AwkwardMomentsChildrensBibleVol1Awkward Moments (Not Found In Your Average) Children’s Bible, Vol. 1

by Horus Gilgamesh (Author), Agnes Tickheathen (Illustrator)

How well do you know the Good Book? Written by a retired ministry leader, this book combines actual Bible verses with more than 30 whimsical original illustrations and commentaries to encourage readers (from all walks of faith) to think about how the Bible shapes our culture as Christianity continues to evolve. What began as a private online gag among interfaith friends quickly grew into a #1 Amazon Bestseller on its first day of sales – enjoyed by fundamentalist Christians and militant atheists alike!

BEWARE – NOT FOR KIDS! This is definitely not your average children’s Bible! If you thought the bestselling parody “Go The F**k To Sleep” was inappropriate for story-time with kids, you haven’t seen anything yet! Leave it to the Bible! However, this book is not a satire, but a real look into some of the more troubling passages from both the Old Testament and the New Testament – including the words and teachings of Jesus Christ, himself!

AwkwardMomentsChildrensBiblevol2Awkward Moments (Not Found In Your Average) Children’s Bible – Vol. 2

by Horus Gilgamesh (Author), Agnes Tickheathen (Illustrator)

STILL NOT FOR KIDS! If you thought our first bestseller was inappropriate for kids, this volume is barely appropriate for adults! More incest, genocide, talking animals, wrestling matches, martyrs, abortion, magic, homosexuality and selficide! What would Jesus do? You might be surprised what His own family thought of Him!

From the opening foreword by Evangelical pastor, author, and professor Dan Kimball (of Vintage Faith Church), to the challenging commentaries in the second half of the book, Awkward Moments Children’s Bible is much more than an irreverent book for your coffee table! Readers of all faiths will find themselves laughing out loud while being encouraged to think about the Bible in a new way.