Sunrise Over Arkansas

My best ideas have never come under duress.  I have seldom figured something out or had a startling realization by sitting down and consciously asserting myself mentally. No, the best way for me to think is to control my environment; to remove anything that might be sucking up brainpower and relax.  For me, the best [Read More...]

I'm With Greta

The contents of this post are the opinions of JT Eberhard, not the Secular Student Alliance. I stayed out of elevatorgate.  I thought it was a big clusterfuck that made otherwise brilliant people on both sides of that issue stupid. But I’m going to wade into this one.  Greta pretty much already said everything that [Read More...]

They Do Not Play Fair

The contents of this post represent the opinions of JT Eberhard and are not those of the Secular Student Alliance. That it’s flagrantly false is reason enough to hate religion.  That proselytizers frequently prey on the dying, the downtrodden, or the weak makes me furious.  But what really makes me see red is when they [Read More...]


I haz it. [Read more...]

The Gillioz Wants to Know…

…what your favorite event at the Gillioz Theater was in 2011, so they’ve got a poll up about it. I thought it was Skepticon IV hands down.  I suspect many of you will too.  ;) [Read more...]

Help Decide How To Spend Charitable Funds

Rob Lehr, the man behind Hambone Productions (which gave you all the videos from Skepticon 1-4) is using the commercial revenue from his youtube channel for charity.  Go to his channel, check out some vids, and help him decide where the money goes. After all, you guys earned the money with your traffic after Skepticon [Read More...]

On Not Knowing

Michaelyn posted a great blog about not knowing stuff. I find “I don’t know” to be a much more satisfying answer than “God works in mysterious ways.” Not knowing opens up a whole new world to explore. There is so much potential knowledge held in that little statement. The “mysterious ways” answer only stifles curiosity. [Read More...]

How To Be an Activist

“Agitators are a set of interfering, meddling people, who come down to some perfectly contented class of the community and sow the seeds of discontent amongst them. That is the reason why agitators are so absolutely necessary. Without them, in our incomplete state, there would be no advance towards civilisation.”  ~ Oscar Wilde I received [Read More...]

Being Gay is worse than Smoking

Hi guys! Christina here. Ever since I attended a 3-day seminar by Brad Harrab and wrote about a gazillion posts in response, he and I have shared a friendship of sorts, occasionally bumping into each other on Facebook (Edit 1/1/12 Aww, he defriended me!) and in real life. The other day, he posted a most *ahem* intriguing post to [Read More...]

Thank You

I blogged for about eight years before joining FtB.  First I was on xanga (all the cool kids were doing it), then for about six months this year I was on my own site.  Up until FtB I never gave a thought to how many readers I had – I just wrote because it was [Read More...]

Maybe I'm Not Entirely Straight…

Don’t tell the Trophy (Primary) Girlfriend™, but I don’t think I’ve ever been more in love with a man. The story: Tim Minchin wrote and performed a song about Jesus for the Jonathan Ross Show comparing Jesus to Woody Allen.  How could that be taken as anything but flattering?  Woody Allen is awesome! Everybody loved it [Read More...]

Larry Taunton and Talking Animals

Larry Taunton does not like Dawkins’ newest book. This time, Oxford University’s professional unbeliever is out to spread holiday cheer with a new children’s book, The Magic of Reality. Christmas is, after all, the season of magic, and lest children confuse sugar plum fairies and flying reindeer with the observable and repeatable, the professor has loaded neither [Read More...]

I know Christmas is over, but…

I thought I might like to have the last word about Christmas. Richard Land – one of my favorite radio personalities on the local Christian radio station I listen to, wrote a piece for the Washington Post titled, “Why it’s hard to be a Christian at Christmas“. You’ve got a whole month in which no [Read More...]

God Loves You!

I like atheistic diplomats.  I think Hemant is one.  I think Greta is one (even though she’ll deny it).  These guys treat religious people like they are sincerely pursuing the truth and just failing.  I don’t do that.  By default I treat religious people like they have a belief and are going to jump through [Read More...]