Philosophy of Religion: who needs it?

Dan Fincke2

Last month, John Loftus called for an end to the Philoshopy of Religion as a discipline taught in secular universities. This led, in the comments section, to overwrought declarations that philosophy as a whole, is a waste of time. I was surprised to see someone like Loftus call for this moratorium because it was, in large part, philosophy of religion, that got me to where I am today, questioning the validity and utility of religion and a faith-based approach to life. In fact, I am made the exact … [Read more...]

Atheism is like trying hard drugs, right?


It's always interesting when someone new, or an entire group of new people, discover my journey. The conversation starts all over. How does someone "try on" atheism?You either believe or you don't!Is he trying to trick believers or atheists?What a jerk! It's fun to be able to smile and send folks the link to my blog now. The way I've described my journey has evolved over the months, but I'm still completely happy with the "try on" metaphor. I did put it in quotes to indicate that … [Read more...]

Why Frank Schaeffer is a Christian who has doubts about God’s existence, like everyone else


I first heard of Frank Schaeffer’s latest book, Why I Am An Atheist Who Believes in God, when he posted an image of the cover on Facebook and solicited feedback. Because my Newsfeed is now pretty evenly divided amongst ‘people of faith’ (mostly Christians, many Jews and a few Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists) and atheists, the results could not have been more split—strongly worded opinions in polar opposite directions. The Christians thought it was brilliant and couldn’t wait to read it. The atheist … [Read more...]

From where will our salvation come?


It’s remarkable how quickly my interest has shifted from the single question of whether God exists—or doesn’t ‘exist’—to issues of much greater, practical concern. This is not to say that the answer to the God question is irrelevant or inconsequential. In fact I think it is deeply consequential. It just isn’t ultimate in the sense of most important or the question at the bottom of all questions the way most theists (and many atheists) think it is. This in and of itself is probably worth a separat … [Read more...]

Thin places and the experience of beauty


 A friend brought this RELEVANT article to my attention. You'll have to be the judge of whether it is, in fact, relevant, but it does give me the opportunity to talk about something I don't think I've explicitly written about.In the article, entitled, "How Being an Atheist Made Me a Better Christian," Mike McHargue writes of his loss of faith when, one day while praying, he realized God was not there. Many of us can relate to this. I was eager to discover how he found his way … [Read more...]

BREAKING: White Evangelical Protestants among least compassionate on immigration crisis


A new report published today by Public Religion Research Institute found that white Evangelical Protestants are among the least willing to extend shelter and support to children arriving from Central America without their parents. Thirty-nine percent felt they should be deported immediately.In fairness, a majority of white Evangelical Protestants (56%) still do believe that these children should be offered shelter and support while their cases are being decided, which is super sweet of them. … [Read more...]