Lebron James: savior of all humankind

The commentators for the Olympics crack me up.  HOLY SHIT IT’S OVERCAST IN LONDON! Also, as much of a fan of basketball that I am, I can’t watch the USA play.  I don’t like Lebron James.  I think he’s self-absorbed and I think what he did to the Cavs was shittier than a litterbox.  But [Read More...]

What Chick-Fil-A appreciation day meant

There is much to be said about what happened at Chick-Fil-A yesterday.  The first, and most obvious, is that those willing to drop money to deny equal rights to others, whether it’s to an anti-gay hate group or on a sandwich made by a company they know supports a hate group, are not compassionate.  This [Read More...]

Healthcare Hypocrisy

How much easier would life be in this world if so many religious people weren’t colorblind to hypocrisy? [Read more...]

Oh look, a poll on the Missouri Public Prayer Amendment

Christina here… Look what my home state has churned up this week. A poll on the Missouri Public Prayer Amendment! Dr. B has written a few things on this Amendment, mostly how it proposes to allow clergy to give invocations at public meetings (US Constitution be damned) and lets kids declare that certain school topics [Read More...]

Well spin me dizzy, Fox.

Christina here, I wasn’t going to write about Chick-fil-a, but today while working my clinical OT, I listened toFM News Talk in the car between clients. Chick-fil-a. All day. I don’t think they went  5 minutes without mentioning them. They had advertisements for “Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day”. They had callers call in to tell them how long [Read More...]

A chance encounter and words unsaid

Last night was my last night with my family for a while.  Today I fly to Denver to be a big, bad celebrity atheist poker player (and to vanquish fellow FtBer, Ed Brayton).  Last night we all went out to eat to celebrate a wonderful time home. At the table next to us was a [Read More...]

The politics of education

I’m not Obama’s biggest fan, but I intend to vote for him again.  How could I not with the Republican party on the other side? Anyway, I saw this on facebook and it reminds me why I’m casting my vote. *sigh* Nothing is a more surefire long-term solution to quite literally every problem facing us [Read More...]

Hambone Productions: fucking with those begging for it.

Rob Lehr runs Hambone Productions.  He’s the one responsible for putting in all the free hours of work to get the Skepticon lectures online (and it’s a lot of hours).  He gets some pretty inane messages on Hambone’s youtube account. Thankfully, Rob knows how to have fun with them. His big project is the documentary [Read More...]

Racism blog touches on atheism.

This made me laugh.  That is all. [Read more...]

Dad owning Steven Hodges.

The same person who said, “It matters” re-posted something my dad had on his facebook. Then, because it’s Mountain Home, Arkansas, the believers came. [Read more...]

McDonald's doesn't support Chick-Fil-A.

My father knows a man named Bill Wheeler who loves Chick-Fil-A almost as much as he loves Jesus.  Bill recently posted this picture to his facebook. Father decided to set him straight. [Read more...]

Godless Olympics thread

I’ve spent a good part of the last couple days watching the Olympics.  It seemed a good idea to create a thread where the godless can chat about the Olympics.  I really enjoyed watching the mens swimming relay last night.  Phelps swam a helluva race.  It was good seeing him back in form.  I felt [Read More...]

Maybe I was pushing it a little hard

Since coming home I’ve slept 10 hours each night and napped every day…and I’m still feeling tired. Maybe I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard the last few months… Thanks for tolerating my absence while I get some R&R.  I’ll be back soon.  [Read more...]

Daily Guild Wars 2: RP. (29 days left!)

Godless Guild facebook group. Codex site where you can toy with profession builds. My Guild Wars 2 review (for those wondering what all the fuss is about). Sweet guild page/forum. Godless is coming together beautifully!  The officer core is grabbing this by the horns and we’re still seeing a steady flow of  people joining. Rather [Read More...]