Texas GOP's platform is batshit insane

Wow.  Just wow.  The Republican Party in Texas just released their platform for the coming year.  That’s a lot of stupidity crammed into one document. The sanctity of human life, created in the image of God, which should be protected from fertilization to natural death. Which looks pretty interesting (read, “stupid as all hell”) juxtaposed [Read More...]

Guild Wars 2 release date! Let the atheist guild form!

It’s official!  Guild Wars 2 will be released on August 28!!!  (Gamestop looks ridiculous now) So, I’m going to make an executive decision.  Atheist guild will be on the Gates of Madness server.  If you’re planning on joining up, leave your race and class in the comments: because we want diversity even in our games!  [Read More...]

Dr. House on religion

Tell ‘em, Dr. House. [Read more...]

My new mirror

I’ve had so much to write about since getting back that I haven’t been able to do a write up of my fond memories from my week of being a counselor at Camp Quest Ohio.  There is something I want to write about first though. I was nervous about attending camp for a lot of [Read More...]

SSA Annual Conference coming up!

This weekend will be your last chance to pre-register for the Secular Student Alliance’s Annual Leadership Conference.  It’s insanely cheap for what you get.  Your registration cost will cover some of your meals and get you access to the impressive lineup of presenters like Matt Dillahunty, Greta Christina, Jen McCreight, David Fitzgerald, Adam Lee, Hemant [Read More...]

Updates for Skepticon 5

Skepticon 5, the world’s largest free atheist/skeptics event, is rolling merrily along.  They’re rolling out this year’s speakers slowly, with promises to release more immediately if they meet their fundraising goals.  The first four speakers have been announced and, I dare say, it would be a worthwhile trip just to see this group for free. [Read more...]

Where I'll be in July

This weekend I’ll be in Lake Hypatia, Alabama for the FFRF’s pre-Independence Day event.  It’s pretty. I’ll be doing another tweaked version of Dear Christian, with elements from DC1 and upcoming DC2 that I’m writing for Skepticon.  Think of it as a closed beta weekend. I’ll have the unenviable task of sharing the stage with [Read More...]

vote with your dollars

DrB- Recently Oreo cookies released a rainbow ad in support of LGBT rights & solidarity. It looked kinda like this, but just the rainbow cookie and date: (not actual ad, but close enough)   Facebook and twitter exploded in support for Oreo. 1. Oreos are delicious. 2. Rainbow Oreo is a clever ad, with a [Read More...]

The wisdom of Erick

Today begins with the wisdom of Erick. I once heard someone state that all reasoning, at their most elemental, are based on faith. In cosmology, for example, if you agree with Dr. Stephen Hawking that you don’t need God to create a universe, you must have faith that gravity can do the job.  Faith, because [Read More...]

Harassment policy at American Atheists

I was invited along with many other FtBers and some other bloggers to sit in on a conference call today to discuss the American Atheists’ new harassment policy. 1.  I appreciated them getting input from us.  They got us together and they actually listened. 2.  Dave Silverman was very frank: he wanted a policy that [Read More...]

Best streaming video ever

If you’ve not seen this, then your life is less awesome than it could be. PZ…if you’re reading this…thar be kittens within. [Read more...]

What about the rights of Christian haters?

I love it when a wave of believers finds my blog.  It gives me something to do. A while back I wrote a post ranting on the legislature in Kansas for passing a bill that would allow discrimination against LGBT people.  Someone left this comment. I hope whoever wrote this article realizes that by blatantly [Read More...]

Get your Reason Rally DVDs!

I got an email from David Silverman the other day.  He says the Reason Rally DVDs are going to come off the web site this Friday.  So if you want one (they’ve got Tim Minchiiiiiiiiiin I was wrong about this), you should get on it. [Read more...]

They're coming, and they're aggravating

The conversation with Leah Libresco may be two weeks away, but various religious types are finding their way to my inbox now. Matt: Can reason lead a person to a belief in god? Curious as to what you think. [Read more...]