A Brief Update

It's been six months since I've posted here, but I haven't just been sitting around, I assure you! Most of my online activity now happens over at Life After God, including the podcast. Here are one or two highlights if you haven't heard the podcast yet.I'm going to be dusting off this blog a little bit and doing a little blogging during the remainder of the summer and then see where we go from there. But before I say more about that, here are a couple of things I'll be doing in the next few … [Read more...]

Life After God welcomes John Dehlin

Creating a New Future After Faith Since starting Life After God I have had a number of clarifying experiences—moments in which the vision I originally articulated for this organization teaches me something I didn’t see as clearly at the beginning. For example, it is clearer to me than ever before that there are at least two distinct but intimately related projects that Life After God is deeply invested in. First, and the one I’ve spoken the most about for the past five months, is the need to s … [Read more...]

The Parable of the Undercover Boss

The following is a guest post by Matthew Henry Faraday.Whenever a theologian talks about how beautiful it is that Christ came to earth and died, not to appease God's wrath, but instead, as the image of God who suffers with us, even to the point of death on the cross, I imagine that, if it were real, it would be the worst episode of Undercover Boss ever.So, this is my parable...A fork lift driver, let's call him "Joe", has the worst job at Megacorp. He works hard hours and tons of … [Read more...]

A conversation with humanist chaplain Bart Campolo

This week on the Life After God podcast I speak with Humanist Chaplain Bart Campolo. I first encountered Bart in the late 1990s when he was speaking on campuses around the United States creating authentic community and spurring young people on to good works. That hasn't changed for him, though he is no longer a supernaturalist, as he calls it. He gradually left his religious faith behind and has become a secular humanist.Today he works with students at USC in Los Angeles, helping them … [Read more...]

Two Years Without God

It was two years ago today that I woke up to the firestorm that Year Without God had become and just over one year since I told Arun Rath at NPR that I don’t believe in God anymore. It’s hard to imagine that two years have gone by. I’ve made so many new friends over these years—too many to name—and my life has been enriched by each interaction with people who are part of the atheist and humanist communities, however you want to define those.For the past few days I’ve been trying to assess my … [Read more...]

A Human(ist) Revolution

Several of the ideas in this piece were hashed out in conversations with two friends: Cass Midgley and Matthew Faraday. I am indebted to their thoughtful insights in developing this piece. Any shortcomings are my responsibility alone.There is a piece being circulated widely in the past few days which appeared in the Opinion pages of the New York Times on Christmas Day. It is entitled, “The Christmas Revolution,” and makes the case that much of what can be considered secular humanist values ha … [Read more...]