Ding! Dong! The bill is dead!

Remember that “personhood” bill in Virginia that looked like it would pass before fair-minded people started a ruckus?  Just like gods of old, it’s dead. I am delighted to now say that the nauseatingly religious and virulently anti-woman ‘Personhood’ bill was defeated in the Senate. According to HuffPo, the bill was defeated in a 24-14 vote, [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: I believe science explains stuff!

Christina here… Here’s your daily dose of TDT – I cut this down from a longer exchange.   [Read more...]

How to not be an asshole when traveling #3: don't demand they put you in danger

You know how when there’s a car wreck you can’t help but look, even though you really sympathize?  That’s how it was at the airport on Friday with the gate right next to mine.  They had to swap out a plane to Atlanta because of mechanical problems which meant a huge delay, which means everybody [Read More...]

FtB as D&D

There’s been a lot of talk about Dungeons and Dragons lately on FtB.  PZ points out that role-playing games like D&D are un-Christian.  What more reason do we need to play them?  I’ve also personally seen Richard Carrier’s stash of historic D&D (and other systems) memorabilia.  The man could be king of the nerds, seriously. [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins: not an Atheist?

Christina here… You may have noticed the media recently brewing a firestorm over a conversation between Richard Dawkins and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams. Headlines such as, “Dawkins Reveals He is an Agnostic”, ” Career atheist Richard Dawkins admits he is in fact agnostic”, ” World’s most notorious atheist Richard Dawkins admits he [Read More...]

Folding at Home: Team Atheism

  DrB here. I heard you like science. The Folding@Home project puts your computer to work as part of a global project to study methods of preventing and curing serious diseases. From the Folding@Home website, Protein folding is linked to disease, such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease, and many Cancers. Moreover, when proteins do [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: Athiests got 2 friends

Christina here… Have a TDT! [Read more...]

Purity Bear Redux

Christina here… JT and I attempted to go on a date, but had an unexpected guest…. PURITY BEAR. JT proceeds to destroy him with his massive brain, and we proceed to bedroom funtimes.     [Read more...]

Today on Who Wants to Hand the ACLU Their Taxpayers' Money?

The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners was being bad.  As agents of the government they were praying before meetings to Jesus, which means the state was endorsing one religion.  That’s a no-no.  Have these guys not heard of Jessica Ahlquist? Anyway, it went to trial and, wouldn’t you know it, the damn thing just ran [Read More...]

When your heroes give you a nod

Whenever I speak I am always asked which book I recommend.  The answer is always the same: Sense and Goodness Without God by Richard Carrier (who now blogs here at FtB!).  There has been no author who has done more for me.  When I debate, I still use many of his arguments. The other day [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: "Oxymoron- intelligent Athiest"

Christina here… Time for another installment of TDT… [Read more...]

Speaking schedule the next two months

Here’s all the places to which I’ll be trotting over the next few months.  If you’re in the area, swing by and say hello.  March 1 – University of Minnesota 7pm-9pm in Smith Hall 231.  I’ll be marching into PZ, Greg, and Brianne’s backyard to talk about atheist activism.  I’m told there will be karaoke [Read More...]

How do you miss this kind of irony?

Saw Rebecca Watson tweet this last night and it made me want to hike to my nearest Mazda dealer just to poop in their parking lot and leave. Mazda has found a mascot for their new SUV: the Lorax.  Not joking. http://youtu.be/vrvg33vkdFI [Read more...]

Daily dose of Cranston #3: Steven Finley

At least Mr. Finley keeps it short, swift, and to the point. [Read more...]