Happy Birthday December 8: Ten of Wands

Happy Birthday December 8: Ten of Wands December 8, 2012

Life Is a Game of Cards: What’s in Your Hand Your Hand?

10 of Clubs = 10 of Wands

You are the “OVER-EXTENDING” card.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This is your Personal Playing Card/ Tarot Card. Do you want to know your Personality Traits, Life Choices and Future Love Life? Read on….

Your three words are: Creativity! Action! Passion!

You belong to the SOUTH WIND.
You are a MALE card.

If you are a female, this male card balances you and speaks to your male-within. If you are a male this card reinforces your dominant male nature.

WANDS are also The Astrological Signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, therefore you are compatible with these signs and share their personality traits.

People who are Wands are also known as Rods and Staves. It is the Tarot Suite that symbolizes creativity, action and passion. Their color is Yellow and their season is Spring, which somehow plays into their life. Wands are energy and growth through rebirth or new beginnings cards. This means that they are constantly going through periods of challenge followed by periods of quiet. I think of the Wands People as the Bears of the Tarot cards. They go through a period of rapid growth (little leaves on the wands) then into stasis or hibernation. During this hibernation they dream about what they are going to do next, plan it in their head and then manifest it on the earth plane one piece of puzzle at a time until they again complete their task of bringing the abstract into the concrete; the fourth dimensional dream- world into the third dimensional world of the living. They manifest their dream as though it were a puzzle, fitting random pieces together. What appears as scattered work without planning is the Wand way of fitting things together out of sequence but within the bigger picture. When the task is completed, they go back to dreaming up their next project.

RELATIONSHIPS: This mode of abstract existence can be quite disconcerting to other Tarot Suites sharing their life with a Wand, especially the linear thinking Pentacles. But if the other Tarot Suites of Cups and Swords understand and can accept the way Wands live and think, they can have very complimentary rather than antagonistic relationships.

BUSINESS: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have similar work ethics and styles AND MAY WORK BEST WITH YOU.

TENS are goal oriented leaders with strong personalities. 10 is 1=0=1. They are determined people who work hard, are relatively good with money, realistic, and dependable. A personality trait they must work on is the desire to be too controlling and stubborn.

TEN OF WANDS-You are constantly taking up new responsibilities while moving toward your goals. You are a New Cycle Card. Your card/personality is all about completing new life goals, but you are strong enough both to carry these burdens in this lifetime. Follow through on what has already been put into motion through your dreams and day-dreams in order to manifest the plans for your next move.

LIFE-As a New Cycle Card, your life is full and busy with things moving very fast…or not at all. But, such is the life of a Wand. Remain true to yourself and stay on course.

RELATIONSHIPS- As a New Cycle card, your life is also filled with new people in new places. This often causes self-doubt when they don’t appear to understand you. Remember; some people are meant to become friends that are kept a lifetime, others only as acquaintances made for a short time. Let go of those people with whom you no longer feel comfortable to make room for more friends and lovers.

CAREER- Don’t worry about what others think of your work habits, but do try to find common ground with them. Perhaps an explanation or two about how you work well in the abstract will put their mind at ease and can be helpful in your personal and business relationships. You have your own style and it works for you. So, be true to it. You know what you are doing, even if others don’t, because you have already seen the task complete in your dreams. Give them time to learn to trust your dreams and successes.
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Bio: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos; learn more, follow her & listen to her radio shows from her website @ www.survivingcancerland.com

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