Ongoing blogalog

The blogalog with John Henry continues. Round 1:  John’s first, my first Round 2: John’s Hey John. There’s a lot here.  Forgive me if I jump right in. You speak about the burden of proof.  I’m going to quote you specifically throughout this email so you know exactly to what I’m responding. In any honest [Read More...]

Bigotry vs. Education

I came across this interesting graph of how various counties in North Carolina voted on the anti-gay bill. Ignorance is the soul of bigotry.  Nothing makes ignorance durable like faith.  And nothing is so potent an antidote to ignorance as education. As the demographics get younger, rejection of religion increases dramatically.  Young people are the [Read More...]

Happy birthday Christina!

Christina, who contributes to this blog, is a very dear friend.  She has taught me more than most people I’ve ever met.  She introduced me to polyamory.  She took pictures of me that helped me get a little more comfortable with my body.  She’s a fellow nutjob.  :P  She’s also one of the most caring [Read More...]

Tim Minchin to be in Jesus Christ Superstar revival!

Tim Minchin in a revival.  Tee hee! Anyway, as Jason Thibeault reports, Minchin will be playing the role of Judas (tee hee)!  I’m not going to lie, I’d kill a man in front of his own mother for a video of Tim singing “Heaven On Their Minds.” Jason is right when he says that it’s [Read More...]

And so the nation crumbles

Three and a half years after taking office President Obama uttered a small collection of words long overdue.  He supports marriage equality.  Just in the nick of not soon enough. I think this was done because, at long last, marriage equality has reached a point where it makes good political sense to endorse it.  Part [Read More...]

A Case for Mockery

Since meeting him three years ago, I have been a big fan of Sam Singleton – not only for his presence on stage and ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand, but also for his character off of it.  I’ve extended him the invitation to submit a few pieces to this [Read More...]

Happy birthday Brianne and Sarah!

I knew Brianne Bilyeu back before either of us joined FtB, but only in passing.  Recently I’ve gotten to sit down and actually chat with her at some events.  Now, you guys know me.  I value being a good human being over fame or skill in an activist.  In Brianne’s case, not only is she [Read More...]

Know a great activist? Tell the SSA about them!

Ok, the Secular Student Alliance is having a conference this summer, just like we do every year.  It’s awesome.  A lot of your favorite people will be there.  So will I.  You should come (but bear in mind that it’s a leadership conference – don’t come expecting philosophy, come expecting to learn how to be [Read More...]

God speaks to me

I posted a version of this in my response to Don Hughes the other day, but I think it needs a modified version that applies every time you talk to someone saying god speaks to them. We’ve all heard this, usually as evidence for god’s existence.  Consider the implications of it. God didn’t speak to [Read More...]

This is why we fight

North Carolina passed a ban on gay marriage last night. For all of you wondering why we fight religion, this is why.  It’s because the pulpit is the portal through which the moral failings of the first century find their way into ours. And for those of you who try to excuse god and faith [Read More...]

Dad is getting my emails part V

Here’s the end.  Here are parts one, two, three, and four if you need/want to catch up. Robert wrote back to dad… “And I am tired of being preached at. If I wanted that, I would go to a church. You wanted an opportunity to give me evidence. You failed to do so, but gave [Read More...]

Dad is getting my emails part IV

Robert continues with my dad (after parts one, two, and three). I have a book that spells out the fundimentals of life for all of mankind, and gives hope to all. It boldly proclaims the truth about creation, how we have lived, and how we are to live as saved believers, and also gives details [Read More...]

Dad is getting my emails part III

Despite saying he would agree to disagree, Robert returned to emailing my dad. I am looking at the world spiritually and you are looking at it physically, which is obviously not cohesive, John. They are nowhere near the same, and cannot be compared, therefore, I reinterate my previous request of agreeing to disagree. I must [Read More...]

Dad is getting my emails part II

After my dad’s last email, Robert wrote back. Well John, I have no argument against you because you discredit my sources. As for physical proof and laws you speak of, I question the accuracy of those laws. Come on man, the very basic fundamental understanding of our make up is a THEORY!! ie the atomic [Read More...]