Tuesday conversation…on Wednesday.

So I forgot to do the Tuesday conversation yesterday.  Sue me, it was a hyperbusy day for me.  So today we’re going to talk about polyamory! Are you poly?  Were you always that way or did you change?  If you’re not poly, have you ever wanted to be? Have you become poly in the middle [Read More...]

Now I can stop using a spoon to eat popcorn

DrB- So, in order to solve a significant ‘first world problem,’ I eat popcorn and other salty snacks with a spoon. (A titanium spork, but who’s counting.) This means I don’t have to wipe my hands off between snacking, and using a game controller or keyboard. I came across this, and realized it was the [Read More...]

Being gay is not a choice…

…however, youtube videos do have that power.  This video made me gay for three minutes and twenty-two seconds and I don’t regret a bit of it. [Read more...]

Nothing evolves!

Dr. Pepper ran an ad recently that has creationists infuriated. What can their gripe possibly be?  “Evolution is a lie!  Nothing evolves!  Animals didn’t evolve!  Our ability to make tasty soda hasn’t evolved!  Things stay the same no matter what!” Go read the comments, they’re just delightful. [Read more...]

Steven Olsen joins WWJTD!

He’s an old college roommate of mine and one of the nicest organizers in the movement.  He’ll be writing a weekly column every Monday (and probably some other posts here and there) about atheists in the movement who deserve more of our attention. He’s an immensely talented writer who now joins Christina, Dr. Dave, and [Read More...]

Tracy Nelson fails to make an important distinction with liberal Christians.

Tracy Nelson has written an essay that is percolating about the internet.  It’s written from the position of a liberal Christian upset at the fanatics because the fanatics give the liberal Christians a bad name. To an extent, I’m inclined to agree with her.  Not every Christian votes against their interests and displays a Repulicanesque [Read More...]

What does Anthea Butler think “freedom of speech” means?

Ed Brayton and PZ are already on this, but I wanted to throw my hat into the ring as well. Muslims are rioting and killing over a poorly made movie that denigrates Islam.  Presumably the movie negatively impacts Islam more than Muslims rioting and killing over being insulted, which is quite a feat. Anyway, a [Read More...]

Please, please, please read this post.

Please read this post all the way through.  It’s short. Camp Quest and the Secular Student Alliance, along with Foundation Beyond Belief, were nominated by Chase employees for the Chase Community Giving program.  Here’s the deal: Chase doles out $5 million dollars to groups that were nominated.  The organizations get a portion of that cash [Read More...]

A petition I can get behind

DrB- I have the unfortunate experience of living directly next to the state of Kansas. However, one enterprising individual has some up with just the thing our country needs: Kansas needs to change its name.   As a proud resident of Kansas City, Missouri, I’m tired of the negative associations and constant embarrassment at the [Read More...]

The flattery of my heroes. :)

It boggles my mind each time I learn that someone I admire reads my blog.  One instance is Rebecca Hensler, who is the founder of Grief Beyond Belief.  Not only does she read, but recently she canonized a quote from one of my posts in meme form. I win at life.  [Read more...]

Catholic priest guilty in court.

Recently we hit a landmark: for the first time a Catholic priest was convicted of keeping information about child rape from authorities. Catholics like Ted Seeber, who realize the immorality of shielding child rapists while inexplicably remaining supporters of the Catholic church, will ironically take this as proof that the Catholic church cooperates with the [Read More...]

Skeptical Woman raising money to get women to Skepticon 5.

I was showering yesterday and had an epiphany.  I toweled off while dashing to my laptop so I could restructure my whole talk for Skepticon 5.  I think it will be one of my best talks ever. I’d love to have more people there to see it!  So if you haven’t registered for Skepticon 5 [Read More...]

Dissecting Frank Turek in October.

Now, I love all my speaking gigs.  But every now and again one will come in that really makes daddy smile. Frank Turek is the author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist.   IDHEFTBAA is one of the books religious people will most frequently try to get you to read after you’ve [Read More...]

Answering emails about dark alleys.

I got this email the other day (name changed for the anonymity of the author). JT, I’m a student at Rose-Hulman, and I’d like to say first that I loved your talk this past Saturday. It was super-comprehensive and it has spurred a lot of discussion here on campus. During the Q&A, I was to [Read More...]