FAA should re-work the rules regarding electronics on airplanes.

Senator Claire McCaskill is taking part in a campaign to have the FAA re-write its rules on electronic devices. A growing number of critics argue the rule has no scientific basis. Last week, the Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski sent a letter to FAA Chairman Michael Huerta urging him to revise the rules. On [Read More...]

Santa putting the Christ back in Christmas.

DarkMatter2525 has a new video out.  I really love this guy’s stuff. [Read more...]

Myth #3: Atheists want to kick God out of public schools and indoctrinate children in atheism.

A secular census has recently been launched and Mary Ellen Sikes is doing a week-long blog series about the results.  She shot me an email this last weekend, which I just got to yesterday, and asked if I’d post them.  Seemed interesting, so here we go.  :)  (You can also find these posts over at [Read More...]

Stop flushing those brain cells!

Stem cells are so five years ago.  Now scientists have developed a way to turn the cells in urine into neural progenitor cells! Some of the waste that humans flush away every day could become a powerful source of brain cells to study disease, and may even one day be used in therapies for neurodegenerative [Read More...]

Trevin Wax can’t show platonic affection because gay people ruined it

Steven here… The newest argument against homosexuality has arrived. It turns out it prevents straight dudes from being friends. Trevin Wax at The Gospel Coalition explains: “But there is no such thing as absolute freedom when it comes to sexuality. The moment we celebrate or endorse certain behaviors, we curtail freedom in other areas. This [Read More...]

An angel doesn’t get its wings.

Father was walking out of a store earlier today when the following conversation ensued with the Salvation Army bell-ringer. BELL-RINGER:  Merry Christmas! DAD:  Happy holidays! BELL-RINGER:  I’ll make you a deal.  Make a donation and I’ll let you stand here and ring the bell.  Y’know, I’ve been doing this since before you were this tall, [Read More...]

Bill Donahue: the gift that keeps on crying.

The new American Atheists billboard has drawn the ire of Bill Donahue, which means it has achieved a score of at least .00000001 on the offensiveness scale. Hanukkah is currently being celebrated, but fortunately for Jews they are not being attacked by David Silverman. No, like other haters in the atheist community, the president of [Read More...]

North Carolina could stop the anti-abortion license plate bleeding, but they won’t.

In 2011, North Carolina passed a bill that would allow its citizens to get vanity anti-abortion license plates. Immediately, the ACLU filed a case against it.  It was an open and shut case in which the plates were deemed unconstitutional. “This is a great victory for the free speech rights of all North Carolinians, regardless [Read More...]

New American Atheist billboard in Times Square.

American Atheists is back at it, waging the war on shitty ideas which many confuse with a war on Christmas/holiday cheer.  C’mon guys, it’s not like they wait until Christmas to call Christianity a myth. Anyway, I can get behind this one. For one, this one is at least a little aesthetically pleasing.  Two points [Read More...]

Tuesday conversation: Christmas!

I don’t celebrate Christmas – I celebrate Friendsmas!  :)  It’s a holiday conceived by my friend, Cambridge.  It’s pretty much like Christmas, but without all the religious hullabaloo and which puts the focus on the real reason for the season: friends. My family has also always opened presents on Christmas Eve.  I was the envy [Read More...]

WWJTD Podcast Episode 4: Tubcast.

Here is episode 4 of the podcast, where Christina served as our special guest from her bathtub.  We talked about mental illness, gay rights, the turmoil in the GOP, and much, much more. To submit a story, question, or guest request to the podcast, you can call  (314) 717-1399 anytime during the week or send [Read More...]

David DeWolf, like so many touched by Christianity, mistakes virtue for bigotry.

Washington State recently legalized gay marriage and marijuana.  Jesus didn’t care much for this, but can’t be bothered to pop down and tell us himself, so his followers are out in force to talk about what a hell Washington has become. One of them is David DeWolf. To David DeWolf, who teaches law at Gonzaga [Read More...]

Antonin Scalia said it first: precedent favors gay marriage.

The SCOTUS is set to hear prop 8 and DOMA in the spring, which means it’s about time to resuscitate the past words of Justices likely to constrain the happiness of others because of what some people wrote down thousands of years ago.   In a landmark 2003 decision, the Court ruled that states may [Read More...]

A matter of pride

Steven here… A childhood friend of mine posted this on Facebook after her visit to the doctor: “Syphilis-NEGATIVE, HIV-1&2-NEGATIVE, Chlamydia-NEGATIVE, HPV- Negative, Herpes-NEGATIVE, GC (Gonorrhea)-NEGATIVE, Trichomonias- NEGATIVE, ALL DRUG TEST NEGATIVE… At 32 I have Never had a STD and IM proud of it. These type of papers are like a TREASURE, DO YOU HAVE [Read More...]