Individuals do make a difference!

My friend Christina recently wrote a post about discrimination in her local area. Last week I stopped at a local Lion’s Choice fast food restaurant (a Franchise in the St. Louis area and Oklahoma) to grab a bite to eat, and saw this:   Churchgoer discount My reaction to this was much like that of Jeff [Read More...]

Secular Video Network

A group of three student atheists have just released a project called the Secular Video Network. The site features a user-wide synced video playback (just as TV would have) but also a chat for the sake of discussion. So far content includes videos from Richard Dawkins, Mr. Deity, the Secular Student Alliance, Aronra, the Thinking [Read More...]

How to infuriate somebody

I’m totally going to start doing this in airports. Thanks to Andora for this. [Read more...]

An exercise in excuse-making

While I’m in Tennessee, I’m staying with a lovely couple in Murfreesboro.  Gayle, the beautiful, intelligent half of that pairing is a health nut, personal trainer, and massage therapist.  She will soon begin writing a weekly post for this blog on fitness. Eliott, the other half, was a basketball player back before the discovery of [Read More...]

Saturday Fitness (on a Saturday! OMG)

Oh my Google! Saturday fitness is going to actually be posted on a Saturday! I can’t believe it either.  What’s that? You always post your entries on time and you think you’re better than the WWJTD fitness team? Huh. You must have been blogging while we were busy going on dates! Boom! You just got [Read More...]

Their arguments are beneath us. Destroy them anyway.

Whenever I post a rebuttal, friends and fans alike often wonder aloud if I think the arguments to which I’m responding are low-hanging fruit. The answer is simple: yes.  Yes they are.  The arguments made by the theists I respond to are beneath me.  They’re beneath the people reading the blog (who are generally quick [Read More...]

Response to Melissa

As promised, here is my personal response to Melissa’s email. I am confused as to how you’re “fighting religion tooth and claw” without becoming one.  It may be that your the format of your website is satirical but it seems very similar to that of “religious” websites, and the articles and groups talked about on [Read More...]

Given thanks

Via the legend, Dr. David Burger. [Read more...]

Chronicles of a sick person

My trainer today informed me that I am at a point in my fitness journey where I need to make a choice: I either need to trim body fat or add muscle.  He says that while this can be accomplished if you’re very meticulous in the early going (as I have been), then you can [Read More...]

Coming to Tennessee

Next week I’ll be cutting a swath through the state of Tennessee.  Hope you can make it out to one of these.  Monday (9/19) – I will be in Clarksville, TN at Austin Peay speaking to the Students for Secular Humanism and anybody else who wants to make it out.  We’re meeting up at the [Read More...]

Brandon's rebuttal to Melissa, and debate coaching

Sometimes I respond to emails from believers.  I can’t do this all the time since my schedule is exceedingly cramped, but I enjoy it when I can.  Most recently I posted a response to Michael.  After that response, Melissa came rushing (well, emailing) to his defense.  I shared her email with a very talented unapologist [Read More...]

Let's all kick ass today!

Tell ‘em, Spongebob! [Read more...]


For those that read my unfinished rebuttal to Isaac, that was not supposed to have posted.  I’ve offered him a chance to revise his opening in a longer post to include more details and did not want to post until I heard back from him.  Please disregard that. /wants to be fair [Read more...]

Ten years later…

When I got out of work on September 11, 2001, my father called me and told me to remember where I was that day and everything else about it: what I thought, who I talked to, etc., because one day my children would ask me. When I speak to others who were in school that [Read More...]