Who Would Jesus Vote For?

Who Would Jesus Vote For? January 27, 2016
When I reflect on the never-ending parade of blatant pandering and transparent competition for the Evangelical vote in America, I can’t help but giggle when trying to imagine Jesus himself sitting down with any of the candidates for president (much less endorse them) based on their public stances on social justice, human rights, immigration, greed, dishonesty, etc… 
Of course, who are we to judge? After all, remember, folks – there are only two requirements to qualify a candidate for public office; profess to be a Christian, and have a penis. Simplicity aside, I can’t help but think the Son of God might have a little speech of His own to offer from the stump. 

Who Would Jesus Vote For
 When I look at the field of candidates from both parties, I pause to examine the life’s work of a lapsed Jew with no religious affiliation. A man who has been fighting diligently to overturn the tables of the “money changers” over the course of 30 years in public service. A man who was arrested for having the gall to protest segregation in schools. A man who, in 2015 amid fever-pitched cries for Muslim Americans to be indexed into a national database, would have the audacity to hug a rightfully frustrated young hijab-wearing Muslim college student in public. Of course, this is man who married across faith lines, the same way he tries to work with groups of many faiths on a daily basis in order to “minister” to… everyone.

I can’t help but think, “Yep, that’s who Jesus would want to hang with, an imperfect-but-honorable example of modern servant leadership, willing to stand in the face of the rulers of the day. A man who, much like the formidable honey badger, doesn’t give a sh*t about what the status quo says about him or what it demands from complacently myopic voters.
I mean, don’t get me wrong, according to the Bible, Jesus would still gladly send a “democratic socialist Christ denier” to be ruthlessly tortured in hell for all eternity (for simply not taking His word that He’s the Son of God), but I think He’d do with a nod and a wink, “Well done, faithful servant. Well done.”But, who am I to judge? Any politician could easily use the Bible to make a case from themselves as the candidate of Christ’s choosing. But, isn’t that really as much of a problem with the Bible as it is the politicians who exploit it for their own gains. (Not to mention the gullible, almost willful ignorance of voters who regularly fall for such simple parlor tricks.)
So, you tell me. Who would Jesus vote for?
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