Define Your Dreams: 7 Categories of Dreams and Their Meanings

Define Your Dreams: 7 Categories of Dreams and Their Meanings September 19, 2012


Dreams can have categories within categories that can be limitless. However, I have broken them down into seven easy to remember groups/categories that can be defined.  In my previous blog, I shared how you can dream your life to wellness by remembering your dreams. In this blog, I will discuss the seven categories of dreams, how to define them, and how they can overlap.




After you have remembered, and written down your dream in your journal, define it by using the information and definitions below.  Then look for validation within the dream to be sure you have defined it correctly.

1.)                          Daydreams– when you know you are awake but no longer focused on a task. Your mind wanders and you begin to get information. It could be answers to a challenge in your life or the solution to a job related problem. This state is much like a meditative or prayer state. Your Higher Power is always aware and listening.



2.)                          Lucid Dreams– you know you are asleep and dreaming.  This usually occurs just as you drop into a dream state after you go to sleep. With time and practice you can learn to control the outcome of these dreams and also make them emotionally or spiritually healing dreams.  This is especially true if they are recurring dreams. Change the ending or your reaction during a lucid recurring dream may solve the riddle in your life. One listener to my radio program said that she always had trouble falling asleep and never remembered her dreams, just that she woke up angry as soon as she had fallen asleep. As she worked on remembering her dreams by writing them in her journal and following the steps in my previous blog (link above) her father kept appearing in her dream and it would make her so angry she would immediately wake up. The next time her father showed up in her lucid dream she embraced him and told him that she forgave and loved him. She took control of her lucid dream and the angering recurring dreams stopped. That new ending was the key to her anger and difficulty sleeping riddle.



3.)                          Nightmares- who can forget that message. It is a way to be sure you remember all the important information necessary to solve a problem or work through a situation that could be life-saving. In my case it was a dream that started off as a spiritually guided lucid dream but turned into a prophetic healing nightmare when my guides turned into scary circus clowns while holding my mammograms. I immediately got the message and the details were impossible to forget. This prophetic lucid nightmare saved my life. I had stage four breast cancer that my doctors had missed in my mammogram.



4.)                          Recurring– because you did not understand the information the first time or solve the riddle of life. Remember, dreams speak to us with signs and symbols. If you keep missing the message, it may start to morph into a recurring nightmare.



5.)                          Healing-emotional or physical information to help heal yourself or a situation.



6.)                          Prophetic– dreams that come true and can be validated by facts, scientific tests, or life events. My prophetic dreams of cancer were validated by pathology reports.



7.)                          Epic- an entertaining storybook that you pick up and continue during sleep. It is a break from reality,  entertaining movie during sleep time. An opportunity for your inner children and imagination to play.

Dreams can be messages from the “other side” or just entertainment. We know the difference by validation within the dream. Keeping a dream journal will help you learn to distinguish between the different types of dreams and their messages.



We often forget that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience on the earth plane. We are spiritual being housed in a human body having a human experience. Our spirit is in this terrestrial world but not of this world. Therefore, we are partially extraterrestrial. Our dreams are our inner-ET phoning home for information or help dealing with human challenges. What is amazing is that someone on the “other side” always answers the phone. Categorizing and defining your dreams will help you remember the answers to your inner-ET’s questions.



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