We see different things, Louie

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert’s response to the slayings in Aurora, CO. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said Friday that the shootings that took place in an Aurora, Colo. movie theater hours earlier were a result of “ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs” and questioned why nobody else in the theater had a gun to take down the [Read More...]

Tell me more about how hard it is

Comments like this one drive me nuts. I am so sorry you guys feel this way. If we want to believe in God there is nothing you can do or ever do to stop us. You think it is so easy for you to think it is easy being a Christian but do you ever [Read More...]

Letter update

For those of you following this kerfuffle, there will be a big update on Monday. [Read more...]

Guild Wars 2 beta weekend update

Hey gang! Just a quick update for the GW2 BWE which starts tomorrow at noon PDT.  We had previously said we were going to play on Frost Gate, but that has been moved to the launch server: Gates of Madness. See you guys tomorrow! Godless Guild facebook group. Codex site where you can toy with [Read More...]

Missouri "right to pray" amendment

DrB- I got a comment on my original entry over Missouri’s “Right to Pray” amendment, sending me over to a website in favor of the amendment. I’ve taken to asking people “Do you consider this your best and most relevant argument in favor of your position?” when it comes to these types of things, it [Read More...]

Ownership of your own life

I was stalking looking at Michaelyn’s facebook page the other day.  Under her quotes section she has a quote from me. “The good news is that this life you lucked into is your own, and the only rewards or  punishments, the only real heaven and the only true hell, are the results of your own [Read More...]

Two million views!

Today WWJTD cleared the 2,000,000 view mark. I remember when I joined back in October and had my first 3,000 hit day.  I was beside myself that so many people gave two shits what I had to say about anything.  I was ready to hang that one up as a trophy, sure that it would [Read More...]

Anybody in Denver want some company?

Poker in the Church is coming up!  It’s a charity event for Foundation Beyond Belief being held at the Freethought Film Festival.  It will take place on August 1 in a nightclub called “The Church,” which looks pretty swanky. It should be fun.  They have a good list of freethought celebrities playing.  My marks will [Read More...]

Skepticon art contest!

It’s a little less than four months out, but I’m already pumped about Skepticon 5.  Of course, it’s my baby, so I’m already attached to it.  But I also want to see what the new crew does with it.  Last year they exceeded anything I could have ever dreamed of.  I suspect this year will [Read More...]

Morals: the periodic chart of behavior

I wrote this to someone yesterday. The periodic chart is a way of describing the way the world is.  As we’ve come to understand the nature of reality better, the periodic chart has changed to incorporate that knowledge – but it’s all based on how the world really works. Morals are the periodic chart of [Read More...]

Rambly post about gratitude and praise

My life is weird. During college, I made a name for myself with a style of activism that mixed fucking with people with serious rebuttals.  It worked for me and I had fun (I give a talk about it here). Now I’m kinda grown up, no matter how much I fight it (and boy, do [Read More...]

Update on legal letter

Ok, here’s an update on my post from yesterday (which apparently is getting spread all over hell and creation – see this comment in Jezebel for why I get paid the big [by activist standards] bucks). Upon sending the school my letter, the person who sent the letter to the SSA responded to me and [Read More...]

Attacks on the SSA continue

Recall last week I talked about the Secular Student Alliance website getting attacked? Personally, I’m thrilled about this.  It means that somewhere out there some believers have accepted that god isn’t going to do shit and that praying for misfortune to befall the SSA wasn’t going to accomplish anything, so they had to actually do [Read More...]

Weekly Guild Wars 2 update: GW2 IDs, beta weekend

Here’s our weekly Guild Wars 2 update. The FtB/atheist guild shall be called Godless.  Join the facebook group!  So far, KeganL is the only person I have down as running for guild leadership.  I may have missed some people as I’ve been stupid busy as of late, so if you want your name in the [Read More...]