Upcoming Appearances

Hey all! My next speaking gig will be in Ohio here in a couple of weeks (on the 20th of July, to be exact). I’ll be giving a talk at the Mid Ohio Atheists annual picnic, which is always a load of fun. Here are the deets as provided by Marisa Hills.

Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014

Time: 12pm to 5pm (speakers start approx at 2pm)

Location: Mohican State Forest, Perrysville, Ohio (40.614548N 82.312439W) <==most accurate for a GPS due to how the county rds are marked.

Attendees will want to make sure to use the St. Rt. 97 Entrance to access the park and follow the Mid Ohio Atheists Picnic signs to the North Park Shelter area.

We ask that guests bring a side dish or items to share with everyone. There is a food list of what is needed available at http://midohioatheists.orgunder the blog posts, these are suggested items, but anything you would like to bring is welcome.

Please email Marisa Hills at marisa@midohioatheists.orgto RSVP, general questions, directions, or to update the food list.

Charity Drive:

This year we are happy to announce two charities we are involved with for our donation drive contest. Harmony House (a local homeless shelter) and the Humane Society of Richland County. The items that qualify for the contest for each charity are as follows: Harmony House: Toilet Paper, Trash Bags, Paper Towels, and Laundry Detergent and The Humane Society: Dry/Wet Dog or Cat Food, Clay (non clumping) Cat Litter, Canned Pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling), and Paper Towels. These items are what is most needed by these charities or what they run low on the most. Whoever donates the most of these items will win the Grand Prize. We will also have a second prize for the runner up. We encourage everyone to bring items to one or both of these great organizations! Please make sure you check in your donations when you arrive (there will be signs). GRAND PRIZE: 2 Tickets to Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio and $20 Gas Card.

Guest Speakers:

This year we are happy to invite a few speakers to join us for some entertaining and educational insight on life as an atheist:

Mark & Marni Tiborsky– from Northern Ohio Freethought Society, a chapter of Freedom From Religion Foundation, will speak about their groups recent experience with the billboard campaign in Northern Ohio, pros and cons of media coverage, and being “out” as an atheist in the community.

JT Eberhard– Writer and public speaker on atheism, gay rights, and other topics, over 2 yrs with Student Secular Alliance as the first high school organizer, and co-founder of Skepticon. JT will give us his insight on “How to beat the most popular arguments for god’s existence in plain English.”

Come on up and we’ll play fun out-doorsie type games together. :)

If you’re curious about booking JT to speak, send an email to bookjteberhard@gmail.com.

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