Reason Rally open thread

The Reason Rally: the biggest atheist event in the history of ever.  It will be a statement to the rest of the country as well as to congress.  The more bodies that are there, the more plangent that statement will ring. I’ll be there (and will be giving a talk at the American Atheists national [Read More...]

Reasonfest is coming!

One of the biggest free conferences of the year is coming up this weekend.  Reasonfest will be held on the University of Kansas campus.  Follow yonder link to see the schedule, list of speakers (impressive), and to register.  That last one is important since I’ve been told that several hundred people have registered and, well, [Read More...]

On guilt

When I write about polyamory, the most frequent response I receive is to tell me that the jealousy would be too much. For me, obviously, that’s not a problem.  Sure, I get the occasional jealous impulse, but it’s easy to ignore.  Nobody mentions whether or not guilt would be a problem though, which has been [Read More...]

Fish in a barrel

Mark is a delightful Christian commenter.  I give him points for frequently commenting to an unfriendly crowd.  I immediately withdraw those points for making transparently bad arguments. He left a comment on my post from this morning where dad talked about why he makes posts about atheism. “In short, if you know me and like [Read More...]

Satan: more powerful than god

I forget where I found this.  After reading it I want to praise Lucifer for being witty, but it seems much more fair to blame god for being incompetent. [Read more...]

Why do I post about atheism so much?

My father has written another good one. Some time ago, my good friend Kevin asked “Why do you post about atheism all the time?” Valid question. I have pondered it at length.  So, for my theist facebook friends, here is why. [Read more...]

Super Bowl open thread

I’m going to be spending the whole day with Christina making videos and I’ll be in the air during the game.  Time to ask for an extra pack of peanuts. I enjoy football so I do usually watch the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl used to be an almost guaranteed blowout in favor of the [Read More...]

When Christina poops…

When Christina poops it’s an all-day affair. ^^ because she has a doctoral degree and I have a blog a decent number of people read, and we take both responsibilities pretty seriously. But sometimes we dare each other to do really immature things and ultimately, if we don’t take the time to be five year-olds [Read More...]

Conversations from back in the day

While attending Missouri State I worked for a little while at a sandwich shop downtown.  One of my co-workers was a Christian theater performance major.  We had numerous conversations about god and religion, usually with her taking the conservative approach. One day in the course of chatting while making sandwiches I asked her if she [Read More...]

Dumbledore was very wise

I love this quote. [Read more...]

JT’s pro tips for not being an asshole when you travel #2

I’m back and protecting more people from unwittingly being an asshole when they travel.  You’re welcome. Today’s pro tip:  Stewardesses First, if it ever comes up in a quiz, “stewardesses” is the longest word in the English language that you can type using only one hand.  The more you know. Second, we all know that [Read More...]

Other conversations while traveling

Last weekend I was flying into Kansas City and I sat next to two very engaging people.  It was one of those flights where the conversation was great the entire time. At one point they asked what I did and I told them I was an atheist for a living.  The man proceeded to tell [Read More...]

Conversations while traveling

On the shuttle to the airport yesterday I wound up sitting next to a pastor who told me he admired Christopher Hitchens.  He gave me his card and I may swing by his church sometime. On the plane into St. Louis I was sitting next to a middle school teacher from Memphis.  On our descent [Read More...]

Damn, that's a good feeling

The Susan G. Komen Foundation which recently was willing to cede ground to breast cancer to slake conservatives has changed its mind again.  They’re going to continue to give grant money to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening.  w00t! Let’s review what happened here.  Conservatives bullied the Komen Foundation into a decision.  Up until recently, [Read More...]