SSA to host two annual conferences.

There is a problem with a lot of conferences.  Well, it’s not a problem with the conferences, but a problem with the population distribution of the United States.  Once you get west of Kansas, there’s not a whole lot of people until you hit the highly populous states snuggled up to the Pacific.  So if [Read More...]

Tuesday conversation: war.

I was watching the CNN reports the other day on Syria possibly mixing vast amounts of sarin gas.  The only really feasible use for this would be to stem the tide of rebels, both military and civilian.  A more sinister possibility is that President Bashar al-Assad will use it to take as many people with [Read More...]

I’ve spent my morning two inches shy of literally crossing swords with a modem.

So…my parents’ internet has always been slow and they decided, with me down to help, that they wanted to upgrade.  I checked availability and for this address the local company sold speeds as low as 768 Kbps to as fast as 25 Mbps.  I decided that 10 Mbps would keep them up with the median [Read More...]

Michigan senate advances anti-gay bill, ironically citing “conscience.”

This is disgusting.  The state senate in Michigan has advanced a bill that would protect doctors who refused treatment to gay people. The Michigan Senate’s Committee on Health Policy has approved a bill that would protect health care professionals who wish to discriminate against the LGBT community. Under the guise of “religious liberty and conscience [Read More...]

Fun atheisty pics for 12/3.

Enjoy! [Read more...]

WWJTD podcast Episode 3: Teresa MacBain

Christina here… We made a third podcast! We’ve almost got the RSS feed up for realz so people who want to listen to the podcast can do so, but it’s not ready yet! For now, you can watch the unedited video version in Youtube: Hosts: Christina Stephens, Steven Olsen, JT Eberhard Special guest: Teresa MacBain [Read More...]

Turns out child molesters want to work with children. Boy Scouts of America caught off guard by this.

It turns out that one of the demographics who most wants to volunteer for organizations that work with children is child molesters.  This is not exactly rocket science.  So many of those organizations began running background checks on their volunteers ages ago. Amid reports of widespread sexual abuse of children in the late 1980s, several [Read More...]

Ashley Miller lost her father to racism.

Ashley Miller over at freethoughtblogs has one of the most heart-rending blogs I’ve read this year.  You see, Ashley is dating a black man.  He’s a good man; he’s kind, smart, and has his shit together.  While most parents fear their daughter will come home with a guy in cut off shorts and smoking a [Read More...]

WND calls for secession for white people.

Some days you roll out of bed and it’s just one of those days: the birds are singing, it’s 70 degrees outside, and Rick Santorum has joined the WorldNUTDaily which is now calling for a secessionist movement for white people. Yesterday, WorldNetDaily announced that Rick Santorum will become a regular commentator for the conspiratorial “news” [Read More...]

A sad realization.

I had to make a run to Wal-Mart today.  I know, I felt my soul draining away from me, but they were the only store in Bumblefuck, Arkansas that had what I needed.  This was after staying up all night and throwing up, so I was already in a sour mood. Anyway, as I was [Read More...]

We all expect help for most citizens.

I’m getting annoyed at the swaths of people saying that those who cast their vote for a Democrat just want the government to take care of them.  Yes, we do.  That’s the government’s job.  And don’t act like you don’t want people taken care of; you just think we should give tax cuts to the [Read More...]

Gamers for godlessness was a HUGE success.

Not gonna lie…that was brutal.  I don’t drink coffee or soda, so caffeine scarcely ever enters my body.  So after a full night of taking caffeine pills in order to stay awake, I threw up around 6am.  I managed to stay up until almost 9am, but my stomach was not happy. Jason was a freaking [Read More...]

The Evil of Atheism: part II

Christina here… Remember a few months ago when I did an analysis of a youtube video titled “The Evil of Atheism”? Well, Rev. Daniel, “Man of Reason” is back again with another video. Interestingly, in the description he claims “Atheists want this Video Banned!” yet as I write this, only 196 people have seen it. [Read More...]

Gamers challenge.

There’s a chat room going over at Jason’s blog.  Hangout with people! $10 forces me to drink a beer. $3 and you can choose my character/team for a game. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! [Read more...]