Slow learner

A man has died of a snake bite in West Virginia.  Apparently he had gotten a hold of a book that says, in very clear language, what powers will be granted to those who believe its absurd tale: they would be able to handle poisonous snakes with impunity.  So where most people would put distance [Read More...]

GSAs: coming to a Catholic school near you (if you live in Canada)

Ontario is looking to pass a bill pointed directly at Catholic schools. The proposal, which was introduced by Ontario Education Minister Laurel Broten on May 25, would ban Catholic schools from stopping clubs that go by the “Gay-Straight Alliance” name. This would mean, in essence, that these religious schools would be forced to recognize the clubs [Read More...]

Mom on prayer

Since I seem to have handed mom the keys to my blog lately (and since everybody reading doesn’t seem to mind), here’s something she sent Sandy on prayer. Pray for me if you must, but rather than pray for my sorry heathen soul, why not pray for god to help the thousands of starving children [Read More...]

They have a very finicky definition of "love"

Remember the video that came out where a child was singing lyrics disparaging LGBT people to raucous applause from the congregation?  You know, the one where… Church members can be seen applauding and cheering the toddler as he sings the anti-gay verse — “I know the Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong- Romans 1 and 27, ain’t [Read More...]

Mom and Sandy, round 2

It started yesterday.  It continues today. 19 hours ago Sandy ##### Carol, What a lot of venom! I must have touched a nerve! I will say once again, that I have never made statements against atheists, and never will. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Which you have most vehemently voiced. You can believe or [Read More...]

Dudes can be sexy heathens too!

Got left this on my facebook the other day. How could I not give his blog a plug?  He’s wearing drag!  Plus, he’s written on the DOMA ruling from yesterday and I haven’t, so go check out that post. [Read more...]

Fun at the barbecue!

Here are some more pictures from my faux vacation.  Michaelyn is convinced I like kids.  I don’t know what she’s talking about. [Read more...]

Dillahunty nails it on "liberal, enlightened Christians"

Matt Dillahunty said this on twitter yesterday. “Dear liberal, enlightened Christian: I’m not lumping you in with fundies – you are. Get a new name and new holy book to selectively cite.” It says a lot about Matt that solid gold commentary like this is just a mere tweet for him.   [Read more...]

Dad gets in on the act

Dad got a message on facebook too. John, I have to wonder- why do you dedicate so much of your time to disproving Christianity? Does our belief offend you so much? Can’t you just let us continue in our “ignorance” without posting about its stupidity so much? I am friends with you on facebook because [Read More...]

Mom breaking off a piece

Mom got a message from one of her old classmates on facebook. Carol, I just want you to know that I pray for you and John every day. I fail to understand why you are so afraid of christianity. Obviously you do not understand it. Let me just say this. You have never read a [Read More...]

A challenger to my throne

I got tagged on facebook and unwittingly followed the link to my undoing. Et tu, Grunt?  Seems I’m pissing everyone off, but this one may just destroy my rep.  I rebut it thus: [Read more...]

Graduation rates vs. voting tendency

This made me smile.  :)  Click the image to make it huge! [Read more...]

We've got ourselves a sleuth (and he has earned ban #4)

A commenter named The Laughing Coyote (Canis Sativa) has caught me. Impressive. Instead of taking care of the mess you made, you went ‘LALALALALALALALA I CAN’T HEEEAAR YOU I’M ON VACATION!”, and then you put up a post patting yourself on the back for what a GREAT ‘ally’ you’ve been when you get back. Oh [Read More...]

An Update from West Lafayette

The following is a guest post from Mike, Anna, and Mario, who are following the situation in West Lafayette, IN where the local government is considering using a large amount of money for the construction of buildings with an expressly religious purpose. An Update from West Lafayette Hello everyone! As you may have heard, members [Read More...]