The Worst Wig – Inside A Trump White House

The Worst Wig – Inside A Trump White House June 17, 2016

STORY PITCH – “THE WORST WIG”: I spent last night with an old screenwriter friend of mine, lamenting the quality of writing, lack of depth, and generally poor production found in most episodic television these days. (Yes, we are elitist pricks.) We ended up reminiscing back to quality of The West Wing which still holds up today, 17 years after the first frame was shot.

Anyway, this got us thinking how amazing it would be if Aaron Sorkin’s crew were to launch a few episodes of what we jokingly referred to as “The Worst Wig” – a dramatized look inside the day to day operations of a Donald Trump-esque White House. While we joked about the mock title, I wouldn’t want to see a parody/mockery of the original show, but an actual sincere extension of the original themes and quality of the show, attempting to illuminate the complexities of politics (and relationships) in the White House, the only thing different would be who sat in the Oval Office.

It would be a *very* different show.
It would be a *very* different show.

Can you even imagine? No more Toby, C.J., and Leo – but a whole new cast of (high quality) characters – scrambling to enact the will of the new Commander In Chief; banning the media, overturning federal laws, banning entire people groups, mocking the disabled, building walls, filing endless lawsuits, threatening world leaders, refusing to work with congress, and having the the nuclear codes placed in his tiny, tiny hands. The discomfort among viewers wouldn’t be entirely different from Kelsey Grammer’s gritty portrayal in “Boss,” except that there would likely be less sympathy as Trump is not suffering from a degenerative terminal illness. (Side note: Maybe a little levity could be introduced through a reprised role or Josh Lyman as the Senate Majority Leader as an adversary on the other side of the aisle?)

Can you imagine the difference of an imagined Trump administration compared to those of Bartlett and Santos? The staff? The first family? Clearly the concept could only be carried through a couple of special episodes before audiences were worn out on the depressing/terrifying illumination of such an oppressive empire, but – it could be pretty darn interesting to see such controversial sound bytes expanded into actual policies to be administered by a new administration.

Just a thought, Mr. Sorkin. Make it happen! :-)
– Horus Gilgamesh

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