Your morning happiness: it’s pet time, not sleep time.

This kitten is confused.  The human think it’s sleep time when clearly it’s not. [Read more...]

Your Evening Husky Indifference: JT’s Happy Dance

JT was happy today. Apparently in his flamboyant celebration he decided to taunt this poor husky.     Im calling animal control. On JT! [Read more...]

17 year-old interjecting in AHA case to have “under god” removed from the pledge.

The American Humanist Association is suing the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District in New Jersey.  A family in New Jersey has requested that their 17 year-old daughter should be allowed to intervene in the case because, if “under god” isn’t in the pledge she is supposedly being silenced. A court has ruled that a Blackwood teenager and [Read More...]

Teach all the controversies.

Why does Jesus get all the creationist attention? [Read more...]

Arizona high school suspends football coach who prayed with students.

So many kudos to Principal Baum: As for the guy who compares the coach praying to Ray Rice beating his fiancee, it’s irrelevant.  Perhaps Rice’s punishment was too light (I believe it was), but your high school coach not only broke the school’s laws, he broke the nation’s laws.  Government officials must remain neutral on [Read More...]

Today’s a good day.

I post about my bad days, so why not post about my good days? The thing I hate most about clinical depression/anorexia is the loss of humor.  For those who have met me on the road you know I try to find the humor in most things, even the terrible things.  I think everything has [Read More...]

Pennsylvania state senator in press conference: “I’m gay. Get over it.”

In response to the beating of two gay men in Philly, state senator Jim Ferlo decided to make a pretty bold public statement. Following a recent incident where two gay men were allegedly beaten in Philadelphia, one state senator made public his sexual orientation during a press conference against LGBT hate crimes. “I’m gay. Get [Read More...]

Vatican calls the “police” on child-raping envoy (because in Vatican City, they are the police).

The pope’s official representative to the Dominican Republic turned out to be a prolific rapist of children.  Whoops.  Jozef Wesolowski is the man’s name and, since his residency is in the sovereign nation of Vatican City, it’s up to the authorities there (the Catholic Church and his boss, the pope) to secure justice. The punishment? [Read More...]

Scott Lively: God is my campaign manager.

Scott Lively is a man who has made a name for himself by doing everything he can to make gay people miserable.  The measures in Uganda that, in their genesis, called for gays to be killed?  Scott helped with that. He’s also not exactly a history buff.  For instance, in his book The Pink Swastika [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: Japanese hot spring for relaxing monkeys.

There is apparently a hot spring park in Japan where monkeys get to just hang around and chill (boom, pun!).  Lucky guys: [Read more...]

Aftermath of appointment #6.

Today is not a good day for me.  Getting through this weekend with a smile was challenging (not because of anybody attending the conference, the attendees were wonderful!).  I ate enough on two of the days, which has stuck with me.  Yesterday was bad, today is far worse. I couldn’t eat when I did my [Read More...]

Catholic priest takes to Fox News to explain how Satanists don’t get free speech.

Fox News recently looked at the controversial event of a group of Satanists holding a meeting in Oklahoma.  It turns out that while the Satanists have said nothing about these people’s weekly (or twice-per-week) religious meetings, the Satanists having a single rally is simply just too much. To explain why this meeting is horrible and [Read More...]

Jon Stewart goes after the House committee on science, space, and technology.

Depressed?  You’re gonna be. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive [Read more...]

Three weeks after judge upholds Louisiana gay marriage ban, another strikes it down.

At the start of this month district judge Martin Feldman ruled that Louisiana’s same-sex marriage ban was all good an legal because of the slippery slope argument.  Not joking.  But now another district judge, Edward Rubin, has ruled the ban is unconstitutional: A Lafayette judge Monday ruled Louisiana’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. But Attorney General [Read More...]