From The Vault #2: Science Is Beating Religion Into A Puddle Of Blood

I wrote this a few years back in response to an article a teacher of mine had sent me back when I was just a wee college atheist troublemaker. An old voice teacher of mine, a brilliant friend named Marvin Murphree, linked me to this article the other day which suggests that science and faith [Read More...]

Campus Organizing Team vs. Dazzle

  The office of August, our Executive Director, is on the floor below the Campus Organizing Team.  Sarah and I were sending group-starting packets out this morning, which was something new to both of us.  We encountered a problem with Dazzle (our postage software) and so I needed Aug to come upstairs and help. [Read more...]

To The Board!

Every week, the Campus Organizing Team kicks out an email to our student leaders with updates on important news or projects.  Sarah and I are writing that email today.  Here’s an exclusive look into that process. [Read more...]

Secularism And Eternal Vigilance

Ok, lunch break.  Thank FSM for Sarah Moglia, our events specialist, who is the only other occupant of the Campus Organizing Office today. I’m up to my eyeballs in work and she is keeping me sane.  I’m going to use a few minutes of my precious break to schedule a few peeks into my day at [Read More...]

From The Vault: Rules Of Engagement

I didn’t manage to get any posts written up for today, so you get a few posts from the vault.  The first one is my rules of engagement for talking religion that I wrote for Atheism Resource around last Christmas.  I originally wrote it so I could link religioius people back to it in order [Read More...]

Karaoke Tonight!

Me and some friends are headed to the karaoke bar tonight. As always, leave requests. If I know them, I’ll do them and put them in the next karaoke vid. Greta has been wanting me to do “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar for a while now. I haven’t done [Read More...]

Godless NFL Thread

There is a bet on the line this week.  Should the Kansas City Chiefs, who have managed to beat two of the leagues other crummy teams after playing dead their first three games and losing by a combined score of 109-27, manage to luck out a win over my beloved Raiders, I must spread a [Read More...]

Existential Crisis And Masturbation

Ugh, the things that people send me. We’ve all heard Christians exclaim, “I used to be an atheist, but then I saw the light!” Sometimes they’re sincere, most of the time they’re full of it and trying to convert you by implying that, even though they didn’t believe, they found some reason that irrefutable. One [Read More...]

#ChurchTweet Reminder

Our piratey atheist hordes have laid claim to the #ChurchTweet trend.  It essentially belongs to us now, though a few rebels remain.  If you are being made to suffer through church/mosque/synagogue, tweet your frustrations/amusing stories. Best of #ChurchTweet gets compiled on Monday.  [Read more...]

Life Lessons In Odd Places

I’m a bleeding heart.  It’s no secret that I’ll do pretty much anything for a charitable cause I support – just ask my right calf and scalp.  However, I always hate asking people for money like when I’m tabling at conferences for the SSA or when I’m trying to squeeze every last gilded drop out [Read More...]

College Football Thread

Today Arkansas goes against Ole Miss, which is coached by ex-Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt. As blakeingle pointed out on twitter, this will likely be Nutt’s last season with the Rebels.  This saddens me.  I’ve never heard a sentence from Nutt that wasn’t classy to the fullest.  He was a good coach at Arkansas and [Read More...]

Let's Chat

Huh.  I admit, I have no blogs written up for today.  I was planning on spending my day adjusting to life with a pitchfork up my ass down in Satan’s barbeque.  Seriously, who could’ve predicted that Harold Camping would have been wrong?  I mean, aside from everybody. Since I was anticipating non-existence, I’ve kept my [Read More...]

The Riddle

If this song doesn’t make you grin, there’s nothing I can do for you. [Read more...]

Are They Even Trying?

I went to karaoke last night. At one point a gentleman approached me to compliment my voice and told me I should be singing for a living. I thanked him and told him I’d found a career that I enjoyed much, much more. “What career is that?’ he asked. “I’m a professional atheist,” I answered. [Read More...]