Guest post: Sexual Shame in our Politics

The following is a guest post by Dr. Darrel Ray, founder of Recovering From Religion, The Secular Therapist Project, and author of The God Virus and Sex & God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality. Sexual Shame in our Politics Many people think politicians like Newt Gingrich and David Vitter, should be ashamed of themselves, but that [Read More...]

Third debate open thread.

Unless there’s some pretty spectacular WiFi on the plane home, I’m going to miss this debate.  I’m so hacked off about it.  Mitt Romney is an absolute rube when it comes to foreign policy.  The guy can hardly leave the United States without blundering into an insult of our allies.  Obama, for what failings he [Read More...]

David Fitzgerald’s blurb.

Let’s keep this day of thrashing Mormonism going, shall we? As a popular blogger *buffs nails* I occasionally get asked to write blurbs for upcoming books.  A while back I received an email from an old friend, David Fitzgerald, who will soon be releasing a book on the sordid history of the Mormon religion.  He [Read More...]

Our movement isn’t special–but it can be

Steven here… For the past couple of years the skeptic/atheist community has dealt with something of a kerfuffle dealing with sexism and harassment policies. Like most of you, I’ve watched as that debate went on from a mild comment about how people conduct themselves at conferences to the advent of Atheism+. But while all of [Read More...]

Paul Kurtz has died.

While I knew of the man, I admittedly knew very little about him.  It seems nearly criminal at this point to acknowledge that I’ve read all of Lee Strobel’s books, but none penned by Kurtz.  He was simply not one of my heroes. The only side of Kurtz I got to see was the aging [Read More...]

Scientists sentenced to 6 years in prison for false statements about earthquake

Christina here… Sometimes, scientists (and government officials) can be held liable and face trial for manslaughter charges for failing to correctly inform the public about the potential danger of a potential natural disaster: Six Italian scientists and one government official are now anxiously waiting to find out if they face a jail term for failing to [Read More...]

American Atheists: only people at the debate telling it how it is.

Oh American Atheists, you beautiful, beautiful people.  At the debate tonight there will be a truck circling Lynn University that bears the following uncomfortable facts about the Mormon church. Freaking wonderful! And it won’t end after the debate.  The truck will follow Mitt Romney’s campaign bus out of town and on the road for a [Read More...]

4 Brilliant Atheists for You to Follow

Steven here… When I started this series I came in with the belief that this movement was filled with unsung heroes. I was right about that. The depth and diversity of the movement though, is just mindboggling. I can’t express how much of a privilege it is to be a part of this community. The [Read More...]

Godless NFL thread.

Holy crap.  Second week in a row I sucked it up with my picks. The player to watch this week is Andrew Luck.  Emotions are high in Indianapolis and the Jets secondary is broken.  I think he’ll have a big day. The upset pick for this week follows my PtW pick: I think the Colts [Read More...]

Post Rapture Looting: atheism-

Christina here… Yesterday I joined the dudes over at Post Rapture Looting for episode 38 of their podcast. I offered a reading of “Why atheists aren’t suing Muslims in 10 questions” and then we talked about how I lost my toes in a horrific boating accident involving a bear and a circular saw without the [Read More...]

I really motherfucking love goddamn science

Steven here… Maddox is brilliant. His recent post regarding the Facebook page, “I fucking love science” is pretty interesting. I think most of his criticisms can be summed up as him not liking the page’s name. Perhaps he would like “I fucking love scientists and the end results of the scientific process” instead. I agree [Read More...]

College football open thread.

Arkansas has a bye week, so who cares about college football this week? Oh, that’s right, some atheists.  Ok, fine.  The game to watch this week is undoubtedly #2 Florida vs. #7 South Carolina.  I think SC is the better team, but with Marcus Lattimore out, it’s going to be tough.  I give it to [Read More...]

When the monster was born.

I was not popular in high school.  I wanted to be.  Didn’t we all? Initially I tried being like everybody else and found I wasn’t any good at it.  So eventually I took off in the complete opposite direction, bucking all social norms and claiming that I didn’t care for acceptance.  Of course, that was [Read More...]

Los Links 10/20.

Here’s all my twitter extras from yesterday. Even when no human remains who will stoop to support your prejudice, you can always claim the endorsement of god. Cosmic golf with @everlyevie. <3 This is totally something I would’ve done in college. “One shouldn’t attribute malice where incompetence would suffice.” ~ Napoleon Cthulu pulling [Read More...]