Send Cranston a message

Easiest poll ever.  Sadly, the ease of discerning the right choice is no guarantee that religious people will flock on principle to the one that will cost their children’s education Should Cranston appeal Judge Lagueux’s decision on the prayer banner at Cranston West? Yes 76% No  24% Go send them a message. [Read more...]

I sing stuff

Pandeiacomic tweets: @jteberhard hey man! Ok, so I follow your blogging, sushi & what-not – but where do you sing opera on the internet? Also, a lot of the peeps from Alabama wanted to hear clips of me singing (particularly my rendition of Poor Unfortunate Souls from the Little Mermaid).  Welp, here are some clips [Read More...]

Want to make a better world for LGBT? Destroy religion.

It never fails.  Whenever you’re explaining to a religious person why their beliefs are absurd, you always get asked the question. “Why do you care what I believe?  Why does it matter to you?” This is why it fucking matters. A gay California teenager killed himself after his Christian parents performed an exorcism on him [Read More...]

Newt is transparently silly…religious mob fails to notice

Newt Gingrich running on a platform of theocracy. Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says he’s had it with President Barack Obama “respecting every other religion on the planet,” and thinks it’s time for him to “respect our religion” instead. [Read more...]

The price of trying to break the law

When you lose a court case like the one in Cranston, you get to pay the opposing side’s court costs.  Well that bill just got handed to the school. The Rhode Island Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which won a lawsuit against the Cranston School District for a religious display at Cranston High [Read More...]

Hey all you people on twitter who love the Constitution

Jessica Ahlquist has been nominated for a shorty award.  It takes popular support on twitter to win these things. I hear she’s pretty popular.  Fly my bees. Via Randomfactor and Taylor Grenga. [Read more...]

Calling out the Digital Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish poet I’m at the edge of the sea Come up and face me Hark! I challenge you To epic haiku battle For internet pride I’m a haiku beast A leviathon to your Rhyming briney shrimp Opposable thumbs Good for grasping victory From cuddly molluscs You’re tiny and cute Believers flee when I’m near I’m [Read More...]

Republican asks colleagues to pray for Obama's death

How did I not hear about this? Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal is under fire after asking Republican House members to pray for President Barack Obama’s death. O’Neal made the request via an email he forwarded to GOP colleagues in the House. In an email sent in December, O’Neal asked his fellow Republicans to pray [Read More...]

Well there's a huge surprise

Ok, I need you to brace yourself.  Take a seat, maybe take a few very deep breaths. A new study has been released that makes a very shocking assertion. [Read more...]

JT's pro tips for not being an asshole when you travel #1

I travel a lot.  There are some behaviors I encounter regularly in my travels that make me want to accidentally on purpose spill my drink on people.  It seems to me that a hint of self awareness is all it would take to identify these behaviors as no-no’s.  Perhaps people just don’t care to be [Read More...]

Tony Perkins and his sad devotion to that ancient religion

There’s a lot of reasons to be a little wary of MMOs.  They’re huge time sinks, addictive (as are most things that are tons of fun).  None of those seem to bother Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, but he’s got another reason for why you should eschew Bioware’s recent foray into the [Read More...]

Sex & God: Of course I have this book

So I recently got a copy of this book:   [Read more...]

Brad Harrub debates morals

Christina here… Oh look! [Read more...]

Alabama Q&A

The Q&A with Jessica Ahlquist, Duncan Henderson, and myself from Alabama was turned into a podcast for King Heathen. You can listen to it here.  Video below the fold. [Read more...]