Another udpate

I got home from work and got everything in order to check myself into a hospoital if need be and then I crashed.  I napped for an hour at work and woke up feeling like I could finally sleep.  Boy, could I ever.  I got over three hours of sleep and am about to go [Read More...]


Thanks everybody for the support.  It means quite a bit to me and it helps to hear people say they care.  You guys are swell. I got a nap at work today for an hour and am really starting to feel like I could sleep.  This is a good thing. I’ve withdrawn from speaking at [Read More...]


Got about four hours of sleep last night.  Feeling a little more in control this morning. Am on the phone with a counselor now.  I can admit myself, but there’s a $1500 deductible with my insurance that, frankly, I can’t afford.  I don’t want to take money from you guys.  I’ve asked you to donate [Read More...]

Scriblings about honesty

I’ve been up writing.  I’ve been thinking about the merits of honesty and how much we should trust deception in others.  It was sparked by talking with my dad, to whom I said: I wish I had listened to you on the whole honesty thing at a younger age. But fuck, hardly any kid learns [Read More...]

Mental illness update

I’m not well.  I’ve gotten two hours of sleep in the last sixty-three and a half hours.  I’m very seriously considering checking myself into a hospital in the morning.  I don’t know if my insurance will cover it. Sickness sucks.  Someone send the memo to god that he really fucked up on that one. [Read more...]

Dad on Paul Ryan

A couple of minor things about Paul Ryan. Ryan hasn’t spent any time working in the private sector. It has all been politics. Wasn’t that one of the right wing reasons why Obama shouldn’t be elected: never ran a business and limited experience in the private sector? How come that doesn’t apply to Ryan? Neither [Read More...]

Your beliefs are silly. Don't like hearing that? Defend them or change your mind.

American Atheists have some new billboards up.  They pretty much follow the past trend for AA of being pretty in-your-face.  I love it. My enthusiasm is not shared by Rev. James Martin. “That billboard makes the most common high-school error when it comes to atheism,” wrote the Rev. James Martin, a Jesuit priest and author, [Read More...]

Ten commandments bill passes in Tennessee

A bill has passed in Tennessee that allows public buildings (like public schools) to hang copies of the ten commandments.  The excuse is that it’s a historical document.  *head desk* It’s all-but-certain to get struck down in court.  Hemant says it almost perfectly when he says… They don’t belong there because we’ve never taken our [Read More...]

Go read Blasphemous Blogging!

My good friend Edwin Kagin has a blog here at FtB: Blasphemous Blogging.  More people need to read his great words. Here is your invitation to do so.  [Read more...]

Brendan Murphy on why atheists handle mental illness better

Brendan Murphy is a growing force in speaking about mental illness.  Here’s his talk from the Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference this summer. I’ve been 13 months in good shape since my last down period.  In the interest of honoring my promise to write about my own struggles, I will divulge I have not been [Read More...]

Mystery pile #1

The first mystery pile has been purchased.  Thanks to everybody who submitted suggestions. To freak Cambridge out, I sent her this picture from the supermarket. She texted back and said that this was some upper level shiz, but that she could make it work.  Maybe next time. Here’s what I wound up going with.  I [Read More...]

Life trophies.

It’s 3:30am and I’m wide awake.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of things tonight.  I’m not in the best of spirits, and what does any human being do when they’re down?  They think of things that remind us that we do good every now and again. The one that I’m thinking of right now [Read More...]

The mystery pile

I just moved into a new house with my dear friend Cambridge.  Cambridge rules, possibly more than I.  But probably not. Anyway, Cambridge cooks!  She’s always cooking more food than she needs and forcing dishes upon me that I neither paid for or put in the effort to make.  This makes me feel guilty but [Read More...]

Gaming day: SWTOR goes free-to-play

This has been a pretty crummy week, and the weekend’s not looking much better.  Neither is next week. So to lift my low spirits, how about a day of gaming posts? First, Star Wars: The Old Republic has gone free-to-play.  It’s no secret they’ve been losing players like crazy, likely due to boring PvP and [Read More...]