Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

David Fitzgerald, author of Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All, has sent in a phenomenal guest post.  Dave is an all-around great guy and a hell of a speaker.  He’s always a crowd favorite at Skepticon. Enjoy. Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? Is the “Jesus of History” any more [Read More...]

I Want That Shirt

In response to the prayer banner shirts, some commenters were suggesting shirts that read “Evil Little Thing” with proceeds going to Jessica’s scholarship fund. I want one of those shirts.  I will wear it to the Reason Rally to hear Jessica speak (and Greta, and PZ, and Hemant…). Who can make this happen? [Read more...]

Blog Catchup

If you missed out on posts from yesterday due to the blackout, here is a list of all the posts from yesterday. Two Great Points From Two Great Men World’s First Zombie Infestation! Portrait Of Hitch To Benefit Reasonfest Best Of #jtmeme We Know The Answer Tshirts And Mass Bullying You should also contact your [Read More...]

Tshirts And Mass Bullying

Someone has made tshirts bearing the Cranston prayer and is selling them to raise money to preserve the banner.  To the creator’s credit, he has said… The effort and responsibility of the page is to raise funds through donations to pay for the preservation of the “Prayer Banner.” All monies raised will be spent for [Read More...]

We Know The Answer

Well look here!  There’s an online poll asking if Cranston West should appeal the judge’s decision in the Jessica Ahlquist case. Show them the right answer. Yes:  43.5% No:  55.2% Not sure:  1.3% Hint: If you like throwing away money earmarked for educating the young, choose yes.  Otherwise, the answer is fuck the hell no. [Read More...]

Best Of #jtmeme

So, the other day I posted some praise from high school activist Damon Fowler.  In the comments Rory said… Maybe we need a JT meme akin to the Chuck Norris facts. “JT punched Jesus and killed God” isn’t a bad start. Cheerfullu submitted: JT punched Jesus once, and it took him a whole month to [Read More...]

Portrait Of Hitch To Benefit Reasonfest

Recall that Reasonfest is needing to raise some money for their free access, badass conference on Feb. 11-12.  I’ll be there doing a debate on whether or not god is compatible with science.  Register and attend, it’s freaking awesome and their speaker list is to die for. Michaelyn, my lovely girlfriend, has offered to get [Read More...]

World's First Zombie Infestation!

God dangit!  The nation’s first zombie attack is happening and I’m not there!  The Providence Journal reports… At least 230 people singing “God Bless America” packed the auditorium of the Western Hills Middle School shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday as the School Committee went into executive session to deliberate on whether to appeal a federal [Read More...]

Two Great Points From Two Great Men

Good points from two of my heroes on the Jessica Ahlquist situation.  The first from Dr. David Burger. Funny how theists are quick to attack Ahlquist with threats of violence. It’s not like she forced the school to take the banner down, a judge did that. She was just the one who asked the judge [Read More...]

Great Stuff From Two Steps From Hell

From one of my favorite groups, Two Steps From Hell.  Listen to this epic sauce right now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxAUcgiCHvQ&feature=youtu.be I’m pretty sure this is what plays whenever Jessica Ahlquist goes anywhere or does anything. [Read more...]

Changing The Little Things

I got an email that is worth sharing. So often when I am asked how to be an effective activist, I feel people are wanting a magic pill.  Do this one thing and you can change the world!  The truth is that big changes are made up of little changes, and it’s very rare that [Read More...]

Wonderful Moments As An Activist

Jessica Ahlquist is still getting some silliness over twitter, and every now and again I’ll take ten seconds to fire back at someone.  Apparently Damon Fowler thinks I’m ok at it.  His facebook status was recently set to… lol JT is ripping someone a new asshole over Jessica on Twitter. /popcorn In the comments someone [Read More...]

Jessica Ahlquist's AMA Vid

Behold: the face of evil. And the little child shall lead them… I hope I have as much poise when I grow up. [Read more...]

Cranston Commenters #9

(Christina here…) The vile filth and threats  against Jessica Ahlquist continue. These ones are pretty direct. [Read more...]