Sergeant Invincible.

The following is a conversation between me and my friend David from this morning.  He’s explaining the Marvel RPG system to me.  (I’m [ADEMA] Zero…ADEMA was our clan tag for Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and stands for the Alternative Department of Emergency Military Assistance.  Our RP was that we were a band of [Read More...]

Donate to Greta Christina, you know you wanna.

Christina here…         I once had the pleasure of driving Greta and Ingrid from St. Louis to Springfield for Skepticon.  I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing her speak many times, and she once (unknowingly) helped my friend from the brink of suicide with her writing. She’s recently been diagnosed with cancer, [Read More...]

The joke that could’ve been.

I woke up this morning with a plan: I was going to write the most outlandish post I could imagine just to see if people would believe it.  I went into the transcript from the second presidential debate and remembered Mitt Romney’s strange answer to the issue of gun control. “But let me mention another [Read More...]

A man of my word.

You guys are great.  It warms the cockles of my cold, hard atheist heart to see all of you pulling together for Greta. As promised, here’s my donation. Remember, if ten people subscribe to Greta’s blog, I will follow suit.  Keep the donations coming and please make me subscribe! [Read more...]

Greta Christina has cancer. We can help.

One of my dearest friends, who has been a hero to me for much of my adulthood and who continues to be an inspiration to myself and others, Greta Christina, has been diagnosed with cancer. As far as cancer goes, it’s the good kind.  She has endometrial cancer and they caught it early, so odds [Read More...]

Los Links 10/18.

Here are all the juicy extras from twitter yesterday that didn’t make it onto the blog – this time with an irrelevant, but nostalgic picture of a character that was on my mind. Hey @MittRomney, I got u dis. These are the lights Dinesh D’Souza had installed in his house. This is why [Read More...]

D’Souza was naughty.

Dinesh D’souza is one of those “top tier” Christian apologists who is always getting thrown at me.  You know Dinesh, right?  He’s the one who argues that Christianity makes someone more moral.  That’s why in his book, What’s So Great About Christianity, he wrote… “As fallible human beings we can be wrong about a lot [Read More...]

Tisha on Tosh.0.

Given all the doom and gloom on the blog lately, here’s a little ray of god damn sunshine. A while back I got to meet one of Christina‘s friends on a visit to St. Louis, Tisha.  She was a plucky, fun lady who was born without arms.  I even got to interview her (and get [Read More...]

Quote of the day: Newt Gingrich. Srsly.

Ok, so I don’t usually do a quote of the day post.  But this quote was just so delicious I made one anyway.  It’s Newt Gingrich dogging on Mitt Romney for the heartless way Romney makes money. I’m for capitalism. I’m for honest entrepreneurs investing, I’m for people creating businesses. Callista and I have created [Read More...]

God’s just a kid

Steven here… The last time I was at a conference me and my friends were approached by a Christian woman. She explained to us in a very serious tone that when she spoke to God she was informed by him that our lives had gone extremely bad. We informed this well meaning person that her [Read More...]

Ann Coulter’s joke is her ideology’s downfall.

In an apparent bid for the inhumanity Olympics, on National Coming Out Day Ann Coulter tweeted… With Coulter, it’s virtually impossible to tell if she’s serious or joking.  Either way, this is something pretty horrible to say.  Aaron McQuade with GLAAD summed it up perfectly. “There was a time in our culture’s history when, if [Read More...]

Los Links 10/17

Since I’m back in the saddle with writing and researching full-time for a week, I’ve found I have more material than I can blog about.  The extra goes on twitter.  However, I realize that not everybody has twitter so I think I’ll do a daily post where I just throw out those links.  I will [Read More...]

Modifications to my Skepticon 5 name tag.

At Skepticon 4 I gave a personal account of my struggle with anorexia, depression, and hallucinations.  It took quite a bit out of me and I’ve declined to give it again every since (though now I think I’d be willing again). But it was very worth it.  Everywhere I speak now I have people give [Read More...]


Checking out here folks. Sorry to cut it short. You keep track and have fun. Be safe! <3 9:17pm: For Mitt: Israel x2 Benghazi For Obama: Clinton 9:03pm: For Mitt: He wants children of illegal immigrants to join the military to become citizens?! Everyone finish your drink to keep your sanity! (just kidding.. kind of) [Read More...]