Not impressed with the Boy Scouts of America.

It’s been rolling around the internet that the Boy Scouts of America are ending their ban on homosexuals participating in the scouts.  While that’s true, I’m not that impressed. Boy Scouts of America is considering ending a longstanding national ban on gay youth and adult members and leaving policies on sexual orientation to its local [Read More...]

Tuesday conversation: League of Legends.

Ah, it’s good to be back at home and writing regularly (which means the regular posts will go back to being, y’know, regular). Over the break, my brother convinced me to try League of Legends.  It’s a lot of fun, but the people who play it have a high tendency to use the asshole-enabling property [Read More...]

Britain may launch advertising campaign about how much Britain sucks.

Bulgaria and Romania just lifted their laws prohibiting their citizens from moving to particular other EU nations, like Britain.  Nations that have their shit mostly together, like the United Kingdom, are now facing a possible influx of *gasp* immigrants.  The question is how to deal with this, and the UK may have found the answer.  [Read More...]

Rick Joyner has trustworthy revelations.

Rick Joyner, self-proclaimed prophet, has a dark message for America: the government is not going to implement sensible gun regulations, as has been proposed by, well, almost everybody.  No, the government is going to take away all the guns which, according to Joyner, will lead to a “second American revolution”.  Joyner is kind of like [Read More...]

Music break.

I’m a bit of a sapiophile (sapiophile?  sapiosexual?).  So it just makes me melt when my fiancee teaches me something new (which she does a lot).  However, when she teaches me something new in my own field of expertise…that’s kind of humbling and endearing at the same time. She sent me this singer, Fabio Armiliato, [Read More...]

If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

You know the two industries that continue to thrive during an economic downturn?  They are education (people picking up skills to get employed) and entertainment.  People want to be entertained.  It’s why more people are outraged about Manti Te’o’s faux girlfriend than about drone strikes killing innocent people.  Lesson?  Make your activism entertaining if you [Read More...]

Death and ritual.

Every week, fellow Patheos writers Dan Fincke and Libby Anne are posting one of those deep questions for other bloggers to answer.  I didn’t respond to their post last week on civic responsibility because I was busy (and also because I didn’t have anything deep to say).  I still don’t have anything particularly deep to [Read More...]

Prayer as an either/or.

I’m often told by the people trying to assure me that prayer works that god doesn’t like to be tested (which makes prayer seem silly in the first place).  This is a roundabout way, in my eyes, of saying you can’t just pray and let god fix our problems.  You have to pray while actually [Read More...]

More love for Dave Silverman.

Dave Silverman’s voicemail is just a big pile of epic.  While it takes work and intellect to learn about how the universe works, his voicemails are sterling examples of how any dumbass can have faith. Yeah, I’ll remember this phone call.  I’ll remember it every time a Christian tells me that their religion makes people [Read More...]

Secular Therapist Project continues to grow.

I am a registered client with the Secular Therapist Project, which many of you have supported since it went live.  The other day I got an email from them that brightened my otherwise dreary day. Today I am thrilled to announce that we just achieved 100 registered therapists for the Secular Therapist Project. We also [Read More...]

Elf Orgy.

Keith Lowell Jensen is an atheist comedian and also a perpetual thorn in my ass (and not to be confused with Swedish comedian Keith Lowell Jenson, who I think is really talented).  He’s been pestering me for weeks now to listen to his upcoming CD Elf Orgy.  He’s sent it to my inbox FSM-knows how [Read More...]

You’re welcome, Will.

I got a comment from Will, one of the students at the Christian high school that requested my video on how atheists view technology. Hey JT!! I’m a student at ECS and was blessed to see your video this morning. Thank you so much for taking the time to create the video, exceptional thoughts and [Read More...]

Alex Jones: they’re not just coming for your guns, but also your children’s heterosexuality.

Alex Jones is onto “them”.  You see, the nebulous “they” (*cough* the government) are putting chemicals into the foods you buy to turn your children gay. This is exactly the kind of rational person that needs a full arsenal. Life is short, so anybody who values happiness (read: everybody) needs to figure out how to [Read More...]

Comment roundup 1/25.

Starting in with Calvin Baxter Sr. who opens with a link to his youtube channel and this gem. In this time and day, our childern need protection. Put prayer back in school. Yes, in “this time and day” we owe it to our children to use techniques developed thousands of years ago.  Brilliant. And what, [Read More...]