Choose Your Own Adventure (And make the Bible say whatever you… like.)

Choose Your Own Adventure (And make the Bible say whatever you… like.) November 17, 2017

Awkward Moments Children's Bible - Jesus Harmonized - Horus Gilgamesh

What did the Bible say about Jesus? Well, that depends…

Most readers combine, mix and match different verses from different gospels (which were written by different authors at different times for different audiences) to come up with their own Super Gospel – a completely new account of events that defy all laws of logic, time, and space. This is called HARMONIZATION – a fancy word for blasphemy.

Each author of the Gospels was writing their own Gospel – their accounts of the life and times of Jesus, through their eyes, intended for their audiences. Of course they’ll all see things a little differently, just like eyewitnesses to a crime – everybody has their own view of what happened. So, who is right? What is the truth?

AMCB_Facebook_CoversTo be clear – the Bible is full of thousands of contradictions and discrepancies – some are tiny; some are enormous. In “The Passion” narratives, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all have very different accounts of the last hours of Jesus’ life and his resurrection from the grave.  To be clear – we aren’t talking about the little differences – we are talking about differences that have baffled scholars and theologians for centuries!

Who was Jesus? Was he crying out in confused agony, angry with God? Was he calm and consoling, reassuring his followers that this was all planned and that he was at peace?  Much like a crime scene, regardless of how many witnesses there are, there can only be one truth. To me, these are some of the most important foundational questions we must ask of the Bible.


Please remember – according to the doctrine of the trinity, Jesus was God Himself, in the flesh. Now, go back and re-read some of the Old Testament and imagine Jesus carrying out various acts that we usually attribute to some cranky “old” God. Or, try to re-imagine some of the verse where Jesus talks to God (like the one above), himself. Don’t blame me – the Bible tells us they are one and the same! The God of the Old Testament is the Jesus of the New Testament a mind-boggler so awkward that it is usually just ignored.
– Horus Gilgamesh

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