Brendan Murphy on why atheists handle mental illness better

Brendan Murphy is a growing force in speaking about mental illness.  Here’s his talk from the Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference this summer. I’ve been 13 months in good shape since my last down period.  In the interest of honoring my promise to write about my own struggles, I will divulge I have not been [Read More...]

Mystery pile #1

The first mystery pile has been purchased.  Thanks to everybody who submitted suggestions. To freak Cambridge out, I sent her this picture from the supermarket. She texted back and said that this was some upper level shiz, but that she could make it work.  Maybe next time. Here’s what I wound up going with.  I [Read More...]

Life trophies.

It’s 3:30am and I’m wide awake.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of things tonight.  I’m not in the best of spirits, and what does any human being do when they’re down?  They think of things that remind us that we do good every now and again. The one that I’m thinking of right now [Read More...]

The mystery pile

I just moved into a new house with my dear friend Cambridge.  Cambridge rules, possibly more than I.  But probably not. Anyway, Cambridge cooks!  She’s always cooking more food than she needs and forcing dishes upon me that I neither paid for or put in the effort to make.  This makes me feel guilty but [Read More...]

Gaming day: SWTOR goes free-to-play

This has been a pretty crummy week, and the weekend’s not looking much better.  Neither is next week. So to lift my low spirits, how about a day of gaming posts? First, Star Wars: The Old Republic has gone free-to-play.  It’s no secret they’ve been losing players like crazy, likely due to boring PvP and [Read More...]

FtB is not a 39-headed monster

I’m seeing a few people say things like “I don’t generally agree with freethoughtblogs, but Thunderf00t is wrong here.” You can’t disagree with freethoughtblogs, because freethoughtblogs doesn’t have a position.  It’s not an entity under a banner of agreement, it’s a group of people who write on the same network.  Atheism aside, you’ll be hard-pressed [Read More...]

I miss Christopher Hitchens

Gotta keep working until I can debate half as well as Hitch. [Read more...]

This is the future we're talking about.

It’s no secret how religion wins: by focusing on children.  They get them before “critical thinking” is even a concept for them, so that ideas that would get gutted by critical thought can survive.  The solution?  Teach kids about the wonders of the universe.  Make sure they learn to look at things with a discerning [Read More...]

Church Vandalized in Bellevile, IL

Christina here… A church near my home of St. Louis and 3 miles down the same street where my husband works has been horribly vandalized, and the teens who allegedly did it destroyed much of the interior of the church and spraypainted racist and anti-religious graffiti. Destroying property sends the wrong message, teens. Helping the [Read More...]

Come to Skepticamp St. Louis!

Christina here… Next Saturday, August 18th 2012 from about 10:00am-5:00pm at the Ethical Society of St. Louis, The Skeptical Society of St. Louis (of which I am V.P.) is hosting Skepticamp! Here, have some info plagiarized from the event sites: We are excited to announce St. Louis SkeptiCamp 2012, a free conference where you can participate! When: [Read More...]

Growing up

In 2004 I was an atheist, but I was the live-and-let-live type.  Religion didn’t bug me, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.  Then, for Christmas that year, my mother got me both of Sam Harris’ books.  In The End of Faith there was a single sentence that changed my life forever. We live in [Read More...]

Allen Knight is a terrible person

Allen Knight, you do not get to lecture anybody on morality.  You are a terrible person, and your faith, which you assure us makes people more moral, has done nothing to rescue you. [Read more...]


Humans want to be special.  How many of us want to be a movie star as a kid?  Even as adults, we chase fame.  We want to be loved by someone we admire, not someone for whom we feel we’re settling.  We want to feel like our lives are somehow different from our next door [Read More...]

I haz website

A few days ago the interns at the SSA, Ellen Lundren and Dave Muscato, surprised me with this page. It links to a real website.  I don’t really know what to say.  I’ve got the blog and everything, but at least the web site gives me a space to store my speaking schedule.  It also [Read More...]