We chose mates to procreate, as directed by God, and raise families within our faith in the hope that our offspring will be emotionally, mentally, and physically fit enough to venture out into the world carrying the flame of faith, develop successful parenting skills, and continue the family tree. But, what happens when Junior refuses to leave the nest?  Have we failed as parents? We pray for answers to the challenge of fledglings who won’t fly. How did we fail… Read more

  book-1659717_960_720-Gellinger-Pixabay-Free-CC0-Public-Domain-No-Attribution-Required.jpg In Part 1 of this blog, we discussed the changes taking place between Boomers and Millennials in our society. Part 1 of this two-part blog can be found at the bottom of this blog. When I was a special education teacher, who taught the profoundly emotionally disturbed in a special “last resort” school setting one of the most difficult things to teach my students was working for their success. Waiting to reap the rewards DUE to them. No… Read more

Our world of Millennials is changing in more ways than we may realize and not necessary for the better. The Millenial change is not only due to what we can see or feel such as the massive focus on Green Issues and Clean Water. It has shifted from the concept of We to Me. In God WE Trust has become In ME I trust. children-747768_1280-pixabay.com-Public-Domain-Free-Commercial-Use-No-Attribution-Required.jpg This blog begs some telling questions. Is our technology evolving while our sociology is devolving?… Read more

Still when I’m a mess I still put on a vest With an ‘S’ on my chest Oh yes, I’m a Superwoman~Alicia Keys (Poem)   The July 4th is celebrated in the United States to signify America’s Independence from England more than 200 years ago. The new SuperWoman is also celebrating independence. Hear her roar with love. “I Am a Superwoman” celebrates the birth of the Women’s Rights Movement, which began with five ordinary/extraordinary women at a Boston tea party… Read more

As I walked toward my computer, morning coffee in hand, my computer pinged to let me know someone had sent an email. I wondered if it was another invitation to be a guest on a radio show to talk about dreams. The email read, “My dreams are so real I often do not know if I am really dreaming or in another dimension. How can I tell?” Have you ever heard the saying, “Pinch yourself awake” or “Pinch yourself to… Read more

Almost no one makes it through life without having to cope with the loss of a loved one. Bereavement is a ubiquitous part of being a human being. The death of a parent, child, or grandparent can be extremely distressing and may require years of therapy to move beyond the pain. Dream visitations may be an answer. Your dreams are an innate gift from God. That means you were born with this special gift. You possess the ability to open… Read more

Your dreams are an innate gift from God. That means you were born with this blessed gift. You possess the ability to open the Sacred Doorways to the Divine. Visitation dreams have the ability to reconnect you with your deceased loved ones. Your loved ones miss you as much as you miss them. These sacred dream pathways are a reminder that death is not the end and that grief is love. Death is one door closing while another one opens…. Read more

“What’s catching our eyes is actually looking for us.”~ Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman We have been led to believe that the only way to improve eyesight is through eye surgery or glasses. My guest on the Kat Kanavos Show has very different beliefs to vision improvement. He even performed experiments on eyes and these beliefs with astounding results. Dr. Israel Liberman’s journey began early in his optometric career, when he experienced a sudden, significant, and permanent improvement in his vision… Read more

  The way we treat people we disagree with most is a report card on what we’ve learned about love.~Bob Goff One of the rites of the New Year Celebration is listing all those New Year Resolutions we planned to accomplish during the year to make us healthier, wealthier, skinnier, smarter, or generally more attractive to find our true love. How are your resolutions doing? We are almost at the six-month point since New Year’s Eve. It is time for… Read more

Nothing is quite the same after your mom is gone from the earth. Holidays, birthday and dinners are forever changed. The death of our mother is a devastating rite of passage. We can no longer just pick up the phone and call home for advice or to hear those coveted three words only a mother can utter with a depth of maternal love that is second to none, “I Love You.” And, nothing can bring the reality of this rite… Read more

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