The Daily Twitter: Athiests got 2 friends

Christina here… Have a TDT! [Read more...]

Purity Bear Redux

Christina here… JT and I attempted to go on a date, but had an unexpected guest…. PURITY BEAR. JT proceeds to destroy him with his massive brain, and we proceed to bedroom funtimes.     [Read more...]

Today on Who Wants to Hand the ACLU Their Taxpayers' Money?

The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners was being bad.  As agents of the government they were praying before meetings to Jesus, which means the state was endorsing one religion.  That’s a no-no.  Have these guys not heard of Jessica Ahlquist? Anyway, it went to trial and, wouldn’t you know it, the damn thing just ran [Read More...]

When your heroes give you a nod

Whenever I speak I am always asked which book I recommend.  The answer is always the same: Sense and Goodness Without God by Richard Carrier (who now blogs here at FtB!).  There has been no author who has done more for me.  When I debate, I still use many of his arguments. The other day [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: "Oxymoron- intelligent Athiest"

Christina here… Time for another installment of TDT… [Read more...]

Speaking schedule the next two months

Here’s all the places to which I’ll be trotting over the next few months.  If you’re in the area, swing by and say hello.  March 1 – University of Minnesota 7pm-9pm in Smith Hall 231.  I’ll be marching into PZ, Greg, and Brianne’s backyard to talk about atheist activism.  I’m told there will be karaoke [Read More...]

How do you miss this kind of irony?

Saw Rebecca Watson tweet this last night and it made me want to hike to my nearest Mazda dealer just to poop in their parking lot and leave. Mazda has found a mascot for their new SUV: the Lorax.  Not joking. [Read more...]

Daily dose of Cranston #3: Steven Finley

At least Mr. Finley keeps it short, swift, and to the point. [Read more...]

Girl scouts get kicked out of church

Want to know the fastest way to get kicked out of a church of the most loving religion?  By failing to discriminate. As the Right Wing assault on the Girls Scouts escalates, individual chapters of the group are finding themselves unwelcome by those who object their inclusiveness. The latest insult to these young women comes [Read More...]

Virginia abortion bill looks like it may not happen now

Recently the Virginia senate passed a very silly bill requiring a woman wanting a legal procedure to have an unnecessary, uncomfortable, invasive, and unrelated procedure done. Fortunately, raising hell seems to work.  Let that be a lesson to all you potential activists out there. After days of unrelenting criticism, the House of Delegates today passed [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: Atheists are Hermaphrodites

Christina here… Sometimes, the best policy is to attempt to “insult” someone’s genitals. Clearly. According to Calvin anyway.   [Read more...]

Come lobby with us!

After Michaelyn and I get to Washington DC for the Reason Rally, and after our three-way atheist date at the Smithsonian, she and I will be learning how to lobby congress on Friday, March 23rd along with hundreds of other atheists. You can join in!  It won’t cost you a dime and you’ll get training [Read More...]

Readers Choice awards

The Reader’s Choice finalists for best facebook page are up.  Among them is Atheism Resource’s page.  Atheism Resource is the brainchild of Adam Brown, who is one of the nicest and most charitable activists out there.  I have contributed pieces to his site and have a standing offer to do so in the future whenever [Read More...]

Daily dose of Cranston #2: Jim Forti

One by one they came to the podium to implore the banner committee to fight a losing fight paid for by their children’s future.  They deserve a rebuttal. Jim Forti deplored the climate of aggression and enmity the pro-appeal crowd had maintained for Jessica Ahlquist.  Good for him.  Sadly, being nice does not make someone [Read More...]