Jon Stewart on the third debate.

Oh Jon Stewart.  You catch parts of the debate that I missed, and make me wonder how I could’ve glanced over something so obvious. Mitt Romney spent much of the third debate trying to paint a vacuum in leadership…all while agreeing with the President on policies. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political [Read More...]

Richard Mourdock delivers the will of god.

The latest politicians to commit what would be political suicide in a world untouched by faith-driven insanity is Richard Mourdock.  Mourdock is the treasurer of Indiana and is running for the senate against Joe Donnelly, who Mourdock was debating last Tuesday when he said… “I’ve struggled with it myself for a long time, but I [Read More...]

Email: how to help someone with bipolar disorder or other mental illness.

I got this email from Agatha (that’s not her real name). Hi JT! How’s everything going for you? I’ve been following your blog fairly consistently, and it looks like you’ve been having fun with a wide variety of skeptical shennanigans. We miss you here in [name of state]! Through all of your blog posts, the [Read More...]

Doraleous and Associates.

As an old table-top gamer I have an affinity for fantasy…well…anything.  That’s why when I was first shown the web cartoon Doraleous and Associates I was immediately hooked.  Within a week I had watched every episode and was left salivating for more of them. Behold the first episode when Doraleous sets off in pursuit of [Read More...]

Dave Silverman gets voicemail.

This is definitely not safe for work. “I can’t wait til you get to hell.”  The irony here is that anybody who lives with that kind of hatred, so much that they relish the idea of someone burning for eternity, I would argue has already created their own personal hell here on earth in which [Read More...]

PBS documentary on religion to feature Akron Secular Student Alliance.

Big congrats to the SSA at Akron!  PBS is making a documentary about the recent Pew poll in which the “nones” were finally up over 30% of the population.  Because Ohio is a swing state politically, a lot of the focus will be here and will include a segment about the Akron secular group. The [Read More...]

Tuesday conversation: Skepticon.

Of course I’m biased, being the event’s co-founder and original organizer, but Skepticon is my favorite event of the year.  The environment is like no other.  The place is an endorphin farm. So for those of you who have been, what were your thoughts?  Are you going back?  If so, why?  What is your favorite [Read More...]

First openly gay senator may be elected in November.

It’s so wonderful to be alive as the tides of history change. It’s three weeks before the election and Baldwin’s narrowly winning a race she was supposed to lose. The Wisconsin seat is being vacated by Democrat Herb Kohl, an elfin retail-store tycoon who funded his own campaigns with the slogan “Nobody’s Senator but Yours.” [Read More...]

The Salt Lake Tribune gives their endorsement.

So the Romney/Ryan ticket has lost three of the four debates (and really, Obama did more to lose the first debate than Romney did to win it).  And yes, Mitt Romney has no chance of carrying the state where he was governor.  But Romney still has allies!  He can at least count on the endorsement [Read More...]

Guest post: Sexual Shame in our Politics

The following is a guest post by Dr. Darrel Ray, founder of Recovering From Religion, The Secular Therapist Project, and author of The God Virus and Sex & God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality. Sexual Shame in our Politics Many people think politicians like Newt Gingrich and David Vitter, should be ashamed of themselves, but that [Read More...]

Third debate open thread.

Unless there’s some pretty spectacular WiFi on the plane home, I’m going to miss this debate.  I’m so hacked off about it.  Mitt Romney is an absolute rube when it comes to foreign policy.  The guy can hardly leave the United States without blundering into an insult of our allies.  Obama, for what failings he [Read More...]

David Fitzgerald’s blurb.

Let’s keep this day of thrashing Mormonism going, shall we? As a popular blogger *buffs nails* I occasionally get asked to write blurbs for upcoming books.  A while back I received an email from an old friend, David Fitzgerald, who will soon be releasing a book on the sordid history of the Mormon religion.  He [Read More...]

Our movement isn’t special–but it can be

Steven here… For the past couple of years the skeptic/atheist community has dealt with something of a kerfuffle dealing with sexism and harassment policies. Like most of you, I’ve watched as that debate went on from a mild comment about how people conduct themselves at conferences to the advent of Atheism+. But while all of [Read More...]

Paul Kurtz has died.

While I knew of the man, I admittedly knew very little about him.  It seems nearly criminal at this point to acknowledge that I’ve read all of Lee Strobel’s books, but none penned by Kurtz.  He was simply not one of my heroes. The only side of Kurtz I got to see was the aging [Read More...]