The greatness of god

I’ve been thinking about the idea of hell lately.  I couldn’t be happy in heaven knowing people were suffering there.  If I had the power to rescue even my most hated enemy from hell, I would.  My compassion would either make me miserable if I couldn’t act or compel me to act if I could, [Read More...]

Truth in advertising

DrB-   I was driving around Kansas City, and saw a billboard for a hospital, and something new occurred to me. Here’s a few examples I pulled up with just a Google search for hospital billboards, see if you can spot the trend: See the common thread? Our most advanced places of healing, the place [Read More...]

How can such a lengthy opinion piece contain no arguments?

Bryan Appleyard has a piece in the New Statesman defending Alain de Botton.  Well, “defending” implies he makes arguments in de Botton’s defense, which he doesn’t do.  But he sure doesn’t like those “neo-atheists”. You can tell from the very first sentence what we’re in for with this piece. To hardline atheists, it is now [Read More...]

Reason as a moral obligation

My friend Jesse has told me I need to reevaluate de Botton.  I re-read his CNN article and I don’t think I need to change anything, but I do want to explain why I think the truth is so important. In his piece de Botton opens by calling the question of god’s existence boring.  Perhaps [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: Goatse proves god

Christina here… Enjoy your daily dose of TDT. This one is pretty silly: [Read more...]

Idiocracy: The Corruption of the American Dream

This is a guest post by my friend David Drake, who writes over at Carriage Wit. *Note: When I use the word “Santorum” in this piece, I am talking about the politician, not the more common definition that shows up when you google the word. I detest American politics.  I would probably protest other countries’ [Read More...]

Somebody that I used to know

Today was a crummy day.  In my job I wind up coming across a lot of people who are…just…fucking evil, and it’s my job to try and make those situations better.  Some days it gets even an experienced reluctant warrior down. Michaelyn sent me this video.  It made me smile.  Hooray for making crummy days [Read More...]

Stephen Hawking and Sex Clubs: why is this news?

Christina here. A friend of mine handed me this link today, “Stephen Hawking Frequents Sex Club In California: Report” Stephen Hawking may be confined to a wheelchair, but that doesn’t seem keep him from making the rounds. The celebrated astrophysicist is a regular at a sex club in California, according to media reports. The 70-year-old, [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist vs. Unfriendly Atheist (

Hemant Mehta is a friend of mine.  I love the guy and never want to follow him on stage as a speaker.  My friend is displeased with how some of us, including me, went after Alain de Botton.  I won’t comment on the top half of his post, but for the latter half I think [Read More...]

In Minnesota Thursday night

Tomorrow I’ll be traipsing up to the snowy North to give a talk about activism at the University of Minnesota.  The event will be from 7pm-9pm in Smith Hall 231. I’m told there will be karaoke afterward.  Here’s the facebook event. I’ve spoken to the Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists (CASH) before.  They are a [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: Athiests believe in nothing

Christina here… Here’s your daily dose of Twitter!   [Read more...]

Robo's theme, because I love you

For all you old school nerds who remember one of the best RPGs of all-time, Chrono Trigger, this will make you smile. For all you non-gamers and youngsters who missed the golden age of console RPGs, you’ll still enjoy this happy melody, which they intermix cleverly with Rick Astley. [Read more...]

Never let the police search you

I’m not a big fan of linking to HuffPo, but Scott Morgan wrote a great article about why you should always refuse a police search, even if you’re innocent. It’s a subject that a lot of people think they understand, but too often our perception of police power is distorted by fictional TV dramas, sensational [Read More...]

God is your co-pilot?

Fire him. [Read more...]