It's just so beautiful…

I rant a lot about the world – specifically the people in it.  So often they exhibit the worst of humanity.  They are shallow, careless about reason, and so many other qualities that fall short of the minimum we should expect from ourselves.  It’s sometimes so frustrating pointing these things out and begging for improvement [Read More...]

Feed me arguments

Gen Con is in Indianapolis this weekend and guess where I am!!! I’m in Indianapolis…in a hotel room…spending all day putting the finishing tweaks on my talk “On The Primacy Of Reason” for the Midwest Humanist and Freethought Convention in Omaha next weekend…while my brother and friend are getting their nerd on.  That’s devotion, people. [Read More...]

Psychologists are unanimous…I doubt it will phase the believers

Scientists: they figure shit out. Now that six U.S. states permit same-sex marriage, researchers have been able to conduct studies with those couples. The research, Anderson said, indicates that marriage “does confer the same sense of security, support, and validation” to same-sex couples as to heterosexual ones. You don’t say?  What else does the APA [Read More...]

Moar pics from #SSA2011

To compliment the video I posted earlier, here are some more fun pictures from the 2011 Secular Student Alliance’s Leadership Conference.  What a great time. I must give one more shout out to team SSA.  In the picture we are, from left to right… Sarah Moglia, Events Specialist Lyz Liddell, Director of Campus Organizing Sharon [Read More...]

But god told me to…

Texas did something right.  Take a picture. The sect leader faces a maximum sentence of life in prison for his conviction of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old who were his “spiritual wives.” The jury convicted him of two counts of sexual assault on a child — charges that stemmed from a 2008 raid [Read More...]

Fun at #SSA2011

Here’s the mashup of my experience at the SSA Leadership Conference 2011.  It includes singing Les Miserables in the style of blues with Dan Barker owning faces on the piano, waxing one of my legs, shaving my head, and godless karaoke with the masses (including Sarah Moglia, Jen McCreight and Greta Christina). Overall, it was [Read More...]

"You haven't proven god *doesn't* exist!"

I hear it all the damn time: you haven’t proven that god doesn’t exist!  The deepest abyss in the pantheon of shitty arguments was carved for this one, yet I hear it so frequently that I can’t believe I haven’t written up a suitable response to copy/paste from as I have with so many other [Read More...]

I'm shocked. Shocked, I say.

You’re never going to believe this. The religion that says women should stay silent unless given permission to speak by men, the religion that places the value of women at 50% or 60% that of a male (depending on how old she is), the religion that says women are to be submissive to men (at [Read More...]

Response to Michael

I get a lot of email from religious people.  Most of it is affable, just poorly reasoned.  Long ago I ditched the practice of responding in private.  Without public pressure it allows people to take on the role of a skipping CD: “nuh uh!  Nuh uh!  Nuh uh!  Etc.”  Instead, I always say I’d be [Read More...]

To be skeptical

Truth. It’s not that I’m close-minded – it’s that your arguments for god’s existence really, really suck. [Read more...]

I live!

Ugh…sorry about the cobwebs around this place.  The 2011 SSA Leadership Conference has owned my soul for the last six days.  But my last airport run has been made and I’m just settling down back at my hizzy. Overall it was a phenomenal experience.  Over 200 attendees present made it the biggest secular conference for [Read More...]

Explain that…musician!

It must be my birthday. I got an email at work today from a guy asking if we’d be willing to have his anti-evolution talk presented at the SSA Annual Leadership Conference this weekend to the 200+ science/critical-thinking-minded students present (along with biologists PZ Myers and Jen McCreight).  My first inclination was to send him [Read More...]

Good numbers and being in control

I went to the doctor yesterday and had some pretty rockin’ vitals. Blood pressure: 100/70 Heart rate:  44 bpm I’ve been told by a couple of nurses that those are pretty athletic numbers.  I also benched over 200 lbs for the first time in my life.  200 lbs is 117% of my body weight.  I [Read More...]

Living the dream, because it sure feels like one…

My parents were on the road this weekend seeing a boxing match.  My father sent me this email upon their return. So, I’m checking out of the Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven motel in Springfield this morning and the desk clerk pulls up my bill and says, “Oh!  Are you related to JT Eberhard?” [Read More...]