“Silence, Ladies!” – The Holy Bible

“Silence, Ladies!” – The Holy Bible August 13, 2016

Awkward Bible Women Are Silent

Well, what can you say? Actually, I guess the question is only to women: What can YOU say? (Not much if you are a Christian, apparently…)

Awkward Bible - WomenI’ll admit – it was teaching like this that I had the hardest time swallowing during my decades as a Christian and in ministry. It’s just nonsense; the type of nonsense that would lead our little experiment in democracy to systematically disallow half of its citizens the right to vote for the leaders and laws of their own country until 1920! It should be no surprise that such inequality wasn’t born in the vacuum, but… the Bible. (Maybe this is what Trump is referring to when he promises to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”)

James Scott from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) tried to put his spin on this troubling bit of scripture (that simply reiterates about 30 other Bible verses on how wicked, stupid, or worthless women are). Let’s take a look at the conclusion provided by Mr. Scott in summary at the end of his own article, “May Women Speak In Church?

“The Bible teaches that women are not to speak in church. The fact that our society is in rebellion against the biblical teaching regarding women does not make the Bible obsolete; it makes us who adopt the world’s values shameful and dishonoring to the Lord.” – James W. Scott

Wow. Well, I guess I have to agree with Mr. Scott’s analysis of the Bible, at least. The message is pretty clear to women: You are welcome to come to church, but please keep your pretty mouths shut!

Bible Challenge: Can you find the Bible passage that reminds reader how it was the woman (Eve) who was stupid enough to fall for the old talking-snake-forbidden-fruit trick. After all, a man would never be that dumb, right? Though, I guess remaining in an eternal “time-out” isn’t the worst punishment for eating an apple that destroyed any chance of peaces and happiness for the entire earth!

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