How to Leverage Technology to Share Your Faith

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Before Jesus ascended to heaven, he commanded his disciples to spread his gospel message all nations. Thus, they went out and traveled hundreds of miles by foot to spread the good news.

Today, Christ commands his followers to carry on this same work. However, most Christians have it a lot easier than the apostles. Instead of trekking all over the country to share your faith, all you have to do is make a phone call or start typing on a computer.

There are countless ways to spread the gospel online to millions of people waiting to hear your story. Here are just a few ideas to help you leverage technology to advance the kingdom of God and reach others.

1. Start Discussions on Social Media

Everybody knows somebody who likes to start arguments on social media. Whether that person is your aunt, grandpa or an old friend from high school, odds are you’ve read your fair share of nasty comments.

As a Christian, it’s your job to avoid this gossip and start uplifting conversations instead. Share your testimony through personal stories and anecdotes, and avoid arguing with anyone in the comments section. Welcome different perspectives in response to your own and speak the truth, even when you’re in the minority.

2. Share Resources and Opportunities

Sharing Christian resources is a great way to spread your faith through technology, too. Does your church post recordings of Sunday service? Share them on your page. Is there a Bible verse that’s been speaking to you recently? Underline the passage, take a photo, and put it on your Instagram story.

You might also share details about upcoming Christian events like conferences, prayer meetings or concerts. Functions that aren’t overtly religious will likely get more nonbelievers in the door. Meanwhile, opportunities to serve others in your community will probably attract believers and non-Christians alike so you can all engage in fellowship together.

3. Spread Authentic Joy

Bad news tends to dominate the headlines these days, so people could use some positivity. Luckily, you have some good news to share, even if you’re stuck in a rut, too. In fact, being vulnerable on social media and sharing your feelings is a great place to start.

Be authentic and explain that sometimes, it’s OK to be sad, but your joy comes from the Lord. While things might not be going the way you want them to, your happiness is real. Since gratitude is contagious, you’ll likely see a few other people expressing their thankfulness, which may open the door for a Christ-centered conversation.

4. Create Your Own Website

If you feel like you have a ton of knowledge or an impressive testimony to share, consider making your own website. Include an about me page with a strong message, talking about who you are and where you’re from. Here’s a good example if you want a template to work from. Add a drop-down menu at the top to help visitors better navigate the site and get to know you better.

Build your website like you would a blog, adding to it periodically to keep subscribers engaged. More importantly, keep pointing them back to Christ. He is your source of strength and the entire reason for making a website, so remember to give Him the glory when sharing your story.

5. Make a Mobile App

Do you have a knack for tech development? If so, try using your talents to create a mobile app. Maybe you’ve realized a need for a Christian dating app or a free rideshare service to help people get to church. Perhaps you just want to provide people with a malware-free religious resource. Either way, start brainstorming ideas and use your creativity to put those thoughts into motion.

If you’re not so tech-savvy, link your church up with an app that will help them share Sunday service and other information with the community. Otherwise, you can teach older generations how to use the application by setting up a booth in the foyer and answering questions.

Making a Joyful Noise

Sometimes, working within the digital world feels like you’re shouting into a void. However, you must believe the Lord will use your efforts for good. Even if your joyful noise only ever reaches one person with your website, you’ll have done well in advancing the kingdom of God.

Oscar Collins is a Pennsylvania native with a passion for writing and community outreach. He's the managing editor at Modded where he writes about a variety of topics like relationships, mental health and similar subject matter. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates on his work! 

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