Why you don't make impulse decisions

Ok…so my lovely girlfriend Michaelyn pledged to get a mohawk if $1,000 was donated over 2 weeks last month.  You guys responded! Well, she’s a woman of her word. [Read more...]

He says "abomination" I hear "absolute success"

Muahahahahahahahahahahaha! A guy in a Jesus hat and waving a bible just interrupted Greg Epstein’s talk by shouting that this is an abomination and that Jesus loves us.  I’m jealous!  Skepticon has never had anything like that. The rest of his yelling was lost beneath a harmony of applause, laughter, and snickering.  Everybody bound together.  [Read More...]

Live-blogging Reasonfest: Greg Epstein

The contents of this post represent the opinions of JT Eberhard, not the Secular Student Alliance. And we’re off with Greg Epstein. Starts off talking about how groups now are more defined by what they do and what they don’t believe than what they don’t.  But we’ve always been defined by that.  We support reason, [Read More...]

Live-blogging Reasonfest: Interfaith Panel

The contents of this post represent the opinions of JT Eberhard, not the Secular Student Alliance.  The SSA supports groups that work with interfaith and I will work to support those groups and those projects no matter my personal feelings on interfaith. Mark Blumberg rocked faces.  This was my first time experiencing his work and [Read More...]

Live-blogging Reasonfest: Mark Blumberg

For those of you who couldn’t make the jaunt to Lawrence, KS for Reasonfest this weekend, I’ll be live-blogging as I’m able.  I’ll also be tweeting the event on the #Reasonfest hashtag. First up is Mark Blumberg: Freaks of Nature & Intelligent Design. He immediately goes after a time magazine article on the existence of [Read More...]


For some odd reason yesterday a song popped into my head that I used to listen to in high school, back when I had that whole believing in Jesus thing going.  It’s a song by DC Talk (yes, I used to love them) called “What if I Stumble“. They chorus runs… What if I stumble, [Read More...]

One "Million" Moms: you lose.

Christina here… Oh look, One “Million” mom’s sent out an email! If you haven’t already heard, Ellen DeGeneres mentioned One Million Moms on her television show yesterday with a few hand-picked Facebook comments that supported her of course. A few days ago, someone created a facebook page: 1 million people who support Ellen for JCPenney which, [Read More...]

Why we come out

Maureen Walsh, state rep in Washington, talking about her support for gay marriage. http://youtu.be/CbmbdWK6338 (you’ll have to click the link since WordPress suddenly doesn’t like embedding videos.  God hates me) [Read more...]

I may get to make some new friends

I’m at my gate waiting to fly off to Reasonfest. There is an elderly man and a young woman across from me talking about working at their respective churches.  I hope I sit next to one of them. I’m wearing my Friendly Neighborhood Atheist hoodie and reading The End of Christianity.  It’ll be a great [Read More...]

Some magic tricks

I recently wrote about Camp Quest’s $50,000 matching offer in which I mentioned that I taught a magic workshop for Camp Quest Ohio last year.  Commenter Rory then said… What, you’re a magician, too? Is your mutant power being totally badass? I’m flattered.  But yes, I am a magician as well. [Read more...]

Thanks for bringing your displeasure to my blog

Oh my.  Someone by the name of Benito Ramirez is displeased with Jessica Ahlquist and made his thoughts known on a post I made about her. Never mind that the city of Cranston was founded by Protestants. [Read more...]

Dope zebra

My brother sends me an IM with a youtube video.  The following conversation ensues. Me:  What’s this shit? Brother:  a fucking zebra watch it So I did.  And now I give it to you. [Read more...]

An unlikely source of comfort

I always have music on in the background at work, but this week I’ve taken to having episodes of Mayday: Air Crash Investigation.  I was home sick yesterday and again today, so I’ve been plowing through the episodes. “But JT” I can hear you saying.  “Don’t you fly a couple times a month at least?  [Read More...]

Good deeds: the perfect Trojan Horse

Here’s something that’s old hat by now. A global evangelical group that strives to place young missionaries in public schools has sparked concern among some Vancouver teachers who fear the Pais Project volunteers in their school are trying to convert students. Pais apprentices have been working in University Hill secondary for months, offering individual tutoring [Read More...]