Soccer: The Great Liberal Conspiracy!

Conspiracy theories are never in short supply on the political right in the US, but this has to be a new level of crazy. Speaking to Fox News today, guest Dr. Keith Ablow said he is suspect of the timing of America’s World Cup Game against Germany, saying: “I am suspect because, here’s the thing. [Read More...]

Guest post by David Silverman: Preach. Proselytize. Convert.

Preach. Proselytize. Convert. These words all have associations with the religious world, eliciting visions of people in ties knocking on doors at 8am Sunday Morning, or adults preaching to other people’s children in the schools, or street pastors scaring passers by about such concepts as Hell (or in some cases, personal grooming). It’s a good [Read More...]

How “Thinspo” negatively effects self-esteem and self-perception

Christina here… Remember me! Sorry I don’t post here much anymore. I haven’t for reasons, but I’m posting now. Something on social media sites has been bugging me for awhile – Thinspo, or Thinspiration. So I made a video about it using my own body to highlight how easy it is to distort one’s appearance [Read More...]

I don’t think Answers in Genesis quite gets science Pt. 2

Previously, I managed to address one sentence of this article from Answers in Genesis. We find that creationists often use the “correct” words – observation, testability, repeatability, falsifiability, etc – however, like the common layman confusion about the word “theory” as used in science, they often get the other words off-the-mark as well. [Read more...]

Your Morning Happiness: What We Need Is A Montage! …and reluctantly, a cat.

Some funny clips in this vid, my fav being the Husky who is damn excited about a pile of leaves. The leaves must mimic the feeling of snow to the crazy dog, or the silly Husky is on cocaine! “It’s a helluva drug!” – Rick James The swiffer attacking puppy, and the two Huskies arguing [Read More...]


[Read more...]

Intro Post: Lux! (with kitty pictures!)

Hello there! My name’s Luxander Pickel (pick-ELLE, not pickle. kthx) and I’m one of the folks helping cover the blog! My blogging career started with a guest post on Teen Skepchick in February 2012, and I wrote there for about a year and a half. For ten months, I also contributed to the LGBT+ sister [Read More...]

Another one bites the dust: Indiana’s gay marriage ban struck down.

I’m terrible at keeping promises, apparently.  I keep saying I won’t blog until I’ve tied the knot, but then awesome stuff keep popping up and I can’t resist.  Thankfully I have a fiancee who understands. Today a federal judge (the 18th in a row) ruled that Indiana’s gay marriage ban was unconstitutional: “Same-sex couples, who [Read More...]

San Diego Creation Museum

About 3.5 years ago, I went to the San Diego Creation Museum with a few others from Generation Atheist and since I blogged about it then, I wanted to share that hilarious and horrifying experience with all of you!   October 3, 2010   Creation Museum – San Diego So about a week ago, at pharyngula’s prompting, [Read More...]

No Jesus Tattoos in Heaven

God hates tattoos, or at least The 700 Clubs Pat Robertson thinks so. A caller told Robertson that she was considering a Jesus tattoo on her upper back and wondered if that would make the tattoo okay. “It doesn’t make it okay because it’s religious, believe me,” Robertson asserted. “I mean, it could be a [Read More...]

Mark Gungor and The Creeping Futility of Welding God to Sex

One of the great things about evolution is that it explains the baffling nuances of human sexual life without the need for any knots of metaphysical moral mongering.  It’s that clarity you gain when you ask What Is rather than What Ought, and seek answers from the bottom up (so to speak) rather than the [Read More...]

The runaway blogger

If you’re an atheist from Christianity, Mormonism, Hinduism or any other religion than Islam, you put yourself at the risk of getting excommunicated – from your society, may be from your own family. That’s the maximum risk you take. But lo, if you’re an atheist from a Muslim background, you’re simply doomed. You put yourself [Read More...]

I don’t think Answers in Genesis quite gets science Pt. 1

[Warning - these posts will not be succinct] Historical versus Observational Science…. two thingies that seem to imply a mutual exclusion between the two. I wanted to write an article addressing these misconceptions in the epistemology behind the two terms. You may recall, this came up repeatedly in the recent Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate; again [Read More...]

Your Morning Happiness: Hammock Huskies and a Proud Scalebaby Mom

I subscribe to the utoobz channel the following video is from. Their vids are a mix of all around cuteness, every day silliness of the 3 huskies they have, pet product reviews, and fan mail Q&A. Huskies are a misunderstood breed, as the questions they have to often answer repetitively illustrate. When we first moved [Read More...]