December 29, 2016

There is something weighty in the decision to become Catholic. One knows that it is somehow intrinsically different than joining any denomination. Read more

October 16, 2016

There’s something about letters that you just can’t get from a book. When putting pen to paper in a letter, there is a level of rapport that allows for instant intimacy. There is a vulnerability to letters that is refreshing. Read more

September 20, 2016

You and I didn’t shoot somebody last weekend, but we may well have contributed to structures of sin that result in situations like this. Read more

September 10, 2016

It’s been a slow blogging week, with three of my six kids on their sickbeds, so I’ve decided to give you my seven favorite episodes of Outside The Walls. It should only take you seven hours to get through. Read more

September 1, 2016

Canonized Saints are a gift to us from the Church. These flawed human beings show us the depths of God’s grace, and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, who isn’t content to just forgive our sins, or overlook our faults, but who is determined to complete the work of holiness in us! Read more

August 25, 2016

Shortly after my conversion, a social-media acquaintance of mine asked me to explain the Sacrament of Confession. I practically put together a syllabus for a semester-long lecture series. Tonight, As I stood in line for confession, I realized that I had tried to give a lecture instead of an answer. Read more

August 22, 2016

Yes, there is a time to speak in measured tones and with dispassionate reason. This is especially true when speaking with those who are outside the Church. When we disagree with such a person, we should be calm, measured, and reasoned in our language. But there is also a time for the prophet to come into our midst and shake things up a bit. Why? Because one day there will be an accounting. Read more

August 20, 2016

Our family of 8 piled onto the couch for a much anticipated movie night. We eagerly launched Netflix and selected their critically acclaimed adaptation of the beloved children’s book “The Little Prince.” I quickly began to regret that we had not screened the film first. Read more

August 12, 2016

Tomorrow on Outside The Walls, we’ll talk with Rebecca Bratten Weiss about how and why she avoids unfriending. Listen on the Breadbox Media app at 4pm Eastern. Read more

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