I am voting for Barack Obama. So should you.

Am I pleased with Obama’s Presidency?  For the most part, I am. Of course, I have plenty with which I am displeased.  The President promised the most transparent administration in history, yet his administration has used the State’s Secrets privilege to a greater and much further reaching extent than his predecessor.  His excuse has been… [Read More...]

In vitro? Can’t. Rape? Must.

Jon Stewart nails the entire Republican party on the rape comments. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook [Read more...]

I’m changing my vote

Steven here… I’m a filthy liberal, but if Joss Whedon says to do it, I have to. [Read more...]

Open thread.

I’m sitting in the Little Rock airport after a fantastic event!  The short of it was that I got to reunite with my old friend, Lauren Lane, I got to hang out with old friends like Jerry DeWitt, I got to meet The Thinking Atheist, and I got to hear Aron Ra speak for the [Read More...]

“Einstein proves my point!”

Steven here… In my debates with theists, I tend to have to bring up the flaws in religious epistemology. It’s an incredibly flawed method of finding out what’s real, especially when compared to that of science. The problem with bringing up the superiority of science, is that inevitably you will hear the argument that Albert [Read More...]

College football thread: #1 Alabama vs. #11 Mississippi State

I’m still chilling at Reason in the Rock.  Tons of fun, lots of good speakers. Game of the day could either be #1 ‘bama vs. #11 Miss. St, or #2 Florida vs. #10 Georgia.  Point for discussion: is there any way that Miss. St. comes out on top? My picks: the Tide and the Gators [Read More...]

Does it seem like something is missing?

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Reason in the Rock is rocking!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Reason in the Rock is under way! The emcee opened by saying we’re not here to bash anyone else’s beliefs.  I guess I’ll be spending the entire morning re-writing my talk… First speaker up is Teresa MacBain, whom I met just last night.  She is very soft-spoken and very kind.  I expected her to [Read More...]

Voting with Math

DrB- Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody had a website where you could input how much money you make in a year, and then it tell you an estimate of which current candidate would save you more money?   Like…this one? http://www.barackobama.com/tax-calculator     Because the tax code is complex, the calculator makes a number [Read More...]

Republicans should communicate better.

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The other half of the battle

DrB-   According to an unbiased and well regarded source, knowing is half the battle. Red and Blue lasers aside, it turns out showing up is the other 50%. The recent boom in religiously unaffiliated Americans may ultimately help explain the results of the upcoming 2012 presidential election, according to a new poll that shows [Read More...]

The tweets I like to see on my way to a speaking gig.

How could I refuse this? @jteberhard If you’re interested, there’s a showing of Rocky Horror in Little Rock tonight at 9. You’re invited! — Jessica Lloyd (@jlloyd714) October 26, 2012 I’ll do my best to get pictures.  I’m totally Brad, though I’ve been known to do a mean Frank N’ Furter at times.  Favorite character [Read More...]

Donald Trump is an amusing political liability for Mitt Romney.

So Trump made his big announcement and it was…boring. He offered to donate five million bucks to charity if Obama releases a his passport and college records.  It’s more of Trump’s ludicrous birther conspiracy.  There are a few supportive tweets, like this… Everyone is calling @realdonaldtrump stupid, yet I don’t see you offering 5 million [Read More...]

Guest post: We Are Atheism.

Below is a guest post from Adam Brown of WeAreAtheism.com.  I recorded a video for them a while back and I firmly support their project.  Here’s mine: And here’s Adam’s post: “Dear Fellow Atheists, We live in a day and age when religion still has a firm grasp on the way we all live our [Read More...]