Open letter to the Secular Coalition for America?

To whom it may concern at the Secular Coalition for America, My name is JT Eberhard.  I am an atheist activist who writes a blog on the Patheos network.  I was present at your conference call of the movement’s opinion leaders before the announcement of Edwina Rogers as the SCA’s new Executive Director. I want [Read More...]

Atheist social worker arranges mental health forum in Cincinnati.

Holy crap, how did I not know about this? Thanks to Hemant for making me aware of it. Spencer Troxell is an atheist social worker at a homeless shelter in Ohio and he’s put together a mental health forum for victims of mental illness and their families. I will be in Kansas City on the [Read More...]

Response to Thomas McDonald.

Thomas McDonald has a post up in praise of St. Augustine (that randy fellow who reasoned that erections were sinful, that women were inferior to men, and who, in his book City of God, reasoned that heretics should be tortured).  McDonald uses the opportunity to take some quite a few shots at atheists.  He opens [Read More...]

Comment roundup bonus edition: Stalin.

On my post about possible forthcoming laws in Russia with three-year prison terms for offending people’s religious sensibilities, someone left this comment. //You say “atheists”, plural, as if their atheism had shit to do with the Gulags. It didn’t.// You’re delusional. Am I now? A cursory examination of Russian history will confirm that Stalin was [Read More...]

Comment roundup.

Remember when Dr. Dave posted that bit about voting for Jesus?  For certain, it actually roped in one person: last week’s comment round-up victim, Ryan Baines. Next, the Christian blogger who got all pissy that I’d suggest that believing in someone rising from the dead makes someone gullible has posted his defense.  He comes roaring [Read More...]

Kountze cheerleaders cheering in cross tshirts.

Remember yesterday when a frustrated parent sent me the picture of a pro-Jesus sign on the wall of a Kountze district kindergarten? That was followed by another reader who is spying on the “Support Kountze Kids Faith” facebook page who sent me this picture. It was shared to the group by someone saying, “KOUNTZE MIDDLE [Read More...]

Purity is for drinking water.

DrB-   Even positive sex education will say that abstinence is some kind of virtue. As if “purity” was for people. As if sex had anything to do with a person’s value. Pop stars from Britney Spears to Jessica Simpson, to the Jonas Brothers, to Miley Cyrus, to Justin Bieber routinely assert that they’re waiting [Read More...]

Mid-day jealousy.

I have a close friend living in Korea right now.  This video makes me very jealous of him. [Read more...]

Patheos blogger deleting posts.

Dwight Longenecker (whom I refuse to call “Father”), runs a blog here at Patheos called Standing on my Head.  He has recently deleted a couple of posts, both having to do with atheists.  Hank Fox over at Freethoughtblogs wrote about the most recent one. No, there’s no crime been committed. This is the blogging world, [Read More...]

The Zelda Project.

Two days in a row, two posts about art.  Geez, am I cultured. There is a photo project going on in California right now that seeks to recreate the world of Hyrule.  The artists behind the Zelda Project are combining still-life photography with CGI and they have come up with some positively gorgeous photos! Check [Read More...]

Women detained in Saudi Arabia for traveling without a male.

Earlier today, Nigeria had to suspend all air traffic to Saudi Arabia.  Why?  Because the Saudis are detaining their women for the horrible crime of traveling without a man. Nigeria has suspended all Hajj flights to Saudi Arabia after the authorities there deported more than 170 women who had arrived without a male escort. About [Read More...]

Christians are gullible.

Some Christian on the internet is upset that I called believers gullible yesterday. He doesn’t seem to get that shame is often like pain: it alerts us to problems we need to fix.  It’s what keeps keeps people like white supremacists from interacting with civilized society.  Sure, often people attempt to shame people like sufferers [Read More...]

I say, that’s not very legal.

There’s a great deal of hullabaloo going on with the Kountze school district down in Texas surrounding the obviously Christian banners the cheerleaders hold up at football games, as well as the community’s vocal insistence that it’s somehow not illegal.  It has the same feel as the Jessica Ahlquist case, where the religious people in [Read More...]


HOLY CRAP NEW COMET!!! A new comet has been discovered that is predicted to blaze incredibly brilliantly in the skies during late 2013. With a perihelion passage of less than two million kilometres from the Sun on 28 November 2013, current predictions are of an object that will dazzle the eye at up to magnitude [Read More...]