Anti-equality advocate’s wife left him for another woman.

Look, I don’t believe in karma, but sometimes I’m tempted. Jonathan Saenz is part of the group Texas Values, which you should join if you value discrimination and disseminating loads of bullshit at an obsessive pace.  For instance, Saenz has been big on the message that gay people terrorize women and children and pave the [Read More...]

GOP creating faux news sites to trash political opponents.

Earlier this year I wrote a bit on how the GOP was creating fake campaign sites for their opponents, but that money donated via these sites would go to the GOP candidates.  It was nothing short of lying, but the GOP didn’t seem to care. That trend now continues.  The Republicans are making fake news [Read More...]

On Robin Williams’ death, PZ Myers does not speak for me.

I hate the call-out culture that is developing in the blogosphere.  Admittedly, I used to be a part of it, and now I regret it.  It’s not that people never need to be called out, but it seems like a good portion of the blogosphere is just looking for any little excuse to snipe and [Read More...]

BREAKING: 4th Circuit denies stay in marriage equality ruling. Marriage equality could come to multiple states.

Hot damn!  This is great. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit today denied a request to delay implementation of its ruling striking down Virginia laws denying marriage to same-sex couples.  The court’s action means that, unless the Supreme Court intervenes, couples may begin marrying and having their out-of-state marriages recognized in Virginia [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: dog loaf.

Today will be a day of light posting.  I’ve had a couple of really good days with my head this week, but last night was not good.  Today I’m just…exhausted, physically and psychologically.  I don’t think I have it in me to write particularly well. So let’s have a morning happiness?  :P  Seems like a [Read More...]

God is totally pro-comb-over

Confession: Even though I have an English degree, I’ve always found interpreting literature to be full of crap. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I’m good at it. But as long as you can make a vaguely solid argument, you can make claims that literature means pretty much anything. For example, I could [Read More...]

Matt Barber: Robin Williams chose to die.

Man, my special twitter feed is often the source of hilarity.  Today it just made me sad: I try not to respond to things with insults to a person.  I’ll demean ideas, religion, discrimination, etc.  But there are plenty of blogs who just say “Fuck this guy, and fuck that guy” and I don’t really [Read More...]

Matt Barber: Conservatives should use civil disobedience to fight gay marriage.

Matt Barber is fed up with gay people not letting him run their private lives, and he thinks it’s time for his 78% majority of citizens to adopt the tactics of heroic minority movements of the past: civil disobedience. During an interview on REEL Talk, Barber said that “we are going to reach a point [Read More...]

In 1968 a restaurant owner went before the SCOTUS to say racial discrimination was ok because of religion.

It’s relevant to know, for all of us fighting for gay rights, that in 1968 a South Carolina restaurant owner did argue before the SCOTUS that he shouldn’t have to serve black people on account of his religious beliefs.  The man was Maurice Bessinger who owned Piggie Park BBQ. The attorney representing the petitioners suing Piggie [Read More...]

WWJTD advice column.

Since there was such a positive response to the idea of a WWJTD advice column, I’m going to do it.  But so I don’t feel as pretentious, I’m going to get Michaelyn in on it too.  Here’s how it will work: The column will run Monday and Thursday (and if this format breaks down, it [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: panda triplets.

Didn’t even have to search for the morning happiness content this morning, it popped right up on my news feed! China announced Tuesday the birth of extremely rare panda triplets in a further success for the country’s artificial breeding program. The three cubs were born July 29 in the southern city of Guangzhou, but breeders [Read More...]

The Conspiracy Theory of Religion

I like to think of myself as a “skeptic”. That just means that I’d like claims to be reasonably vetted and demonstrable before accepting them as true. Typically, this follows a fairly standardized epistemic protocol. When something starts to smell like a conspiracy theory to me, it loses credibility with me fast. [Read more...]

Glenn Beck: if you don’t tune in tonight it could spell the end of America.

Oh man, I’m glad I came across this.  It turns out that Glenn Beck is giving a final warning about…something…tonight!  And if you don’t tune in tonight it could spell the end of America.  That was close.  Why isn’t this being announced everywhere???? Don’t worry, Right Wing Watch and I have your back: Convinced, as [Read More...]

Robin Williams, dead at 63.

Robin Williams has died of apparent suicide.  Robin Williams was a huge part of so many films that made up a huge part of my youth, so I’m finding a load of thoughts running through my mind.  The most prominent is that mental illness, with which Williams always fought (clinical depression and addictive personality) doesn’t [Read More...]