We need a drinking game.

Ok, it’s been decided that I’m going to be back home in time for the debate, which means live-blogging.  It also means record amounts of frustration, a malady for which there is but one antidote: lots and lots of alcohol. I’m about to go get ready to head over to the SOMA meeting on the [Read More...]

Woman says women’s opinions are unreliable.

Janis Lane is the president of the Central Mississippi Tea Party.  She just did an interview with the Jackson Free Press in which she says women should not be allowed to vote. But do you think there are too many male politicians telling women what to do with their bodies?… Lane: I’m really going to [Read More...]

Paul Ryan goes to a soup kitchen to not feed the poor.

Oh good, another reason to despise Paul Ryan. It turns out that Paul Ryan barged into a soup kitchen the other day.  Of course, he didn’t do it to feed the poor, silly!  But the appearance of compassion might be worth a few votes, so away he went. You know that fake photo-op from Saturday [Read More...]

Romney’s tax plan makes no sense.

Colbert had a moderately funny clip the other night that asked a really good question. The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive RED-TIE STEPHEN: Hey, he is looking out for the middle class. BLUE-TIE STEPHEN: He’s promising a 20% tax cut for the top 1%. RED-TIE STEPHEN: Ah, [Read More...]

Does a candidate’s faith matter?

JT’s answer to the question “Does a candidate’s faith matter?” [Read more...]

I’m spiritual, not coherent

Steven here… So this Pew poll has been making the rounds lately. The takeaway message people are getting is that atheism is on the rise. Well, yes, atheism is on the rise. But this study doesn’t really show that. What it deals with are the “nones”–people who do not identify with a religion. I’m not [Read More...]

Tuesday conversation: Presidential debate #2.

I sure hope Obama shows up for this one.  I suspect he will.  Still, as much as Romney is taking some pretty serious lumps right now with regard to foreign policy, I’d just as soon the Dems send Biden to knock him around. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political [Read More...]

Human beings are amazing!

A celebration of the space jump and the four-star planet, with remorse for how religion keeps people ignorant. [Read more...]

The gay agenda: Duck Overlords

DrB-   Just so you know, if you tolerate “the gay,” than ducks will take over the planet.   You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas City, http://www.kcatheists.org/ & https://www.facebook.com/KCAtheists [Read more...]

How the debates should go.

Not gonna lie, I’d be ok if the second debate ran like this. [Read more...]

Why atheists aren’t suing Muslims in 10 questions

Christina here… I’ve come across a curious type of comment lately, usually in reference to the FFRF or other organizations working to protect our freedoms under the Establishment Clause:   @theblaze @billyhallowell I like the question about the athiest lawsuit. Why don’t the athiests go after the Muslims. Are athiests Muslims? — Joe Snuffy (@Snuffy_Joe) [Read More...]

Adieu, Arlen Specter.

One of the true political independents has died.  He seemed to grant allegiance only to his conscience rather than to a political party. During his career he was both a Democrat and a Republican at times, but he voted his mind when he was with either party.  He also showed a willingness to change his [Read More...]

Mitt Romney doesn’t know squat about foreign policy.

Rachel Maddow…congrats to the lucky woman who marries her.  They can have all my jealousy as a wedding gift. And Paul Ryan isn’t better.  You know that sequestration bill that Maddow brought up?  Paul Ryan hated it!  He even chastised Joe Biden for it in the Vice Presidential debate. “Of all the things that Mitt [Read More...]

Why I care about mental illness

Steven here… Four years ago I was living in Portland, Oregon and had been trying to get back into the habit of writing, which I had neglected for more years than is acceptable. The woman I was dating had a Pulitzer Prize finalist for a sister, which made for a formidable motivation. After all, if [Read More...]