It’s all about the source

DrB-   Ever noticed how hard it is to convince a person of a new idea? Something such as one sports team being superior to another, that human activity influences global climate, or that religions aren’t actually true? It turns out, it’s not so much the quality of the information you use, or what facts [Read More...]

Astrology portal launches at Patheos.

So, this is a thing now. We are pleased to announce that Patheos has partnered with to launch an Astrology Offering at The Patheos Astrology coverage will offer a Daily Horoscope, a Daily Tarot Card feature, Astrology Commentary from Patheos Contributors, Lunar Phases, Monthly Forecasts and detailed information on each sun sign. Patheos [Read More...]

Godless necklaces!

The Godless Guild Wars 2 guild has 160 members and is one of the largest guilds in the game!  You can hardly go anywhere on the Gates of Madness server without seeing an atheist.  It’s glorious! Since many of us are headed to Skepticon this year, a few of our officers have commissioned Surly Amy [Read More...]

Where I’ll be in October.

I’ll be in a bunch of different places speaking about this and that in October. October 2 – 3 – Rolla, MO speaking to the Secular Student Alliance of Missouri S&T. Frank Turek is the author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, one of the most effectively vomit-inducing collection of lies [Read More...]

Catholic priest makes thirteen year olds lick whipped cream off his knee.

You’re probably thinking “Oh, JT is being sensationalist with a blog title.”  No, no I’m not.  That is exactly what happened.  If you’re feeling like your day needs a tremendous swell of moral outrage, follow that link and look at the pictures. A police investigation has been launched after a series of disturbing photos emerged [Read More...]

Comment roundup.

Ryan Baines just left me a treasure trove in this thread.  It’s a remarkable piece of shifting the goalposts and textual diarrhea that fails to address pretty much every point.  In short, it’s the church-goer script. If you have belief in science, then tell me how the Big Bang happened which was proven in the [Read More...]

Contrasting Cartoons

DrB- Just two quick cartoons, first…we’re just that pale blue dot, suspended in a sunbeam. The entirety of our knowledge is just a spec. Second, oddly enough, one of my examples that would persuade me towards a specific religion: If aliens visited and had remarkably similar stories about religious figures or texts, this would prove [Read More...]

Chick-Fil-A wants to have its wedding cake and ban it too.

Remember yesterday when I said I’d believe Chick-Fil-A would change its practices only after I heard it from Dan Cathy’s mouth? (Others said it too.) There was a reason for that. President Dan Cathy tweeted a photo this week from a Chick-fil-A backed fundraiser for a group once described as antigay by an investigation of [Read More...]

John Corvino’s new series on the gay marriage arguments.

Skepticon veteran John Corvino is one of the most brilliant and likable people defending the civil rights of LGBT individuals.  He has just released a series of nine videos addressing the arguments against gay marriage with his trademark brevity and wit.  I’ll post one of them on this post so you can get a taste.  [Read More...]

Sam Harris’ article and support for the idea that Islam is barbaric.

Yesterday Sam Harris posted an article titled On the Freedom to Offend an Imaginary God.  It tackles the recent outbursts by Muslims over a crappy internet video.  Stuff like this is why Harris remains one of my atheistic heroes (even if his position on profiling is wrong). The contagion of moral cowardice followed its usual [Read More...]

Happy anniversary of DADT!

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Somehow we’ve survived the end of military cohesiveness.  The army has endured the death of recruiting.   There was also the mass exodus of troops that we were assured would take place. From the vantage point of the present, it is [Read More...]

JT Eberhard interviews Tisha Unarmed

Christina here… I recorded this video of JT and Tisha back in.. February I think? I finally got off my lazy butt and finished editing it enough to throw it on Youtube. They talk about some serious issues: depression, god, handling setbacks in your life – it’s totally worth watching. Enjoy! If you skip to [Read More...]

Do tax cuts actually stimulate the economy?

DrB- Standard line for Romney this campaign season, is that he’ll create jobs via some mystery process. He hasn’t outlined it just yet, or ever, but in short it involves lots of tax cuts. Presumably, this will create jobs.  But….does it? Lucky for us, there’s a new study out by the Congressional Research Service. In [Read More...]

Romney: money can buy happiness.

Oh Romney, the things you say when you’re being honest. Mitt continued, “Sucks you guys are poor!” My expert analysis: fuck this guy. (via Andrew Sullivan) [Read more...]