You can help give kids the world

This post is going back up today because 1. You can get free pancakes and 2. You can make the world a better place for special kids. You can help give kids the world! …and get free pancakes. Hello, everyone! I’m Michaelyn. I’m a student at the University of Kansas studying behavioral neuroscience, the president [Read More...]

Comment roundup.

This weeks comment comes from google +. Ryan BainesYesterday 10:54 PM Why don’t you stop bashing other faiths and keep your faith of disbelief to yourself? Ryan BainesYesterday 10:54 PM My faith requires way less faith than your faith Well Ryan, I don’t stop bashing the faiths of others because in many cases their incorrect [Read More...]

Administrative: spam filter and thanks

Last night I went through my spam filter and found out that a few of you had gotten trapped in there under the new Patheos settings.  I did some fixing so any comments that got eaten should be posted.  The authors of those comments should also be able to post. If you have trouble, shoot [Read More...]

Who gets government assistance?

DrB-   I’ve always generally felt that in a modern society, nobody should be starving. (The phrase “I can’t get the medical treatment I need because I can’t afford it.” shouldn’t exist either, but that’s another post, another day…) I also know one of the main “complaints” lodged by conservative politicians and talk show hosts [Read More...]

Church homosexuality FAQ for kids!

Saw this informative church brochure.  Here are some choice excerpts. Most cultures long ago decided this was very wrong. And they made rules against it, for a lot of good reasons (more grown-up stuff). First of all, two men can never create their own child. Neither can two women. And two men kissing– well, it [Read More...]

Hobby Lobby and healthcare exceptions

DrB- In what is no shock to anyone, the owners of craft store chain Hobby Lobby want to deny specific health insurance benefits to women because it “conflicts with their religious views.” “The Green family’s religious beliefs forbid them from participating in, providing access to, paying for, training others to engage in, or otherwise supporting [Read More...]

Kansas officials are on the case.

Yesterday Kansas officials were set to rule on whether or not Barack Obama could be on the ballot in Kansas due to not being an American citizen. But hold the phone.  The Objections Commission in Kansas is delaying judgment until Monday. The State Objections Board comprised of Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Attorney General Derek [Read More...]

Showing love.

[Read more...]

Why do we ignore eating disorders in men?

My friend Amber, who first dragged me to a doctor when depression/anorexia got its hooks into me, posted this article today on facebook.  Just…go read it. A heartbreaking piece on male eating disorders in this month’s GQ highlights a problem that, even now, is one of unknown scale and one with unknown treatment options. The [Read More...]

Kansas officials are deranged.

And here I thought Ohio was bad.  Check out Kansas. Kansas officials plan to hold a hearing Thursday afternoon to weigh whether President Barack Obama is a citizen and should appear on the state’s November ballot. The Kansas Objections Board will be considering a challenge filed by Joe Montgomery, a Manhattan resident, who Monday objected [Read More...]

You lovely commenters.

In response to my reply to Matthew the other day, a commenter named Jayman entered the fray to defend the Cosmological Argument.  I sat down with a perfectly open mind which Jayman extinguished with one of his first points. In response to me saying… “We trust the experts because we have solid reasoning and evidence [Read More...]

Exorcism on the rise.

DrB-   To the great pleasure of the Catholic church, exorcism is on the rise in Poland.   “The rise in the number or exorcists from four to more than 120 over the course of 15 years in Poland is telling,” Father Aleksander Posacki, a professor of philosophy, theology and leading demonologist and exorcist told [Read More...]

Abortion debate: response to Timothy Dalrymple.

Timothy Dalryple, fellow blogger here at Patheos, wrote a post titled “I Am a Hate-Filled Christian.”  I hated it.  I thought it was awful and without empathy for a lot of people.  I took one paragraph out of it that dealt with abortion and and rebutted it (Christina took care of his anti-homosexual bits). Now [Read More...]

Slinky = Sorcery

DrB-   Reality is weird! Most noticeably so, when it comes to how gravity works on a slinky. If you keep your eye on the bottom of the Slinky, on the last curl at the very end, you will notice that as the top of the Slinky starts to fall, the bottom doesn’t drop. It [Read More...]