Dear Christian 2 video.

My talk from Skepticon 5 is up! There have also been some other great talks that have been rendered like Richard Carrier‘s Miracles and Historical Method, Tony Pinn’s Racial Diversity talk, Darrel Ray‘s Why Do We Act Like Christians?, Greta Christina‘s skype in to talk about death and cancer, and others.  Go check ‘em out! [Read more...]

Church bans children from Sunday services so convicted sex offender can preach.

I saw this image this morning and rolled by eyes.  There’s plenty wrong with the behavior of hardcore believers that we don’t need to be stretching with obvious bullshit like this. Then I decided to fact-check it so I could stop the flow of misinformation. Holy shit, it’s true. A convicted sex offender can keep [Read More...]

Help Rob Lehr with transcriptions

Steven here… I don’t always watch videos, but when I do it’s videos from Skepticon. Rob Lehr is a juggernaut of awesomeness getting all of those filmed, edited and uploaded all by himself. However, since he is only one person and(probably) mortal, he can’t get to everything that needs to be done. One of the [Read More...]

Liars for Jesus: Child Molestation style

Christina here.. I really don’t understand what motivates some Christians to be such liars for Jesus. Especially when they hate atheists so much that they aren’t content simply pointing out the unethical actions of some people who are also atheists as if that says anything about the character of atheists in general, but must resort [Read More...]

Twitterdump 11/24.

Here are all my twitterings that didn’t make it onto the blog in the last few days. Why Wal-Mart isn’t pissing on its employees, brought to you by…Wal-Mart. GOP says Obamacare hurts small business. Actually, it levels the playing field. Scott Walker’s first order of business: new voter registration laws. Judge Rules [Read More...]

Obama’s godless Thanksgiving

Steven here… The President didn’t thank God this Thanksgiving. Err…sorta. According to the Ben Shapiro at Breitbart anyway. No mention of thanking God. None. But, of course, we’re used to this. In 2011, there was no mention of God at all. In 2010, Obama was closer, but still missed the mark (“we’ll spend some time [Read More...]

Rob made a video of my proposal (nsfw).

My friend, Rob Lehr, who runs Hambone productions, is the guy who volunteers the effort and equipment to record Skepticon every year.  This not only means recording the event, which is a commitment of several hours, it also means countless hours afterward editing and uploading the videos.  This would ordinarily cost Skepticon thousands of dollars.  [Read More...]

OC Weekly will not apologize to Mormons.

Last week the OC Weekly’s cover depicted Mitt Romney as the angel Moroni and called him a moron. Needless to say, the Mormon community was not happy.  Many of them insisted, presumably because their beliefs are so special, that the OC Weekly should be reticent to post things offending their beliefs (to hell with everybody [Read More...]

Off to see Batman!

My family is on their way up to Kansas City, where Michaelyn and I will join them to watch the new Batman Live tour.  Apparently this show is what occurs when Disney’s Epcot Center, Broadway musicals, and Cirque du Soleil have an offspring. I’m pretty freaking excited. :)  Hope you all had a good turkey [Read More...]

Comment roundup 11/23.

Time for some winning comments throughout the week.  First up is hepzhivah. I’m not surprised you hate religion … so do I. But I love Jesus … why? Reasons too numerous to mention, not least because He loved me first, warts and all … and guess what – He hates religion too! He IS the [Read More...]

How to think like a social conservative in 1 easy step.

DrB-   Did you ever wonder how a person could come to adopt conservative social stances? Just what the thought processes are behind hating every available out group? Just how a person can come to view 47% of their fellow citizens as lazy shiftless parasites? What mental pathways did they take to arrive at that [Read More...]

Whence Cometh “Separation of Church and State”?

For some reason, over the last few days I’ve gotten a number of irascible Facebook posts, nasty emails, and all around ugly comments aimed in my direction. This one was more politely worded than most: Would you be so kind as to show me where In the Constitution or the Bill of Rights you find [Read More...]

Happy Thanksgiving from Anne

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! JT has already wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving, but I still want to get my two cents in. Our religious family members, friends and neighbors are celebrating today by thanking their deity for things that either happened naturally or were done by human hands. As realistic, reasoning, committed non-theists and skeptics we [Read More...]

That’s so crazy!

Steven here… A woman in Russia was just arrested for keeping a dead body in her apartment. For three years. With kids living there. The devout Pentecostal woman believed her husband would resurrect and she made her kids feed the body and have conversations with it. Commenters are quick to point out that the woman [Read More...]