Austin City Council candidate on her attack ad against ‘self admitted atheist’ opponent

In the run-off race for Austin City Council District 4, religion was the last thing most people thought would be brought up. That was until Laura Pressley released an infographic comparing her and her opponent, Gregorio Casar. The infographic alleges, among roughly a dozen other comparisons, that Gregorio Casar is a “self admitted atheist” while [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: caught a snowflake!

In fact, I’ll bet he caught several. [Read more...]

Thresholds of Acceptance or Falsification

I don’t mean to butt into JT’s debate (butt I’m gonna). I made a comment (in his second rebuttal) drunkenly trying to express that acceptance of a theory/model/assertion, when it comes to conflicting with other parts of science, isn’t a binary proposition. It occurred to me that I could probably express this better as a [Read More...]

Christian group seeking funds to open McDonald’s in church

Just when you thought the intersection of religion and consumerism couldn’t get any worse, there is a group called ‘the McMass Project’ that is trying to raise $1 million to open up a McDonald’s chain in a church.   On their crowd-funding page, the group claims the following:   In the US alone, 3 million people [Read More...]

10th Circuit denies Kansas’ request for an en banc hearing about their gay marriage ban.

Kansas really doesn’t want to abide by the numerous rulings striking down the state’s gay marriage ban.  The problem is there’s no realistic way around it.  The can keep filing appeals that are doomed to failure (and cost government time and money, which would outrage Kansans if the Democrats did it), but that’s about it, [Read More...]

BREAKING: 11th Circuit refuses to uphold stay. Same-sex marriage coming to Florida.

The 11th Circuit has denied Florida’s request for an extended stay on Judge Robert Hinkle’s ruling in Florida.  Hinkle wrote of the ban: Write Judge Robert Hinkle: “When observers look back 50 years from now, the arguments supporting Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage, though just as sincerely held, will again seem an obvious pretext for [Read More...]

Debate (Do the findings of science entail that Christianity is false?): my second rebuttal.

Here is my second rebuttal. My opening. John’s opening. My first rebuttal. John’s first rebuttal. On Lepp’s opening salvo about the burden of proof, his first premise in his argument is “‘Falsifiable’ means ‘can be proven false.’”  I showed precisely what I meant in my first rebuttal: If you calculate that a rock dropped from 10′ [Read More...]

My Husband is a Recovering Depressive Anorexic and here’s What I’ve Learned (Part 1)

Hello WWJTD readers! Michaelyn – JT’s wife – here! JT writes a lot about his experience with depression and his eating disorder. I want to do something similar and write from the perspective of being close to someone struggling with mental illness. If you don’t have a mental illness, it’s likely that you know others [Read More...]

Arizona pastor: the cure for AIDS is exterminating gay people.

In a sermon titled “AIDS: the Judgement of God” (his misspelling of judgment, not mine), Tempe pastor Steven Anderson says his god of love has the solution for AIDS (a final solution, if you will): In the sermon, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday from Faithful Word Baptist Church, Pastor Steven Anderson said that God [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: his first snow!

It’s this puppy’s first snow! [Read more...]

My heroes of 2014.

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square on Heroes of 2014. Read other perspectives here. At Skepticon 6 I gave a talk over who I thought some of the unsung heroes in the atheist movement were.  So when Kathleen Mulhern asked me to write about who my heroes were in 2014 I was more than happy to [Read More...]

Skepticon talks: Scott Clifton.

Scott Clifton gave a spectacular talk at Skepticon about “God, Science, and the Problem of Nature.”  I was traveling to San Jose for a debate and was putting together a rebuttal to the version of Kalaam I thought I’d encounter and so I messaged Matt Dillahunty to get his take.  He directed me to a [Read More...]

We’ve come full circle: Russia using religious icons on the space station to be more godly than us.

Hemant Terry Firma over at the Friendly Atheist just posted a blog about a redditor named Vashnenko who noticed that pictures of the International Space Station reveal that the Russians have replaced pictures of famous Russian astronauts with religious iconography: In previous photos, you could see, on the wall behind the space travelers, black-and-white portraits of [Read More...]

7th Circuit rules that Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese isn’t immune from lawsuits because they’re religious.

Lots of depressing news today, how about some good news? A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about how the St. Vincent de Paul School and the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese fired an English teacher after finding out she was on birth control.  The teacher, Emily Herx, filed a wrongful termination lawsuit – it turns [Read More...]