Epic end-of-the-week reports #1

My end-of-the-week report from Friday at work. Concealed in the deepest forest is a tree from which all reason flows.  Forgotten amongst the opaque, near impenetrable timber, a small group of odd creatures known in the ancient tongue as ‘scholars’ have tended to her roots through a succession of epochs.  For millennia the proselytes, from [Read More...]

Email time

This one also touched me.  It is from Whitney, someone I knew in passing from college.  We attended a few rallies together and always said hi, but never really got to hang out much.  She intrigued me because she was always happy.  I once asked her how she managed it and she just shrugged.  I [Read More...]

Friday fitness

A while back I put out an invite for people who would like to be long-distance work out buddies.  Three people responded. The first is Conrad, a 25 year-old male at the University of Kansas. The second is Sid, 29 year-old  god damn ray of sunshine female from Iowa. The third is Brandon, an eloquent [Read More...]

Epic work conversations #2

Via Skype with SSA Communications Director, Jesse Galef. Me:  “Can you ftp this file?” Jesse:  “You dare make demands of ME? Have a care where you tread, mortal. My keystrokes have brought down kingdoms, my words crumbled the resolve of my staunchest foes. Should you continue to press, know this: the battle would be fierce [Read More...]

Epic work conversations #1

<new meme>  Conversation between myself and SSA Director of Campus Organizing, Lyz Liddell. Me:  “Lyz…the next time I write an email to an administrator, can the subject line be ‘JUSTICE IS NOT BLIND, FOR I AM HER EYES!’?” Lyz:  “No.” Me:  “How about, ‘Rising up to the challenge of our rivals’?” Lyz:  “No.” Me:  “…you’re [Read More...]

No more running from the 'A' word

Greta Christina knocks another one out of the park county. There is nothing about saying, “I am queer,” that implies, “You are mistaken to be straight.” But there is something about saying, “I am an atheist,” that implies, “You are mistaken to believe in God.” Coming out as queer is a subjective statement about what [Read More...]

Email time

Got this email from JulietEcho in response to my last post about my struggles with anorexia. It was touching, so you get it too. Hi JT, I’ll admit, I’m not a regular reader of your blog, but I’m vaguely familiar with you from Friendly Atheist mentions and from Blag Hag. When Jen mentioned in her [Read More...]

Love the sinners to death…

Just in case any esteem for humanity had crept into your skull since yesterday, there’s this asshole. Anti-gay bullying is not bullying at all; in fact, it is “peer pressure and is healthy.” That’s according to Rich Swier, an activist with the Tea Party Nation. Swier was responding to a report from a Florida group [Read More...]

Help the SSA maintain spiritual emptiness

Won’t you help save the children? For just a dollar a day, you can help keep these kids appetite for godlessness filled for years to come.  However, if the non-spirit of un-godliness moves you, you can throw in even more toward helping the youth.  $5/month?  $20/month?  $100/month?  What is excess money but a means to [Read More...]

God: king of mismanaged priorities

Every time I see/hear a person pray, or whenever those trying to convert me ask if I’d mind if they prayed for me, this is what I think. It is also what I think when people tell me that Christianity is a religion of humility. Also, fuck Tim Tebow. [Read more...]

I don't like bullies

My general response when a religious person threatens me with hell. [Read more...]

Camp Quest OH, 2011

After giving up my head and leg hair to raise money for Camp Quest they were nice enough to let me come down and be event staff at Camp Quest Ohio last weekend.  I was very nervous, to tell the truth.  I could walk into a mega church and tell the pastor to his face [Read More...]

Our harshness knows no bounds

Last week, the atheist movement kicked its assault on religion up to eleven.  Fuck it, we rolled up our sleeves and cranked it up to fucking twelve!!! No introducing legislation dictating the private lives of those outside our in-group; no blaming natural disasters on our enemies.  Fuck that.  Those tactics are for snuggly, lesser wimps.  [Read More...]

Atheist table of elements

All the internet atheists are the heaviest, world-crushing elements.  Greta?  Hemant?  We’re ready to change the game. Look at PZ all light and meager up there at the top.  I’m one of the more massive atheist elements.  I’m the Juggernaut, bitch. Click to make the above image larger than gawd. [Read more...]