My Husband is a Recovering Depressive Anorexic and here’s What I’ve Learned (Part 2)

CONTENT NOTE: THIS POST DISCUSSES SUICIDE AND SELF-HARM. THESE TOPICS MAY BE TRIGGERING FOR SOME INDIVIDUALS. Hello WWJTD readers! Michaelyn – JT’s wife – here! For those just tuning in, this post is a part of a series. See Part 1 here. My intention is to reach out to those who may be close to [Read More...]

Social Darwinism

It’s the difference between is and ought. [Read more...]

BREAKING: Sydney hostage-taker identified.

For those following the situation in Sydney where a man has taken about 16 hostage in the Lindt Cafe (police are not sure on the number), he’s been identified.  He is Man Haron Monis, better-known as Sheikh Haron.  He was once an ayatollah in Iran before his wife and children were detained for his liberal [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: booby.

Pervs. [Read more...]

Members of a North Carolina church kidnapped a man and tried to beat homosexual demons out of him.

Oh, you find other men attractive?  That’s way worse than kidnapping a person and beating their ass: Five members of a controversial North Carolina church were indicted this week on charges that they kidnapped and assaulted a fellow member because he had been possessed by “homosexual demons.” On Monday, a Rutherford County grand jury indicted [Read More...]

Berlin grants humanist students a holiday – with the day off and everything!

Berlin has enshrined World Humanist Day as what would pretty much amount to a federal holiday here in the States: Schools in Berlin have recognized World Humanist Day as a holiday on a par with All Saints’ Day, Yom Kippur and Eid al-Fitr. The decision means Berlin pupils who subscribe to humanism — a philosophy [Read More...]

Air Force secretary supports lifting transgender ban.

Good on her: Now that the U.S. military has opened more jobs to women and allowed gay men and lesbians to serve openly, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James says the ban on transgender troops is likely to be reassessed and should be lifted. “Times change,” she told Capital Download, saying the policy “is likely [Read More...]

Bryan Fischer: report on torture is a petty act by Democrats.

Bryan Fischer was upset by the Senate Intelligence Committee’s findings about the United States’ torture program.  Not because we tortured people, but because it was revealed that we tortured people (so much for confession being a virtue).  This makes the Democrats (not the Republicans who started a torture program) juvenile delinquents. “They just got voted [Read More...]

Fundraising Friday: the Seekerfest Conference.

The Fundraising Friday posts work on a basic idea: ordinarily when a fundraiser is posted it’s mostly people who have an appreciable amount of money donating large sums (or at least sums that appear large to a guy who blogs for a living).  However, this blog gets between 3,500-5,000 unique readers each day, and if [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: date night.

Sorry for the late start today.  This post will hopefully shed some light on why things are getting started at this hour. Last night Michaelyn and I went out on a date.  She decided to snap a picture for everybody on facebook: She labeled the picture “date night,” but initially wrote “date might” and corrected [Read More...]

City of Pitman, NJ and Clear Channel Outdoor discriminating against atheists.

A town in New Jersey is discriminating against its atheistic residents and a billboard company is barring a secular organization from putting up billboards within a half mile of any church. Earlier today I told you a happy holiday story.  Get ready for a sad one. Two years ago in the small town of Pitman, [Read More...]

Jim Wright on torture.

One of my favorite writers is Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station.  Today he put out a blistering piece on the United States and our practice of torture.  The whole thing should be read, but here are a couple of highlights to entice you to follow the link and take in the entire piece: If the [Read More...]

Michele Bachmann’s final speech in Congress (yay!) credits Moses for all our fortune (boo!).

In Michele Bachmann’s final speech in the House, she elected to thank Moses for America’s success.  The parts in red are my thoughts while reading her speech: “And as I look about this chamber, we are ringed with the silhouettes of lawgivers throughout history,” Bachmann continued, referencing the 23 marble relief portraits in the House [Read More...]

Bill Donohue needs our help.

Fox News is fair and balanced, we all know that.  Which is why their coverage of the American Atheists billboard campaign has perplexed me. Fox has run segments about our Christmas billboards at least three times now. Fox and Friends brought on Pastor Robert Jeffress, Bill O’Reilly’s “The O’Reilly Factor” brought on a clinical psychologist, [Read More...]