Glenn Stanton whines about bad manners billboard

Christina here… Oh look, the Glenn Stanton is offended by this billboard…           I’m so sorry! I know they didn’t mean to offend your poor sensibilities… [Read more...]

Let's Play Dominion!

Christina and I have decided to play Dominion tonight.  Michaelyn may even drop in. There is a site where you can play for free.  I’m logged in as JT Eberhard.  We’ll be in the Secret Chamber and we’ll hang out in the lobby in between games. Swing on in and say hi/chat.  Loser has to [Read More...]

Well Met, Provo Journal!

The Provo Journal ran a story on our Evil Little Thing shirts (that all of you are buying since the profits go to Jessica Ahlquist’s college fund).  I hope to see a bunch of these at the Reason Rally! Also, many of the more disagreeable commenters have scuttled off, leaving a refreshing number of sane, [Read More...]

Dad Piles It On

My father was apparently not finished with Michael Egnor. “Therefore, I am FOR the free expression of other and even opposing viewpoints, except with regards to the SILENCING of those viewpoints; I am NOT for censorship of ideas and beliefs.” Is that your answer to: “If someone were taking out ads in the newspaper saying [Read More...]

Michael Egnor: Champion of Make Believe

Ever wanted to get a glimpse at full on weapons grade crazy?  It’s like a depressing safari…”to your right is somebody completely detached from reality.”  Michael Egnor is back on that bus and showing us that the beauty of religion is its power to freak out at imaginary threats (in this case, we atheists are [Read More...]

Reluctant Warriors

Hi.  My name’s JT.  I’m a naturally shy person who needs a fair amount of my own space.  Theater was a natural outlet for me, since it gave me the opportunity to sing, to pretend, and to indulge my hyperactive imagination – precisely what I did in the safe confines of my room without an [Read More...]

I have drugs now!

(Christina here…) No, not the illegal kind. The anti-depressant kind. Last time we talked about mental illness at length, I was visiting the local mental health center and leaving empty-handed. I expected to get help immediately, and that didn’t happen. (Quick recap: I have depersonalization/derealization disorder and attention-deficit disorder.) The next day, I made an [Read More...]

Cranston Found Our Shirts!

Tee hee hee! The Providence Journal has an article out about our Evil Little Thing shirts (buy one to look cool and to put a hero through college). Of course, the commenters in there don’t like it very much.  Don’t we atheists know we’re supposed to be dejected when they call someone who is less [Read More...]

There is a Madness to My Method

A friend of mine from high school has recently abandoned Christianity in favor of atheism.  She messaged me on gchat yesterday to talk about it.  The conversation made me smile.  She told me how now, instead of thanking god, her children thank other people.  No more grace, but completely unprompted her kids will thank the [Read More...]

Resident Evil 6 Trailer

Oh hell yes. Hrm, the events specialist here at the SSA, Sarah Moglia, has a PS3… [Read more...]

Remake The Princess Bride: Bad Idea or Worst Idea?

What the hell? Apparently there is a remake of The Princess Bride in the works.  Who the hell thought this was a good idea? More than 24 years after its release, “The Princess Bride” remains one of the most beloved cult classics in movie history, so filming a remake is no small task. However, director [Read More...]

Use My Material

Today, in the process of thumping Michael Egnor (and other believers), I’ve put up a lot of stuff about separation of church and state as well as the arguments coming out of Cranston, Rhode Island.  As with all other things I’ve ever written if, in the future, you have use of them, use them.  Copy [Read More...]

Wrong Answer

I’m following the story of the florists in Rhode Island refusing to deliver to Jessica Ahlquist.  I just can’t imagine what that conversation sounded like… FFRF:  Hi!  We’re the FFRF!  We do nothing but sue people into oblivion for discriminating against atheists. Florist:  We’re not going to deliver flowers to this person (on account of [Read More...]

Michael Egnor: Champion of the Red Herrings

The contents of this post reflect the opinions of JT Eberhard, not the Secular Student Alliance. Jesus Fictional Christ, could there be more red herrings in Egnor’s challenge? There was a law established, the Establishment Clause, prohibiting the mingling of church and state. I know you don’t agree with that decision Mike, but it stands [Read More...]