“Ahh, hell no!” sayeth the Lord. (The Troubling Tower of Babel)

“Ahh, hell no!” sayeth the Lord. (The Troubling Tower of Babel) July 22, 2016

Please, go ahead and choose your favorite translation to double check the “context” of this story of Babel found in Genesis 11:1-8.

WARNING: No Teamwork Allowed!
United in one language? Collaborating as a society? Tapping into your own potential to develop new tools and technologies to make your dreams come true?

“AHH, HELL NO!!!” sayeth the Lord.

For all the common claims about the Christian God being a loving, supportive, and nurturing father, you have to admit – this is NOT how most dads would act when they see their kids working well with others to accomplish something new and interesting to them. No, this is unfortunately how an insecure and abusive father acts at the school science fair – destroying his kid’s experiment in front of everyone, just to prove that he’s bigger, smarter, and always in control. Some father, eh? How embarrassed would you be if your own father treated you this way in public?

“But, but – God destroyed the tower because they were trying to be GREATER than God!” – A Common Argument. Really? Is that what the Bible actually says? Choose your favorite translation of Genesis 11:4 and get back to me.

EASTER EGG: No, of course there weren’t telescopes back four thousand years ago. However, we thought a little tongue-in-cheek nod to Galileo (and Copernicus) would be appropriate to illustrate the eerily familiar way in which the church has mimicked God’s own actions from this story to divide people, protect ignorance, and impede progress throughout history.

Meanwhile, there is talk of a certain Christian amusement park building a full size tower of Babel to compliment their diorama (whatever that is <wink>). This, coming from the same organization that believes the Tower of Babel incident is responsible for the genetic  separation of races across the world.  No, really…

Yet, here we are, thousands of years later, after landing on the moon decades before Voyager 1 gracefully exits our solar system thirty-six years after its initial launch – aiming far beyond the heavens they were attempting to reach at Babel. Why no outrage from God this time around? What about the thousands of scientists who have been collaborating for decades on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, working to unveil more secrets of particle physics including the Higg’s Boson, otherwise known as the “God Particle?” What could be more threatening to God? Yet, nothing… silence.

And for that, Lord – we thank you.

= = = = =

AwkwardMomentsChildrensBiblevol2Remember: Don’t blame us, it’s in the Bible! We didn’t pull any punches by adding this illustration to our second book.

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