Video For Cancer Awareness Week: Lest We Forget

Video For Cancer Awareness Week: Lest We Forget April 16, 2013

It is Cancer Awareness Week. The years and time between these special dates with deep meaning seem to fly by…unless you or someone you love is in treatment.

This video interview is dedicated to all those in the thick of battle, those caring for patients and loved ones still in the thick of battle, especially our doctors, nurses, social workers, Hospice Angels and everyone else who cares and helps those in need during this special time, in their own special caring and loving way. This day is also dedicated to those of you who walk the walks, talk the talks, stand in your power and speak your truth, march, and run in our honor and support.

You give of your heart and precious time without asking for anything in return, raise money for research and those in financial crisis while struggling through your own life challenges. Your smiles, hugs and attention reassures us that everything will work out. And one way or another it always does because we are in the Hands of our Higher Power…loving Hands that will never drop us.

You, our Earth Angel Helpers are special and so needed. You are the light for so very many of us searching for hope in our darkest hour. We give you our thanks and a Big Hug from our heart….

And, as if we could ever forget, a moment of silence for our loved ones who have “passed over.” We remember you. We love, honor and respect you. We’ll see you again in our dreams and beyond….

Author Bio: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos- survived three breast cancers &penned SURVIVING TRAUMALAND: The Intuitive Aspects of Healing. She’s a contributing author to many books, phone counselor for the R.A. BLOCH Cancer Foundation, CapeWomenOnlineMagazine Q&A Cancer Columnist, Radio Host- Between Our Sheets w/Authors, Tarot & Runes: Your Life Revealed, Doctor’s Inn, GATE Radio, Inspirational Keynote speaker, mentor, PATHEOS & Om Times blogger & part of LinkedIn’s WELLNESS AUTHORITY. Follow her social media sites @

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