Speaking this week

I’ll be in two places this week. (I’m having an allergic reaction to Wellbutrin, so this is all pending not having my ass kicked too severely by that).  Both events are free to get into.  Come on out and say hi! Carpentersville, IL on April 20. The first talk will be at the Dundee-Crown High [Read More...]

A lot of people emailing me need to change their attitudes

The most frequent emails I get from atheists are the ones asking how to get more hits for their web site.  Those emails infuriate me.  Stop sending them. “But JT, don’t you worry about blog hits?” No.  No I don’t.  I’m aware of how many I get.  It’s flattering.  It’s nice to have people read [Read More...]

My weekend at the North Texas Secular Student Convention

What a great time this weekend at the North Texas Secular Student Convention!  So much good, I’m going to jump right in. 1.  The organizers This conference ran very smoothly.  It was a great group of students, very personable and tons of fun.  I would love to return to this event next year for the [Read More...]

One "Million" Moms freaks out over a teen girl kiss

Christina here… One “Million” Mom’s always brightens my day with their emails. Their most recent freakout is over the April 2012 Urban Outfitters catalogue, which is chock full of naked men having sex with each other in all sorts of positions showing full nudity and genitals, as well as a full-page shot of a young [Read More...]

Question about health insurance

I’ve swapped emails with a reader of this site for about a year now.  She is anorexic and has made tremendous strides in getting better.  She saw a doctor, got meds, and has been doing great.  Props to her for having the gumption to get help, it’s not easy. However, she just sent me this [Read More...]

Megaman X review

There’s been some gloom and doom what with the new med posts lately.  Also, I haven’t done a gaming post in a while.  So here’s something upbeat.  [Read more...]

Point out your plot holes elsewhere

DrB- Prepare to be converted heathens! A statue in Mumbai has started leaking tears. Naturally, huge crowds gathered, people gathered the tears into vials, a modern miracle right in front of them. It was changing lives. You had better dust off that Bible. [Read more...]

Do you live in Tennessee? Want to make some noise?

Tennessee passed an idiotic bill that would allow non-science to be taught in public school science classes.  Tomorrow at 2:00pm at the Capitol building in Nashville there will be a rally to oppose it.  If you’re in Tennessee, you should be there. Give Gov. Haslam an earful – he deserves it.  Christina did a good [Read More...]

Darrel Ray on the Therapist Project

In response to some of the comments on my post yesterday announcing the launch of the Therapist Project, Dr. Ray submitted the following guest post. Reading some of the comments from JT’s post on our new initiative, The Therapist Project, I thought I would clarify its purpose and discuss the greater issue of religion’s place [Read More...]

Wellbutrin: not going well

Today marks my second day on Wellbutrin, which was prescribed to help me focus. It is sapping my energy, slowing me down mentally, and today I have been angry at everything, even at people close to me, and I’ve been hallucinating all day (same ol’ with my reflection).  I know I’m openly angry about things [Read More...]

Mass atheist suspension on Twitter – Correction

Christina here… CORRECTION: I was wrong!  Appearances can sometimes lead people to wrong  conclusions. I concluded from the mass suspension of atheists on Twitter yesterday that it could be due to a campaign by other twitter users to report the suspended users as spam.  Well, turns out Twitter updated their spam-catching algorithms, which started suspending users [Read More...]

Faith-based opposition doesn't help

This letter has been floating around the tubes.  It was sent to the home of Jessica Ahlquist. How evil does she have to be for these people to be the good guys? [Read more...]

Launch of the Therapist Project

Dr. Darrel Ray has been secretly laying the groundwork for a monumental undertaking.  Yesterday, it launched. It is called “The Therapist Project” and it kicks the ass of literally every person on planet earth and their ancestors. If you are looking for a secular mental health professional, this is the first place to look. Through [Read More...]

It's not all bad: mental illness edition

I got this email a few days ago.  Re-reading it makes me feel a little better about battling my particular mental illness publicly. I just wanted to thank you and Christina for your openness about your mental illness. Two weeks ago I went to the doctor and got treatment for my anxiety/depression. For the first time [Read More...]