The lord provides

I was reading back over some of the speeches from the Cranston banner meeting last night and one that stuck out to me was the woman who said they shouldn’t worry about the money because the lord will provide. It had not occurred to this woman that the lord has not provided during the initial [Read More...]

Now that's love

Maybe Valentine’s Day doesn’t totally suck… [Read more...]

Get your Reason Rally swag

I fully expect to see a battalion of Evil Little Thing shirts/hoodies at the Reason Rally.  For everybody else there is now Reason Rally gear available! [Read more...]

The best place to start is at the beginning.

I recently extended an invite to my friend, David Burger, to be the second contributor to this blog.  David is the best activist and leader you’ve never heard of.  This is his inaugural post. Please join me in welcoming him aboard! ~JT I’ll start with the best opening line from any speech; My name is [Read More...]

In Arkansas tonight? Wanna hang out?

Tonight Greta Christina and I will be speaking at the University of Arkansas.  It’s going to be some serious fare: Greta is going to be talking about death and I’m going to be talking about reason being a moral obligation (one that every religious person has failed). Meeting Details: Friday, February 17 from 7:00-9:00 PM [Read More...]

Victory in Cranston

After a roller coaster of a night in which Jessica Ahlquist sat stoic in the back of the auditorium doing what she’s done for the last two years (endured the intimidation tactics of the deeply faithful), the board voted 5-2 not to appeal the original decision. Good.  Let that scrappy young lady enjoy part of [Read More...]

Live-blogging Cranston decision

I’m not on the ground, but I’ve done everything I can to get in contact with various people on the ground.  I’ll be updating this post as I get new info. Seems that #prayerbanner is the hashtag that’s stuck on twitter if you want to monitor things there.  Good luck, Jessica. [Read more...]

Who ya gonna bet on?

It’s heating up over at The Patch.  Michaelyn swung in to make a very simple clarification. “The problem is that the banner is illegal” Simple, concise, to-the-point, and affirmed by the dudes/dudettes in black robes. A fellow by the name of Robert O’Brien is in there.  He doesn’t have any legal expertise, but he thinks [Read More...]

To have made a difference to people around the world…

From a tiny town in Rhode Island, Jessica Ahlquist, our favorite evil little thing, has united a movement that extends across oceans. Here’s a couple of pictures of me in my Evil Little Thing t-shirt at the Rally to Defend Free Speech in London, held opposite our architecturally breathtaking Houses of Parliament. It was a [Read More...]

Let the fireworks begin

And we’re off! The Cranston Patch has an article up on the meeting tonight.  The comments are…you’ll facepalm. My father is in there swinging away.  He went in and posted my letter which prompted the following comment. “It is nice that all of the atheists who are not residents of Cranston are willing to impart [Read More...]

Cranston decision tonight

Tonight the banner committee at Cranston West will decide whether or not to appeal their initial loss.  They will convene at 6pm EST but we’ll likely not see a decision until later. This has been a harrowing ordeal for Jessica Ahlquist.  Despite having the support of atheists around the world I’m sure at times, especially [Read More...]

A sneaky double standard

For the last seven years scarcely a day has gone by when I didn’t wind up sparring with somebody claiming god exists.  In that time I have come to realize that the only tool in their arsenal more plentiful than excuses for why they do not need evidence is conversation-stoppers – things that are supposed [Read More...]

Open letter to Cranston West banner committee

Tomorrow the banner committee will decide whether or not to appeal their loss in the case of the Cranston West prayer banner.  I have written them the following open letter. To the banner committee at Cranston West, I’m writing to you primarily in sympathy because I’m aware that you are in a difficult spot.  You [Read More...]

Response to James Croft

I was live-blogging the interfaith panel at Reasonfest the other day.  I had a consistent gripe that was very simple. The common ground between  theists and non-theists lies precisely where the atheist already resides: in secularism.  Interfaith people are all about doing good, an act which requires zero belief in god.  The problem is that [Read More...]