I’m not bitter and I’m not rebelling


Every so often I get an earnest email from someone asking me to “look deep in my heart” and ask whether my current situation is just the result of being hurt by the church. I got one such email recently. Here are some excerpts. I would like to ask you to look deep into your heart. Ask yourself. If it wasn’t for the people who hurt me, would I make the decision to rebel against God or am I so hurt [sic] wounded that I’ve become hardened and want to rebel just for the sake of it. I’m kind of a reb … [Read more...]

One month to go…and a video

I know it's cliche, but seriously—where has the time gone?It's hard to believe that 11 months have passed since I wrote that initial manifesto, declaring that I would live a year without God. I had no idea what I was getting into on that late December afternoon. I was at the end of my proverbial rope. I was out of answers and out of energy to come up with new answers. My foray into atheism was, from one perspective, a kind of giving up. I had held big questions at bay for years, even when I d … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving with the family


I have been nervous about this gathering for a while. I knew it was going to be important but I think I was hoping to avoid it as long as possible. I'm talking about Thanksgiving with my family. As we often do, we gathered at my maternal grandmother's house in the tiny town of Jamestown, California. It's basically a ghost town now, but like most towns in that part of the state, they were once thriving mining communities. Mark Twain even spent a few months in the neighborhood back in the … [Read more...]

“I love to be ridiculed…


...because it helps me make important decisions in my life." —said no one ever On Sunday I had the privilege of speaking at The Center for Inquiry in Hollywood. My former church is only about 1 mile from CFI and I have driven by there for years. It wasn't until this year, though, that I attended a few of their amazing programs. The video of my lecture should be available on YouTube soon, but I just want to touch on one point I discussed in that talk. I said that I didn't think ridicule was ver … [Read more...]

Father, Partner, Friend


In my last post I gave a quick update, 10+ months into my Year Without God, but I saved some of the most important updates for another post because I didn’t want them to get lost in the news. They have to do with my most important relationships.The essential reality of my life in the past year is that I remain a father, partner and friend to the most precious people. They have impacted me profoundly and this journey has impacted them.You may know from reading other posts here or f … [Read more...]

With less than two months to go…

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 8.31.21 PM

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. With just less than two months to go I'm realizing more than ever what an never-ending journey this is. In some ways this has been the best year of my life. In other ways, the hardest. Here are a few updates as I head in to the home stretch.REMAINING GOALSI have a few books I'd really like to finish before the year ends. I've started a number of books that just weren't good enough or compelling enough to finish. I've also started some … [Read more...]