VIDEO: Pastor Starves Dog For Bible Lesson, Receives Praise From Followers

VIDEO: Pastor Starves Dog For Bible Lesson, Receives Praise From Followers May 10, 2016

pastor_perry_abuseIn Selma,  Alabama this week, “Pastor Perry” (David Perry, a former gang member and convict, now pastor of New Selmont Baptist Church) is featured in a new ministry video for which he spent two days specifically preparing his pit bull “Cowboy.” Shared publicly on Facebook, the pastor states, “The Bible says we have dominion over things…”

How exactly does the pastor illustrate his lesson, you might ask? By deliberately starving his dog – for Jesus, of course.

UPDATE: The original video has mysteriously disappeared from Facebook. However, somebody was smart enough to mirror the clip at LiveLeak for posterity.

Pastor Perry tells his audience, I ain’t fed him for ’bout two days just for this video. He’s hungry as all get out.

Perry then goes on to paraphrase a fairly obscure portion of Isaiah 1:3 that is discussing the rebellion of Judah, “The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib” before allowing his starving dog to eat one bite at a time, per his commands. It is not all that surprising that Perry left out the last few words of Isaiah 1:3 in his lesson, “my people hath no intelligence.” (DBT)

An "interesting" debate sparked on the original post before public comment was disallowed.
What Is Animal Abuse? An “interesting” debate sparked on the original post before public comment was no longer allowed.

The Lesson? According to Perry,  “Now if a dog can obey a man, surely… we should obey [God].” Or else what, exactly? I should point out – this isn’t a lesson in voluntary fasting, but a lesson in dominion domination of others – using techniques once administered by slave owners. What does this object lesson say of your god, pastor? How did you train your own dog to be so obedient? Praise the Lord of fear and respect!

Of course, if you read your Bible, you’d understand where such ideas might originate: “The fear and terror of you will be felt by every animal on earth; on land, in the sky, even beneath the sea. They will all live under your dominion!” Genesis 9:2 (How convenient, eh?)

While I certainly applaud Perry’s change in life direction and efforts to harness his prior experience with gangs and prison to educate his community about youth violence, I also hope that the Alabama SPCA  and the Selma, AL Police Department are able to use this video to do a little educating of their own. #SaveCowboy

THE REAL BIBLE LESSON: If you are able to use the Bible to justify the oppression and abuse of animals, women, blacks, gays, atheists, and anybody else you don’t like – well, you might need to think about how “good” the Good Book really is. Even if you don’t personally carry out these types of object lessons, just give a little thought to how many pastors and zealots justify so many bizarre actions with the Bible on a daily basis. Spoiler Alert: It’s shockingly easy to do.

But, you know how it is – religious freedoms and all. According to members of his congregation, it’s all… good?

Here are just a few of the oblivious pro-animal abuse comments from the original post.

(The original Facebook video is currently public, but a copy has appeared on LiveLeak in case the pastor deletes the original.)

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