.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.  I’m going to be chilling at Buffalo Wild Wings for most of the day with NFL superfan Jessica Kirsner (@JKMiami89 on twitter) of the Secular Student Alliance, so it seemed like a good time to revive the tradition.  We’ll both me dropping in to chat [Read More...]

Cambridge missed me.

I’ve been on the road for about six weeks now. I got back to Columbus late last night where I discovered how Cambridge (my wonderful roommate) went about reminding me how much I was missed. I lifted the toilet seat to find this. I have the most awesome roommate. [Read more...]

Tales from the road 12/8.

Yesterday in the Springfield airport, I emerged from the bathroom to find to police officers standing over my backpack and laptop. Cop #1:  Is this yours? Me:  Yes. Cop#2:  Where were you? Me:  Pooping. Cop #2:  You can’t just do that. Me:  I wiped too. They were unimpressed with my flippancy and I got a [Read More...]

Supreme Court to Decide Same-Sex Marriage Issues

HUGE news from the trenches of human rights warfare: This afternoon Bloomberg reported that, for the first time, the Unites States Supreme Court will address issues pertaining to same-sex marriage. SCOTUS will take issues related to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s same-sex marriage, which has seemed like a yo-yo the way it [Read More...]

Comment roundup 12/7.

The other day I posted a letter to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette griping about how those mean atheists are insisting that a school/church in Little Rock, Arkansas obey the law.  I also posted my father’s submission rebutting said letter. Someone by the name of Ben Allen did not care for dad’s opinions and released his [Read More...]

Old friends.

I drove to Springfield, MO today so I could fly out tomorrow to speak at the Humanist Community of Central Ohio’s Winter Solstice Banquet.  I went to college here, so I came up a day early to hang out with old friends. Many of them have bought houses.  We’re all so different, and we haven’t [Read More...]

Charlie Brown Christmas Field Trip Cancelled

The field trip by the local elementary school to a church to see the Charlie Brown Christmas play, complete with Bible soliloquy, has been cancelled. This is not a win for the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers. Why not? Because the church, and not the school, is the entity that blinked. And that’s too bad. We [Read More...]

A Reader’s Legal Question: Student-Led Prayers

Reader questions are edited to eliminate references to specific people and places, unless there’s a need to call out the cavalry. If you see something here that almost resembles your question, but your main concern isn’t addressed, go ahead and ask again in the comments. I’ll do my best to respond.   Reader Question: I [Read More...]