Your morning happiness: Japanese hot spring for relaxing monkeys.

There is apparently a hot spring park in Japan where monkeys get to just hang around and chill (boom, pun!).  Lucky guys: [Read more...]

Aftermath of appointment #6.

Today is not a good day for me.  Getting through this weekend with a smile was challenging (not because of anybody attending the conference, the attendees were wonderful!).  I ate enough on two of the days, which has stuck with me.  Yesterday was bad, today is far worse. I couldn’t eat when I did my [Read More...]

Catholic priest takes to Fox News to explain how Satanists don’t get free speech.

Fox News recently looked at the controversial event of a group of Satanists holding a meeting in Oklahoma.  It turns out that while the Satanists have said nothing about these people’s weekly (or twice-per-week) religious meetings, the Satanists having a single rally is simply just too much. To explain why this meeting is horrible and [Read More...]

Jon Stewart goes after the House committee on science, space, and technology.

Depressed?  You’re gonna be. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive [Read more...]

Three weeks after judge upholds Louisiana gay marriage ban, another strikes it down.

At the start of this month district judge Martin Feldman ruled that Louisiana’s same-sex marriage ban was all good an legal because of the slippery slope argument.  Not joking.  But now another district judge, Edward Rubin, has ruled the ban is unconstitutional: A Lafayette judge Monday ruled Louisiana’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. But Attorney General [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: dog and water fountain.

Morning guys.  Sorry for the lack of content yesterday.  My brain was mush and I was struggling.  Will write about it today at some point (or, at least, I plan to).  I have appointment #6 at 1:00pm CST, so content’s gonna come fast again so I can make time to shower and get to my [Read More...]

Male students wear skirt to support reprimanded trans student.

Here’s a happy story.  A couple weeks ago at a federal school in Brazil (Colégio Pedro II) a trans student was suspended and fined for wearing a skirt.  In response, in a gesture that reminds me why I love the youngest generation, the male students picked a day to all wear skirts to the school: [Read More...]

Iranians dancing in “Happy” video sentenced to jail and lashes.

Six Iranians made a video dancing to “Happy” by Pharell Williams.  They were arrested for this: Members of the group behind the video were subsequently arrested by Iranian police for violating Islamic laws of the country, which prohibit dancing with members of the opposite sex and women from appearing without a headscarf. Arrested for the [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: cat loves donkey.

Good morning everybody.  What a weekend it was.  The Apostacon team put on another great conference.  I had some real psychological highs and some real psychological lows which I’ll get into as soon as I get a little bit of rest.  Will definitely post some pictures soon. But for starters, here’s a cat who loves [Read More...]

The Bible has it Right on Slavery

I intend on resuming my review of “The Holiness of God” probably next month, but I’ve been slammed with work in the short term, which has knocked me offline, for the most part. I was listening to the latest Non-Prophets Episode (13.17), and towards the end, they were discussing a blog post by someone – [Read More...]

Pictures from day 1 of Apostacon 14.

Despite all the psychological difficulties, day 1 was a great deal of fun.  I wound up getting about 800 calories down and spent a fair amount of time out of the room.  Here’s hoping day 2 goes well. Here are some pics from yesterday: [Read more...]

Listen to Dogma Debate from last night with myself, Cara Santa Maria, David Fitzgerald, and Darrel Ray.

Hey guys.  I know I said last night that this episode of Dogma Debate would go live at 10pm EST…then Neil DeGrasse Tyson went more than an hour over time (which nobody gave a shit about because it’s NDT).  So we didn’t get started until way late, so here’s the audio for those who missed [Read More...]

Catch me on the Dogma Debate podcast at 10pm EST/7pm PST.

Hey guys.  I’m at Apostacon and doing ok.  My workshop today was standing room only, which amazed me considering I was sharing a time slot with Amanda Knief and Muhammad Syed.  I figured I’d have two people in my room, but the turnout was unbelievably flattering.  I hope a few people learned something. I’ve had [Read More...]

Kevin Sorbo: no New Testament movies because Jews run Hollywood.

Kevin Sorbo is at it again: The former star of TV’s “Hercules” series discussed the movie business, in general, and religious-themed movies, in particular, with conservative Christian broadcaster Peter Heck. “You always hear that the language of Hollywood is money, and yet there’s something that doesn’t compute, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted [Read More...]