Baby. It’s What’s For Dinner! (Wait, There’s Cannibalism in the Bible?)

Baby. It’s What’s For Dinner! (Wait, There’s Cannibalism in the Bible?) November 17, 2017


Where’s The Baby? A curious case of Biblical cannibalism.

As is the case with many stories from The Bible, I can’t really recommend sharing 2 Kings 6:28 with junior at bedtime. (Seriously, folks – there’s a reason some Bible stories don’t appear in kid’s Bibles.) But, before all of the armchair theologians start screaming about the proper “context” of biblical cannibalism let me just say:

  • Yes, this city was under siege and suffering a famine.
  • Yes, people were dying left and right anyway.
  • No, the Bible doesn’t say whether or not the boys were already dead or how old they were.
  • Yes, we’ve all been on a plane with a crying infant and wanted to…
  • Why is there no mention of the women being punished for eating babies?
  • No, none of that matters. I could never eat my own child. (The hygiene, bleck!)
  • Some illustrations are really just for fun, so… relax, it’s just a dead baby.

Awkward Bible - Kings Cannibalism - Horus GilgameshHowever, to me the funniest part of this story continues after the illustrated part of this passage. The poor king had finally HAD IT! He tears his clothes and walks around the city, screaming at God – basically, “WTF?!?!” To be fair, if my people were eating their children, I’d probably lose my sh*t as well.

Remember: Don’t blame me, it’s in the Bible!
– Horus Gilgamesh


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