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Welcome to "Ask Mormon Girl"! Are you a Mormon with a real-life question burning in your bosom? Are you a non-Mormon with a question about Mormonism? This column is for you.  My name is Joanna Brooks.  I'm a Mormon, an award-winning religion scholar, and a frequent commentator on contemporary Mormon experience.  (Find my books and articles here.)  The "Ask Mormon Girl" column offers unorthodox and imperfect answers to real-life questions from Mormon and non-Mormon readers around the world.  What makes AMG truly special is the shared wisdom of our online readers and commenters.  I hope you'll join us here every week.  Send your query to Follow askmormongirl on Twitter, or visit the Ask Mormon Girl Facebook fanpage.

Joanna Brooks teaches American literature (including African-American literature, Native American literature, and women's studies) at San Diego State University. Her book American Lazarus: Religion and the Rise of African-American and Native American Literatures (Oxford, 2003) was the winner of the Modern Language Association William Sanders Scarborough Award for outstanding book in African-American literature. She is also the editor of The Collected Writings of Samson Occom, Mohegan: Literature and Leadership in Eighteenth-Century America (Oxford, 2006) and Transatlantic Feminisms in the Age of Revolutions (Oxford, 2011). She currently serves on the editorial board of American Literature and, in addition to her Ask Mormon Girl column at Patheos, writes about religion and American culture for Religion Dispatches. She is a frequent news commentator on contemporary Mormonism.

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