Benny Hinn and the Dark Side

At my GVSU talk, a woman told me her father was cured of arthritis by a faith healer.  When she asked why I didn’t buy that story, I told her it was because of all the people who had been to clear frauds, yet swore up and down they’d been healed. That and because an [Read More...]

Free Will is a Bad Excuse, Nothing More

Certainly not an endorsement of Rand, but very much an endorsement of this sentiment. “Do not hide behind the cowardly evasion that man is born with free will, but with a ‘tendency’ to evil. A free will saddled with a tendency is like a game with loaded dice. It forces man to struggle through the [Read More...]

How the SSA Rolls at Christmas

I’ve spent the last four days on airplanes and giving talks.  I trotted back into the office to find this piece of tupperware on my desk. Sarah Moglia, our events specialist, had taken two WWJTD bracelets and baked them into a tub of delicious jell-o, which I model here with my post-gym hair of fluff. [Read More...]

We Don't Grow Up

I try to keep how I act in private and how I act in public as similar as possible.  I like who I am and don’t really care if others don’t.  Living that way makes me very, very happy.  [Read more...]

The Reason for the Season

My father recently came across somebody who said… This year and every year I will remember the true reason for the season….Jesus is the reason for the season and I will continue to keep CHRIST in CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I might have been convinced had they used just one more exclamation point. Dad responded with [Read More...]

"Dear Atheist"

I posted the transcript for Dear Christian before I gave the talk at GVSU.  At the talk, a very nice believer handed me a “rebuttal” to it in paper form.  It’s a bunch of snipes at evolution likely pulled from creationist web sites that doesn’t really address my talk.  I’m going to respond to the [Read More...]

What a Bunch of Whiners

Oh goodie!  FAUX News is beginning its annual tradition of displaying their utter contempt for niceness by claiming victimhood when somebody wishes them well.  They are informing me, once again, that when I take time out of my day to convey that I hope the holidays are good to someone instead of telling them to [Read More...]

Got a Winner Here…

I’m busy playing Left 4 Dead 2 with the people hosting me here in Pennsylvania.  But I saw this anonymous comment and can’t help sharing the lulz. You’re an idiot. Seriously. You presume “being rational” is both morally and evolutionarily superior. Yet, higher cognitive functioning is a relatively new biological adaptation. Therefore, on a geological [Read More...]

Pictures from GVSU

People took some pics when I gave my presentation of Dear Christian at Grand Valley State University on Thursday.  Here are some of ‘em. [Read more...]

"But My Purpose is God"

I’m getting emails and comments from believers who attended my talk at GVSU.  I guess today I’ll spend some time while traveling to PA to ramble about morality to respond to some of them.  The first comes in the form of a comment from Maegan. I attended your talk this past Thursday, December first, at [Read More...]

Richard Carrier Has Been Assimilated

Last night at my talk I was asked if there are any books I recommend.  I gave the same answer I always do: Sense and Goodness Without God, by Richard Carrier.  Ever since my friend Ben Schuldt turned me onto Richard about five years ago, he has been a hero of mine.  That book is [Read More...]

I Am Like A God

Gina Colaianni posted a rebuttal to my Skepticon IV talk over mental illness on the CFI On-Campus blog.  I’m ignoring it.  I am snowed under by emails on the subject right now from people whose lives were changed by that talk and who are willing to help change the societal rubric with regards to mental [Read More...]

Speaking in PA on Sunday

I’m hanging out in Chicago Ohare waiting to get back to Ohio.  Tomorrow morning I will board the iron bird again and head to Carlisle, Pennsylvania where I will be giving a talk on morality on Sunday at 3pm in the Anita Tulvin Schlecter auditorium on the Dickinson College campus. Oodles of thanks to Amanda [Read More...]

Taylor Mali: Do Not Think of Suicide as the Ultimate Fuck You

The other day I posted a video of comedian, poet, and teacher Taylor Mali doing slam poetry on the subject of what teachers make.  I was tickled to wake up yesterday to find that @taylormali was following me on twitter.  How about that shit? @jteberhard I’m the original author of “What Teachers Make” but also [Read More...]