It's cheaper than sex education

Why do we need to place more focus on high schools in the atheism movement?  Because neither collegiates or adults have to put up with shit like this. One Louisiana public school’s no-nonsense approach to preventing teen pregnancy is “in blatant violation of federal law and the U.S. Constitution,” the American Civil Liberties Union says. [Read More...]

Well, this ought to stir the Arkies up.

My hometown newspaper just ran this editorial.  If, in 2008, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee had possessed the sort of influence evident by the overwhelming national response to his “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” initiative Aug. 1, he might have become president. Reacting to the gay marriage controversy stemming from remarks by Dan Cathy, president of the [Read More...]

Take a second to help a high school atheist.

Help a high school atheist. Find my answer to this question and give it the thumbs up. And if you want to take a few shots at pious bullies in the comments, be my guest. [Read more...]

We can hear Greta sing!

The Second Great Camp Quest War continues.  Yesterday I made my pledge to sing an argument in every talk I give from now until the end of the year.  Greta is now on board as well!  For every hundred dollars of our dust PZ eats, she’ll sing a song and record it for all the [Read More...]

Skepticon AMA on reddit tonight

Tonight at 8pm EDT the Skepticon team will be doing an AMA on reddit.  I’ll be in there too, though not as part of the Skepticon team.  It’s their show, but I’ll pipe up if someone has a direct question the event’s origin or for me specifically. These guys make a huge contribution of their [Read More...]

Meanwhile in Africa…

This is the dumbest thing. [Read more...]

Man in pink shirt is flaming mad about gay rights

God clearly doesn’t like what he’s doing. I scheduled this post around 7:30am. So I FOUND IT FIRST! I need to point that out since Ashley Miller posted it around 3:30pm, which would normally lead someone to believe she got to it before me. She didn’t. I win. [Read more...]

This just in: Pat Robertson says shit that doesn't make sense. Also the earth is round.

I know, I know; Pat Robertson saying something asinine is hardly news.  But it bears repeating that a lot of people listen to this guy and believe every insipid thing that escapes his lips. Because Christians have a history of living peacefully with other religions, so it must have been an atheist. Or, if you [Read More...]

Trust your own moral judgment

Articles like this one piss me off.  It’s criticizing Chick-Fil-A appreciation day from a Christian perspective.  So many protestations of “Jesus said the opposite!” Look, gays don’t deserve rights because Jesus wants it that way.  Even if the bible explicitly said, “Don’t give gay people the same rights as straights” it wouldn’t make a lick [Read More...]

Singing arguments for the children

Ok, if Team Awesome hits $5,000 in the second great blogger war to benefit Camp Quest, for each talk I give for the rest of the year I will sing a different argument.  If we hit $10,000, I will get a bunch of lyricists and musicians together and try to orchestrate the creation of Atheism: [Read More...]

Praise the text message

Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 6:06 PM Subject:  Text message alerts Hello, My name is James Pelton, I am a member of Indian Hills Community Church in Lincoln, NE. My church has been looking around for some time for a ‘Text Alert System’ to allow the church to send out SMS text messages to [Read More...]

We know how to party

It’s a commonly accepted fact that atheists have no morals.*  So when my friend Cambridge and I got mostly moved into our new house today, how did we celebrate? Heroin? Orgy? Fuck no.  We pushed it to the limit. * Invitation to quote-mine the hell out of me. [Read more...]

Sign the Alexander Aan petition

Show the power of atheists in the United States.  If you have a few minutes, go sign this petition.  Please. Earlier this year, Indonesian civil servant Alexander Aan posted on Facebook that he doubted the existence of God. He was then attacked and beaten by an angry mob, and arrested for blasphemy. On June 14, [Read More...]

Give kids your money!

I don’t really know what to say: Team Awesome is beating PZ.  Again. But I want to beat him by more.  Why?  Because if we win by a ton that provides me with two things. 1.  Most importantly, the happiness of knowing that one of the best organizations in the country is getting more resources [Read More...]