Review: ParaNorman

You know how sometimes you’ll be watching a movie and think, “An atheist totally wrote that line.”  Well, ParaNorman is full of them.  It was a great flick to which I’ll be dragging Michaelyn the next time she visits. ParaNorman was made by the same group that produced Coraline, and it has a lot of [Read More...]

First open NFL thread of 2012-2013

I want to start with talking trash about how good the Raiders are going to be.  Then I just can’t bring myself to be that dishonest. Then I want to talk about how there’s a real chance they’ll make the playoffs this year.  Ditto. There’s so much turmoil and a new, untested head coach in [Read More...]

Sometimes I think I'm so witty

Hey, err’one. Michaelyn here. With class starting on Monday, KU campus is full of frosh who just moved into the dorms. Hawk Week started last night which means all the student groups got to set up tables and advertise for their organization. I love tabling. Last night I set up shop for the Society of [Read More...]

God on Trial

I found this video some friends and I made in college back in the day.  It made me smile. [Read more...]

Less than a week to Guild Wars 2!

Fair warning: next Saturday at midnight PDT I will disappear.  My girlfriend and family will be able to contact me, but otherwise I will be paying no heed to the world outside of Tyria for the whole weekend. I have decided on my class.  It was a toss up between a warrior and an engineer.  [Read More...]

Birthday karaoke!

I was sitting and thinking to myself that I haven’t actively celebrated my birthday in so long that I have no idea what to do.  I’ve just been sitting here in a disheveled stupor, spacing out at my monitor ever since I woke up. Then, it occurred to me: the local karaoke joint loves me.  [Read More...]

This stuff could go to a guy's head…

My lovely girlfriend antagonizes me because she loves me. So, it’s my birthday.  I’m also at a real down point depression-wise (which I’ve been writing about for the last week).  I’m doing better though, so that’s awesome.  Still, no alcohol and no sweets for me.  Control the environment. Instead, I’m drinking in all the very [Read More...]


…AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW! It’s time! It’s officially past midnight in Eastern time, so that makes it JT’s birthday!! JT doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday, so I’m using my WWJTD blogging powers to tell you all. You should leave him messages and courage wolf memes in the comments! Yayy! I’m so into spreading [Read More...]

Ben Witherington annoys me.

Patheos makes me feel schizophrenic.  On the one hand they have the Friendly Atheist blog, which is awesome, and makes it look like Patheos pursues only top tier talent.  On the other hand, they have some other blogs that make me wonder if there are any standards in place at all. (Speaking of bloggers at [Read More...]

"Separation of church and state isn't in the Constitution!"

It’s inevitable any time you point out that government endorsement of religion is against the law. It seems to be an instantaneous reaction of those on the right, like screaming when someone shouts “boo!” at them from the shadows: “Show me where the words ‘separation of church and state’ appear in the Constitution!” Let’s sort [Read More...]

More update

Between naps and sleep last night, I got eleven hours of sleep.  I’ve napped a couple times today already and feel like I could sleep forever.  I got through my workout today without throwing up and did the whole thing. I’m not great, but I’m certainly not in the dire shape I was this whole [Read More...]

Dave Mustain: inhuman

Someone who hates LGBT people and plays the guitar said something unfathomably stupid and inhuman. During a recent show in Singapore during Megadeth’s “Th1rt3en World Tour,” Mustaine took to the mic from the stage to discuss his beliefs about some of the recent gun violence in America. “Back in my country, my president,” Mustaine begins [Read More...]

How do they not know?

Cox Health runs the biggest hospitals in Springfield, MO, where I went to college. We always made this joke because we were juvenile and worn out from non-stop studying/socializing.  We weren’t, y’know, responsible for their public image or anything. ::EDIT:: I’ve been informed by one of the locals that this is part of a humor [Read More...]

Meet the contributors!

So, this blog has three official contributors: Christina, Dr. Dave, and Michaelyn.  They’re all badass – that’s why they’re here.  I think the world should know them better. I plan to do a get-to-know-you post for each of them sometime in the near future.  Leave comments here if there’s anything specifically you want me to [Read More...]