Your assignment

Persuade me that you need a magic wand. Go. [Read more...]

I have "Die Cis Scum" questions

Christina here… I’m an atheist. People who are theists (especially Chistians, in this country) are the privileged majority. I’m a women. Men have more privilage than me in society. I’m non-cis. My gender identity does not always match the behavior role considered appropriate for my sex. I’m not trans, either, so I live in some sort of grayish murky [Read More...]

Traditional values

And yet it’s the secularists destroying America’s proud history.  America is an ideal to us, which is why we get miffed when the “true blue patriots” ™, who love America so much they don’t need to know her history, turn America into a piece of propaganda. [Read more...]


DrB-   So, because Thursdays are just terrible, I bring you this, yet another installment of “Hey, it’s not so bad.”   “.. Anthony Smith cannot hear out of his right ear and suffers from hearing loss in his other ear. The 4-year-old from Salem wears a hearing aid, but he woke up one day [Read More...]

West LaFayette spending government dollars on faith

I don’t have a lot of time to write at the moment, but West LaFayette, IN is about to dump a good amount of government dollars into religion. As some of you know the city of West Lafayette is considering a proposal by Faith Church to get a 30-year low interest rate bond to help [Read More...]

Well this day sucks

So, when you call a psychiatrist’s office and say that your physician wants you to see a psychiatrist, what they assume is that you mean you are supposed to get counseling.  Conflating the two is apparently a pretty common mistake.  But rather than ask you if that’s what you mean, they just schedule you with [Read More...]

The priest raped the kid, but he had no choice! The priest, not the kid.

This pretty much sums up why the Catholic church is evil (you hear that, Bill Donohue?) A priest who assisted Monsignor William Lynn investigate clergy sex abuse claims testified Tuesday that it was not the archdiocese’s policy to contact law enforcement or other victims of abuse. “Our legal counsel said there was not a requirement [Read More...]

Access denied

First thing’s first: the Therapist Project’s therapist database went live today.  If you suffer from mental health problems and want a therapist who you know will treat you with evidence-based therapy, now, hopefully you can get it. Speaking of which, today I go see the new psychiatrist.  I’m nervous.  I barely slept last night. [Read more...]

Time needs to hurry up

I’m heading to Kansas on Thursday to see Michaelyn.  I haven’t seen her in six weeks.  So freaking excited.  And time is going so slowly.  We’re going to see Avengers (neither of us have seen it yet) and get bacon cheeseburgers.  We’re also going to find all the bubbles in Little Big Planet Two while [Read More...]

Listen to me on Dogma Debate

The episode of Dogma Debate with me is up.  I gave props to David Fitzgerald, PZ Myers, Richard Carrier, my sweetie, the SSA, the organizers of Skepticon V (specifically Jeff, Micah, and Katie), Darrel Ray, Kate Donovan, and Richard Haynes.  I was like a walking billboard. It was a lot of fun.  Dave, Daniel, and [Read More...]

Flirting, sex, and lines: removing skeeze from the movement

The contents of this post represent the opinions of JT Eberhard, NOT the Secular Student Alliance There’s a problem in the atheist movement: guys can be skeezy.  This alienates women, makes the women we haven’t alienated uncomfortable, and weakens us as a movement.  There are famous atheist dudes who are notorious for this and plenty [Read More...]

The fruits of perfect faith

Listen to this man of god. The reverend Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C., was filmed on a YouTube rant, reportedly filmed on May 13 condemning President Barack Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. Worley called for LGBTQ people to be put in an electrified pen and ultimately killed off. “Build [Read More...]

Gamers pwn anti-LGBT bigotry, w00t!

A while back various groups dragging the word “family” through the dirt were pissed at Bioware for the inclusion of same-sex relationships in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  They were all calling for a boycott of Bioware for daring to note that same-sex relationships, y’know…happen.  Fortunately, Bioware was able to tell them, pretty much without [Read More...]

What my dogs were doing

Christina here… Here is what my dogs were doing when I came home from work today.     That is all. Learn more about Christina and follow her @ziztur.   [Read more...]