"But My Purpose is God"

I’m getting emails and comments from believers who attended my talk at GVSU.  I guess today I’ll spend some time while traveling to PA to ramble about morality to respond to some of them.  The first comes in the form of a comment from Maegan. I attended your talk this past Thursday, December first, at [Read More...]

Richard Carrier Has Been Assimilated

Last night at my talk I was asked if there are any books I recommend.  I gave the same answer I always do: Sense and Goodness Without God, by Richard Carrier.  Ever since my friend Ben Schuldt turned me onto Richard about five years ago, he has been a hero of mine.  That book is [Read More...]

I Am Like A God

Gina Colaianni posted a rebuttal to my Skepticon IV talk over mental illness on the CFI On-Campus blog.  I’m ignoring it.  I am snowed under by emails on the subject right now from people whose lives were changed by that talk and who are willing to help change the societal rubric with regards to mental [Read More...]

Speaking in PA on Sunday

I’m hanging out in Chicago Ohare waiting to get back to Ohio.  Tomorrow morning I will board the iron bird again and head to Carlisle, Pennsylvania where I will be giving a talk on morality on Sunday at 3pm in the Anita Tulvin Schlecter auditorium on the Dickinson College campus. Oodles of thanks to Amanda [Read More...]

Taylor Mali: Do Not Think of Suicide as the Ultimate Fuck You

The other day I posted a video of comedian, poet, and teacher Taylor Mali doing slam poetry on the subject of what teachers make.  I was tickled to wake up yesterday to find that @taylormali was following me on twitter.  How about that shit? @jteberhard I’m the original author of “What Teachers Make” but also [Read More...]

Flimsyman on Polyamory

Christina’s husband, Chris, has written a guest post on polyamory that makes me green with envy.  He says everything I want to say with greater brevity and clarity than I could.  He and his wife have helped open my eyes to something that changed my life though, so I’ll let it slide this time… So!  [Read More...]

Transcript: Dear Christian

Tonight I’ll be giving my talk Dear Christian at Grand Valley State University.  I first wrote the talk for Skepticon III and ages ago I posted the transcript at Atheism Resource.  Here is the transcript from the talk in full. Dear Christian, We have had several talks over the years and in every one of [Read More...]

SSRIs, Skepticism, Suicide and Suicidality.

I knew there was a reason I loved Christina.  I ask people to learn something new about SSRIs or mental illness and do a post and she cranks it up to eleven.  Did I mention she’s an occupational therapist for a living?  Women with lots of brains = sexy. This is cross-posted from her blog. [Read More...]

Mental Illness Community for Skeptics

A tremendous amount of buzz has been floating around about building an online hub for people with mental disorders who don’t want to hear “Find a higher power” to congregate and get help.  Well, that site is presently being built. The project is being headed up by Elizabeth Sturgeon, and any help she can get [Read More...]

How Christians Disagree

Who’d have thunk it?  Some people did something ridiculous because it’s god’s will. A small Pike County church has voted not to accept interracial couples as members or let them take part in some worship activities. … Members at a business meeting decided to put the matter before the whole church. Last Sunday, nine people [Read More...]

I'll Pray For You

My dad wrote this last year.  One of my favorites. There are legitimate times when people say “I’ll pray for you”, such as when you have a major calamity in your life.  A simple “I appreciate your thoughts and your concern” suffices in the face of these sincere expressions of care and concern. However, there [Read More...]

Speaking in Michigan

This Thursday I’ll be giving a presentation of Dear Christian at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan.  For those unfamiliar with the talk, it’s pretty much a run-down of the most common arguments for god’s existence and why I find them unsatisfactory.  This will be even more fun considering… This event is co-sponsored with [Read More...]

What Teachers Make

A god damned difference. This guy’s website is taylormali.com. [Read more...]

Shitty Prose

Sometimes even we responsible adults like to have a few drinks with friends of a Saturday night.  On those occasions, we sometimes write crappy prose that reminds us when we used to write in middle school.  But you know what?  Fuck it.  It was the best damn thing I could come up with at the [Read More...]