PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF: Demons Are Real! June 1, 2016

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Jokes aside – sometimes it’s the most serious people who simply can’t be taken seriously. Shortly after the release of our first book of illustrated Bible passages, a Pentecostal pastor from Alabama posted a “rebuke” in the name of Jesus to our Facebook wall. I won’t bother you with the content of that silly conversation, however – some of the more recent responses have given me the giggles.

demon_possessed-300x300You are disgusting, evil, and cruel!!! I saw your earlier post about being rebuked, but theres no hope left for you! You aren’t just questioning God you are clearly demon possessed! I just hope they make quick work of your body so your soul finds its rightful torment in hell for eternity. God keeps his promises and there is a special place that he made just for people like you! If you continue with these illustrations, someone WILL find you and even God wont be able to protect you! I certainly wouldn’t! I hope you enjoy the gnashing of teeth!” – Sarah T.

Dear Sarah,
Thank you for your note. I must say, while this isn’t my first message of the sort today, it is certainly the most colorful.

I find it slightly ironic that you assert that it is I who am demon possessed while you appear to be outright giddy at the thought of my spending eternity in a lake of fire after a mob finds me and slaughters me in front of your ambivalent God. Meanwhile, it was not I who entered this conversation foaming at the mouth, eyes rolled back in my head, praying for the death and destruction of a fellow human being. Pot? Meet kettle… Might I direct you toward a mirror for a little time of self reflection on your own heart, and how the teachings of your religion may have corrupted your own moral compass?

According to your Bible, there is always a hope of heaven. Even if you choose to murder me yourself, all you have to do is believe in Jesus, repent privately, and your sins will be forgiven so that you may spend eternity in Heaven with the very God who stood back and watched me die. And, over what? A book that uses the Bible to illuminate… the Bible? How would this make your wish of death and destruction morally any better than those of the average suicide bomber?

Please, Sarah – take a step back and give a little thought to what is driving your anger, hate, and violent thoughts toward a perfect stranger. I think you will find that this fire began well before you ever came across our page and has nothing to do with me. I truly hope that you find peace at some point in this short life we share. Please, don’t waste it by letting your fear control you.

Horus Gilgamesh

P.S. In case you don’t have one, here’s a great deal on a device that might help with your situation.

Sarah never wrote back. Maybe the mirror worked?

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