VIDEO: Hostile Crowd Sings “Jesus Loves Me” To Silence Lone Dissenter at School Board Meeting

VIDEO: Hostile Crowd Sings “Jesus Loves Me” To Silence Lone Dissenter at School Board Meeting May 3, 2016

Tensions flared during a school board meeting in Horry County, SC Monday afternoon as 500 parents met with officials to discuss recent developments regarding gender neutral bathrooms on school campuses pursuant to a Title IX lawsuit in Virginia.

Photo from The Slate
Photo from The Slate

Setting the tone for the meeting, David Cox, vice chairman of the Horry County School Board opened the public meeting with a Christian prayer, referring to people who had spread “misinformation around the county” asking for heavenly guidance for the board “to make the right decisions.” Heads bowed in prayer, many audience members held “Keep Kids Safe,” and “It’s Common Sense,” signs, implying that transgender students are a threat to student safety, when in fact, they are often the victims of bullying and abuse. (I should note that this is taking place in a state where pastors and teachers are arrested for sex crimes against children on a regular basis.)

In the midst of what became an explosive meeting, one lone dissenter, Melanie Moore attempted to speak about the rights of transgender students, hoping to educate the crowd that transgender students are not pedophiles, rapists or any other type of criminal. As she attempted to use her time to define what the term “transgender” even means, she was repeatedly interrupted and shouted over by an increasingly hostile crowd.

After several minutes of escalating tensions, Moore was eventually completely silenced by a significant majority of the crowd singing “Jesus Loves Me,” putting an end to any civil discussion over the actual matters at hand. (I’ll warn you, the following video becomes gradually more infuriating until the rousing “chorus” takes over at the end.)

Remember, adults – if you are in a public debate and can’t come up with a logical argument to support your fear-and-ignorance based foregone conclusions, just make sure to sing as loud as you can in order drown out any ideas that challenge your own myopic worldview.

When interviewed after the meeting, Moore responded, “Everybody is concerned about their children. The transgender parents are concerned about their children too, so I thought it was important that somebody stand up for them.”

Regardless of your views on this particular subject, dismissing, silencing, and mocking respectful dissent does not make you look holy and just – it makes you look like oppressive bullies and spoiled brats. This is how cults act, not communities. I don’t care if the debate is over concession stand budgets or marching band uniforms, this type of behavior is simply shameful.

Side Question: Where exactly in the Bible does it say “Jesus Loves Me”? (No, not to his disciples, but… you?) Look it up and let me know. Until then, learn some damn manners.

Alternate Verses
Jesus loves me, this I know.
Group psychosis tells me so.


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