Adventures at the Funnyfarm

(Christina here…) Two days ago, I drove myself to the St. Anthony’s Hyland Behavioral Health Center in St. Louis. I finally decided to try to fix the broken part of my brain: I have Depersonalization/Derealization disorder (DP/DR) and Attention-Deficit Disorder. I’ve written a bit about my personal experiences with DP/DR  here.  You’ll probably want to [Read More...]

What I Want in 2012

JT:  The stars are so bright down here.  I feel so small. Michaelyn:  You are small.  But very big to me.  :) More moments like that with Michaelyn, Christina, my family, and the people who mean the world to me.  I want to make someone smile that big. Happy New Year, everybody.  This global community [Read More...]


[Read more...]

Fun With Friends

On the way to Arkansas I stopped for the holidays where I got to see a bunch of fun people. We spent a whole day acting like we were five years-old, because we’re adults. [Read more...]


My family is comprised of die hard Razorback fans (gonna stomp Kansas State in the Sugar Cotton Bowl!).  For basketball, we always head up the road to El Chico and wine and dine and watch the hogs. My brother takes the wine part seriously, because sometimes one frosty mug the size of his torso isn’t [Read More...]

Happy Birthday to a Friend

My father is a huge fan of Greta Christina and it was him who turned me on to her blog.  Afterward I was hooked.  For a good portion of my college career hers was the only blog I would never, ever miss.  She had all the eloquence of Dawkins, the concise reason of Harris, and [Read More...]

New Year's Resolutions

Here are mine. Spend four hours per week reading books Finish the book I’m writing with Steven Olsen Add 10 lbs. of muscle by May 1 Trim down to 9% body fat What are yours? [Read more...]

Further reflections on acceptable behavior

In the comments of my post on The Reddit misogyny issue, “No Excuses.“,  reader Tony B said something interesting: Agreeing that [the Reddit response to a 15 year old posting a picture of herself with a book] are in poor taste, I’d like to go deeper and consider the minutiae of what should be acceptable and what [Read More...]

Music Box and Music Theory Lesson

For Friendsmas, Michaelyn gave me a music box.  Not just any music box, but one for which I could write my own music!  I have elected to write her a waltz and give the music box back to her (if you want to hear what I come up with, you’ll have to bug her :P). [Read More...]

I Like Terrell Suggs

Ok, everybody knows I think Tim Tebow is an undersized running back and a crummy passer (to be generous) who is not good enough at either to succeed at them in the NFL who is getting playing time and attention he never would have gotten if he wasn’t such a vocal Christian. It’s nice to [Read More...]

No Excuses.

Up until now, this lady has stayed completely out of any discussion of the atheist/skeptical community and misogyny/sexism. I didn’t want to get involved. I felt that people wrote enough words, discussing sexism to the point of overwhelming inanity. I stayed out of elevatorgate, convinced that other people had better, more eloquent, more convincing things to say than [Read More...]

Sunrise Over Arkansas

My best ideas have never come under duress.  I have seldom figured something out or had a startling realization by sitting down and consciously asserting myself mentally. No, the best way for me to think is to control my environment; to remove anything that might be sucking up brainpower and relax.  For me, the best [Read More...]

I'm With Greta

The contents of this post are the opinions of JT Eberhard, not the Secular Student Alliance. I stayed out of elevatorgate.  I thought it was a big clusterfuck that made otherwise brilliant people on both sides of that issue stupid. But I’m going to wade into this one.  Greta pretty much already said everything that [Read More...]

They Do Not Play Fair

The contents of this post represent the opinions of JT Eberhard and are not those of the Secular Student Alliance. That it’s flagrantly false is reason enough to hate religion.  That proselytizers frequently prey on the dying, the downtrodden, or the weak makes me furious.  But what really makes me see red is when they [Read More...]