Girl scouts get kicked out of church

Want to know the fastest way to get kicked out of a church of the most loving religion?  By failing to discriminate. As the Right Wing assault on the Girls Scouts escalates, individual chapters of the group are finding themselves unwelcome by those who object their inclusiveness. The latest insult to these young women comes [Read More...]

Virginia abortion bill looks like it may not happen now

Recently the Virginia senate passed a very silly bill requiring a woman wanting a legal procedure to have an unnecessary, uncomfortable, invasive, and unrelated procedure done. Fortunately, raising hell seems to work.  Let that be a lesson to all you potential activists out there. After days of unrelenting criticism, the House of Delegates today passed [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: Atheists are Hermaphrodites

Christina here… Sometimes, the best policy is to attempt to “insult” someone’s genitals. Clearly. According to Calvin anyway.   [Read more...]

Come lobby with us!

After Michaelyn and I get to Washington DC for the Reason Rally, and after our three-way atheist date at the Smithsonian, she and I will be learning how to lobby congress on Friday, March 23rd along with hundreds of other atheists. You can join in!  It won’t cost you a dime and you’ll get training [Read More...]

Readers Choice awards

The Reader’s Choice finalists for best facebook page are up.  Among them is Atheism Resource’s page.  Atheism Resource is the brainchild of Adam Brown, who is one of the nicest and most charitable activists out there.  I have contributed pieces to his site and have a standing offer to do so in the future whenever [Read More...]

Daily dose of Cranston #2: Jim Forti

One by one they came to the podium to implore the banner committee to fight a losing fight paid for by their children’s future.  They deserve a rebuttal. Jim Forti deplored the climate of aggression and enmity the pro-appeal crowd had maintained for Jessica Ahlquist.  Good for him.  Sadly, being nice does not make someone [Read More...]

What a whiner

Justin Griffith posted a blog the other day that caught my eye.  He talks about Rev. Bryan Griem and his recent gripes on atheism in the military.  While the military is Justin and Chris Rodda‘s domain, Griem touched on something that compelled me to take him to task. Look, you just read the stats: “Researchers [Read More...]

Jon Stewart on Virgina abortion bill

Once again, Stewart nails the liars.  Thanks for doing what CNN, MSNBC, and FAUX News have not, sir. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook [Read more...]

Judge rules against atheist attacked in costume by Muslim

Christina here… So, as the story goes, Ernie Perce of PA participated in a zombie walk on Halloween with The Atheists of Central Pennsylvania dressed as Mohammad. A Muslim man, Talaag Elbayomy did not appreciate this, and attacked him.  Police charged Elbayomy with harassment, but the judge threw out the case, letting Elbayomy walk free. Talaag Elbayomy said he was at the [Read More...]

We did good

Jessica Ahlquist was on CNN yesterday and, as usual, did the atheist movement proud. Check the video and note that they talk about the Evil Little Thing shirts. [Read more...]

The Daily Twitter: Atheist vs Agnostic

Christina here… Not all Twitter exchanges involve me berating bigots for being bigots. Sometimes they go like this: [Read more...]

Reason Rally road trip

Alliteration in blog titles ftw. On March 21, Michaelyn and I will be road-tripping to Washington DC for the Reason Rally.  We plan to make a day out of it and to live blog our adventures. Do you guys know of anything we shouldn’t miss between Columbus and DC?  Anybody wanna meet up for lunch/dinner [Read More...]

Science requires a Christian world view

In years of blogging I’m not sure I’ve ever come across something this dumb. Justin Holcomb, a member of the Mars Hill pastoral team led by Mark Driscoll (you know, the one who says masturbation makes you gay), has posted a bit explaining why science requires the Christian world view. Not joking. It should be [Read More...]

Chip in for Cranston

DrB here.   Note exhibit 1: The faithful of Cranston.   I do not doubt for a single minute the Christians of Cranston felt deep conviction that the school banner needed to stay up.  They showed up at meetings, they have some pretty sweet signs hanging there, and took time out of their schedule to [Read More...]