Don't forget to actually do shit too

At the training for Lobby Day, then SCA lobbyist Amanda Knief (now with American Atheists) said, “Atheists spend a lot of time pontificating instead of doing.”  Immediately I tweeted the quote with an emphatic agreement. A tweeter by the handle of SpaceGhoti then asked what we aren’t doing.  I promised him a response, since twitter [Read More...]

Introducing: your bloggers!

Christina here… So, maybe you don’t know that THREE people blog here.  JT Eberhard, Myself, and David. All three of us managed to be in the same place at once, at the Reason Rally and American Atheist’s National Convention. Please enjoy this picture of us all together, which I can’t stop laughing at:   Learn more [Read More...]

A favor from anyone that stole my soul

DrB- If any of you happy heathens happened to snap a picture at the Reason Rally of this guy: I would sure appreciate it if you could upload it to a place such as, and post the link in the comments. Thanks!   You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas [Read More...]


Why do I read comments on news stories?  I suspect I may have some deep-seeded masochist tendencies to which I should probably apprise Michaelyn. The Bible is not religion. It’ started out as Atheism in the first place. You can’t be secular if you don’t have a Bible. It’s the history of Western Civilization and [Read More...]

Reason Rally/American Atheists wrap up

What an enjoyable week!  The road trip to DC with Michaelyn was so much fun!  The Reason Rally was amazing.  Some of the speakers sucked, but most of them were really good.  The American Atheists conference was also a hoot! For me, the best part is always bumping into readers and getting to see old [Read More...]

Another crime for which faith is culpable

In Magnolia, Texas a five year-old child is in critical condition because his mother slit his throat. Daphne Spurlock was arrested Saturday after police found her son on the floor of their home, covered in blood. Investigators say Spurlock stomped on her son’s chest first. When that didn’t get rid of the “demons,” she cut [Read More...]

Reason Rally pics

Here are some pics (Michaelyn took them).  I have moar to upload but the internet here could suck a watermelon through a garden hose. I imagine I’ll do a summation post tomorrow. [Read more...]

Thank you

As a student I met famous atheists who struck me as pompous.  I would watch some of them give talks and then disappear.  These things disgusted me.  They were a real reason behind the structure of Skepticon which did not have a green room so it forced the speakers to mingle and share time with [Read More...]

We ate Neil deGrasse Tyson

Christina here… The other day my friend Sarah had a birthday party, and our friend Ellen brought over this:   [Read more...]

A pic for your amusement

Christina here… Here, I got u dis:     Ashley and I are such SEXUAL PERVERTS… and atheists… and we’ve lied and stolen once or twice, and been drunk once or twice. Hm. I think we fall short on the religious hypocrites part. I guess we’ll have to work on that.   Learn more about [Read More...]

A busy time was had by all…

Christina here…   Hooooooboy, I’ve been so busy the past few days! Chris and I have literally been on our feet nonstop from 7am-12am every day since Wednesday. Thus, I haven’t had much time to blog. Judging from Dr. Burger and JT’s lack of posts, they are all in the same boat. I shall report [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: Ellen's homosexual agenda

Christina here… I shouldn’t have added “homosexual agenda” as a column on Tweetdeck. Here’s a TDT:   @TeamLouis1Dx ellen degeneres has a homosexual agenda. — bigblackcaulk (@bigblackcaulk) March 19, 2012 Yeah, an agenda to be treated like a human being. Terrible. RT @bigblackcaulk: @TeamLouis1Dx ellen degeneres has a homosexual agenda. — Christina Stephens (@Ziztur) March [Read More...]

The Daily Twitter: Ellen Degenerate

Christina here.. Have a TDT, it’s a long one:   @oreillyfactor Why are you defending JC Penny when their hiring of Degeneres is furthering the homosexual agenda. You should know that? — Not Blind (@ONE1NCHRIST) March 16, 2012   @oreillyfactor They plan to dominate and will turn God’s wrath against us. — Not Blind (@ONE1NCHRIST) [Read More...]

Constitutional law by the dashboard light

Meat Loaf, the man who built his career on the back of Jim Steinman’s phenomenal songwriting, has now entered into the world of social commentary. From his home in Los Angeles, the motormouthed Meat Loaf filled me in what’s wrong with the Internet, his sucky melodies and how he wants to die. The highlights: I [Read More...]