Life Is A Game Of Cards! What’s In Your Hand?

Life Is A Game Of Cards! What’s In Your Hand? November 14, 2012

Life is a Game of Cards! What’s In Your Hand?
Our guest today is Debbie Allen, The Business & Brand Strategist, who has achieved the honor of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) by the National Speakers Association and National Speakers Federation, making her one of the top 3% of professional women speakers worldwide.

She has been a professional business speaker for the past 20 years and has presented before thousands of people in 28 countries around the world. She is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of five books including Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters. Debbie has also been featured in four motivational movies including The Opus and The Compass. Her expertise has been featured in dozens of publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, Personal Branding, Sales & Marketing Excellence, Forbes, Washington Post and USA Today.

Debbie has built and sold numerous highly successful companies in diverse industries. She now works with business owners and entrepreneurs from around the globe helping them ReDefine, RePostion and ReEnergize their business with powerful branding and proven marketing techniques. Learn more about Debbie at

We began the show with these two leading questions and statements and then moved into the many aspects of brand marketing and entrepreneurial success in the current market and workplaces.

In keeping with our tradition on this show, I did a Tarot Card reading on my guest at the end of the show.

Debbie, you were one of the seven women I met and spent a week with in Little Rock, Arkansas at the home of Karen Mayfield. We gathered there without ever having met or spoken before for the Wake Up Women www.wakeupwomen meeting to strategize the speaking tour.

At the meeting, I realized how large the demand for spiritual awakening is and the many possibilities available to become an active participant in this spiritual marketplace. It really is a gold mine and we just need to know how to tap into it. As someone already involved in marketing within different women’s groups are you also seeing a rise in this spiritual/psychic marketplace?

Debbie and I agreed that there seems to be a reuniting of Kindred Souls on the earth plane. Our friendship is a perfect example. Two very different people who develop a friendship that grew into a financial partnership. Have you experienced similar relationships? Perhaps you met a Kindred Soul, someone you knew in a previous lifetime and finally found again in this one. Although you may be different, there is common ground and common love. Find it. Build on it.

Debbie’s personal Tarot Card, according to her birthdate, is the Queen of Pentacles= NOBLE SECURITY with Responsibility. Debbie’s suite of Pentacles deals with health, wealth and the physical aspects of life. Pentacles are the money people of the tarot cards. Queens are the matriarchs. They are good at organizing and executing (off with their heads?) As a Queen of Pentacles, her card describes Debbie is a generous woman who wants to see the money she distributes produce tangible results. She is not only an excellent manager of money; she is a great advisor who finds herself surrounded by “seekers.” She is very fair, practical, and well-grounded. Feel this card fits Debbie “to a tee.”

I, your humble host, am the Queen of Cups: PSYCHIC BALANCE. My suite deals with love, emotion and empathy. Cups are the Holy Grail of Tarot Cards and I am always in search of my personal Holy Grail. When the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat!” was coined, they were thinking of me. A person who is the Queen of Hearts is an affectionate and loving person. She is wise in the ways of love and the human heart. She is receptive and approachable. Her psychic ability is highly developed and tends to be accurate. However, she balances her intuitive nature with mature judgment. Anyone who knows me knows that I do believe, BUT VALIDATE!

Despite our diabolically different Tarot Cards, Debbie and I had an instant bonding, as thought we were old friends. There is a certain level of comfort in old friendships that takes years to build, and that feeling was with us instantly. Kindred Souls. Have you met a Kindred Soul?

The psychic/Intuitive world tends to underestimate its value. One of the most difficult things for people who think with their heart and emotions to do is figure out their value when they have spent their lives being care-takers and giving without expecting anything in return. It is time to learn to accept as well as give and become a grounded entrepreneur in the all aspects of life, even in the home. An empty well cannot give nourishment.

An empty well is out of balance and alignment.
Those who come to the well will stop coming when there is nothing left to take and will seek nourishment elsewhere anyhow, so tell them “no” and nourish yourself first.

This can put us into a “fearful state of mind” which can make us blind to opportunity. Ask yourself what the worst outcome could be, plan for it, and move forward. Plan for the worst and hope for the best will help you stay out of that self –defeating fearful state of mind. As long as you have your life, you have a chance to regroup and move forward.

Debbie Allen: “3 Tips I shared for handing a more positive SHIFT in your life on the radio show today with Kathleen O’Keefe- Kanavos:”

1. Remove negative people and negative energy from your life. Only surround yourself with people who balance and align you to your greatest good.

2. Don’t buy into your own drama. Replaying negative or limited believe stories in your head over and over will only keep you stuck. Stop replaying them in your head and the words that come out of your mouth.

3. Show up. Keep showing up and creating more opportunities for yourself to SHIFT into action and success. Find more people that you can align with to achieve your goals.

Caller:Astrid, Question: “Debbie is it true that you have to have a book out there to start your brand?”

Answer:Debbie, “There are a lot of experts without books. Writing a book takes time. Write it when it fits into your strategic plan.”

In closing the first part of the show, Debbie asked me to pull a card on “where Wake Up Women is headed, now.” So I had her choose a card from the Major Arcana (the now cards).
The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards. I consider these cards are our Tarot GPS. By knowing where you are, it is easier to understand where the cards tell you to go or tell you where you are going. Even the GPS in your car needs to pinpoint your location to give you directions to your destination.

Debbie chose card number 7= The Chariot= GREATNESS from hard work. Your goals are in sight. The Chariot shows a strong male holding the reigns of two Sphinxlike beasts of opposite colors (black and white) and sexes leaning in different directions, yet well behaved. This symbolizes oppositions in life working together with leadership and moving forward by working as a team. The charioteer is fully armored in case he needs protection and wears a belt and skirt decorated with the zodiacal glyphs. This is symbolic of time being a part of his protection. Time is on his side.

Although we no long drive chariots in our present life, we do drive cars. Cars in dreams symbolize our life. People in our cars in dreams are people in our lives or aspects of us. Again this card, in real time, suggests that Wake Up Women is on the right track and moving forward. The card suggests that before Wake Up Women takes on outer challenges it needs to be aware of and in charge of its inner opposites so that they will function in harmony.

Debbie you were awesome on the show today. We rose to the challenge of staying within the parameters of a “mind, body, spirit show” but were able to mix in financial advice and guidance to help listeners understand that they can make a positive shift in their life financially and still honor themselves spiritually. Thanks again Debbie Allen.

For the second half of our show we did Tarot Card readings for callers.

Like regular playing cards, tarot cards were used for divination from time to time. Occult theories about the tarot did not begin until 1781, when Swiss occultist Court de Gébélin wrote that the tarot came from ancient Egypt.

According to Gébélin, the cards were created by ancient Egyptian sages, to pass on mystical teachings without detection from the authorities. France was in the middle of an Egyptology craze, and the idea caught. No evidence supports this theory, but for over a century, many occultists believed it.

1) Caller Brilliant Essence 715 asked for her personal Tarot Card
DOB= April 17th= 2 of Diamonds= 2 of Pentacles= COMMUNICATION card. You bring change in your life through communication not through “might makes right.” It is also the card of a person who has and then loses money. You are often concerned with issues of abundance so you find you must juggle finances.

People who are Pentacles are practical and down-to-earth. Pentacles deal with health, wealth and the physical realm of life. Their color is Green and their season is Fall. Green and Fall play an intricate part in their lives, often without them realizing it. An example: they may or may not like to wear the color green, but Green is the color of money.

People who are 2s are considerate, cooperative, receptive and agreeable. They go out of their way to lead a balanced, peaceful, and harmonious life.

2) Caller 206 Teresa- knows her tarot card is the 5 of Pentacles= The wandering outsider looking in. It is the card of someone who is in search of a better life. Your life can only improve with this card.

Question: What is my focus in the immediate future?
Answer- Card 9 Major Arcana= The Hermit= DISCRESSION, think it through. This card depicts someone making their way through the dark, one step at a time, using the light in front of them as a guide. The Hermit is a guide figure who is waiting for you to call on his wisdom. He will show you the way. Call on your guides to lead you out of the darkness.

As a validation card for her future job, Teresa chose the 7 of Pentacles= The Do Not Hesitate Card.

Teresa it sounds like the cards are telling you to follow your inner guidance and not to hesitate. Go for it!

3) Caller Trudy- knows her personal Tarot Card and wants to keep the question to herself.

She chooses 7 of Swords= ARGUMENTS, use reasoning. Don’t take what isn’t yours.

Tune in with us again next Wednesday from 1-3pm EST on Blog Talk Radio Beyond the 5 Senses call in number 347-884-9691 and here on Patheos to see “What’s In Your Hand.”

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