“LADY GAGA is Waiting for ME!” Yeah Right—In Your Dreams…

“LADY GAGA is Waiting for ME!” Yeah Right—In Your Dreams… September 25, 2013

This blog is another dream as part of the Healing Dreams and Cancer  posts in honor of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many women have found their breast cancer through dreams and have received healing Pearls of Wisdom through dream analysis.  To begin your dream journal  and meet your Inner-Lady Gaga, go to  http://www.survivingcancerland.com/ and enjoy your free guidebook with journal pages on the right sidebar.

This dream and its analysis is from the Wednesday September 18th Living Well talk   Radio Show- Your Life Revealed with Tarot and Runes. The link is posted below.


Lady Gaga and entire entourage, including body guards, arrive to stay at our home. 

They arrive at my front door, and I ask them to take their shoes off before entering.  They all come into my Living Room while I am getting dressed and trying to find something to wear.  Strange, but I can’t find my clothes.  I find a white pair of overalls and a cute top and put them on.  I then go out into the living room and announce myself to her – she is sitting in one of my chairs.  Feeling very happy but not sure why she is here. 

Next scene:

I notice dirty imprints from shoes on my white floor in Living Room.  I go out front door to reprimand whoever was wearing shoes – I am not really mad just want to remind them to take their shoes off before coming inside.  I tell Lady Gaga and her entourage.


Next scene:

The front of my house is now waterfront property. On the beach there is a very high water slide with Lady Gaga and her kids going down toward the water. Everyone is having a great time – My sister comes to me and says that my old boyfriend is coming over.  She seems a bit concerned, but I tell her it is fine and that we are just friends.  I call him on the phone and he says Lady Gaga and all her kids are great – they always know how to have so much fun. 


 Next scene:

In back of my house there are many vendors with white tents set up.  One of them has a big grille set up.  There are several black people cooking meals – Very Festive!  I ask one vendor to explain to me what the item is that he is selling.  I tell him I only have 15 seconds.  I remember the item he was selling was somehow animated with bright lights.  I thought is was really interesting.


Next scene:

I unzip a front pocket in my overalls which is down by my navel and pull out my breast prosthesis.     They are covered with melted raw organic chocolate making a total mess, but it is not a problem as I clean them up easily.


Dream Analysis:

It is written by dream experts that everyone and everything in your dreams is an aspect of yourselves. Your dreams are also a microcosm of your life. One way to manifest information in a dream is to voice an intention before going to sleep. Sometimes our intentions are so strong they have a voice of their own and can call forth an answer in our dreams. Your subconscious mind is so strong it can manifest your unconscious intentions.


Pam’s dream is a Healing Dream that contains emotional and physically healing information for her future. It has 5 scenes. Number 5 tells of adventure, life changes, freedom, spontaneity and action.  5 scenes in a dream may suggest changes coming up in the near future.


Pam is a breast cancer recurrence survivor whose dream clearly reflects her shift in self and eagerness to dive back into her previous life of music. She is a survivor who is embracing her new outgoing and artistic Lady Gaga selves who have come to stay. Here is her dream, what it means and the pearls of wisdom hidden deep within it.


Your home is your stationary life, where you are now, very different from a car which transports us on the road of life to our destiny.  A house refers to various aspects of the Self and is a reflection of Self.  Ask the question, is the house old, new, clean, filled with annoying people, or dilapidated? What parts work or is in need of repair. Pam’s house is clean and she (unconsciously) refers to it in her dream as “our home” which suggests she has already integrated with her inner-family. The last o the family arrives as Lady Gag and all that she brings with her.


Lady Gaga is a celebrity artist, excelling in voice. Pam is a gifted singer and an accomplished musician with CDs and events to her credit.  Pam has just met her inner artistic warrior who has come to help her get back on the path of her musical destiny which has fallen by the wayside of life while Pam fought cancer recurrence. But, now Pam is healthy and it is time to jump back into the stream of life.  Pam’s unvoiced intention has been answered by Lady Gaga who is patiently sitting in a chair waiting for Pam to announce herself. (Look at the play on words and scene.)  Pam has to introduce herself to her inner-family in order to integrate with them and to show everyone that Pam, too, has arrived.  It is hard to say no to Lady Gaga, especially when she is backed by an entourage of supporters.


However, before Pam will let “celebrityism” back into her life, rules of Pam’s own making must be followed. Pam has now set boundaries.  Your feet are part of your support system. Shoes signify that which surrounds your support system. They are the masks you wear on your feet.  This mask must be removed for emotional grounding (something missing in her pre-cancer life) and to keep this new home pure. Tracking filth into this purified home will not be tolerated this time. Healthy boundaries have been set.


White is purity.  White clothes indicates a desire for pureness and to be cleansed. Clothes is symbolic of your public self, how you are perceived and is indicative of the act you put on in front of others. Your clothing is to your body what a mask is to your face. Clothes are also an indication of your condition and status in life. “Does the shoe fit?”


Water is spirituality. Having a home on waterfront property is an indication of how close you now live to spiritual life. It is in your yard.


A water slide suggests that you are being carried away by your positive emotions toward spirituality. This is a quick and an enjoyable means of entering deep spirituality. Lady Gaga and her inner-children, are ready to take their celebrity life and make a splash into spirituality.


An old boyfriend is your old way of looking at relationships. Often, dreaming about an ex signifies unfinished business between you and your former lover. Pam has made some peace with those aspects of her old relationships in life that were physically and emotionally painful. But the fact that her ex keeps popping up in dreams means she still has work to do on that aspect of her life and that aspect of herself.


You are your ex in your dream. What part of yourself is holding onto that relationship and what part of that relationship is holding onto you?


Pam is beginning to distance herself from those painful memories. Her old relationship has accepted her positive outlook on life, as seen by her phone call (speaking from a safe distance to her old boyfriend.)


Pam has come to terms with her healing. She unzips her coveralls (look at the play on words) that which she has hidden behind, and pulls out her implants through her navel.


 Your navel is the umbilical cord that is your attachment to life.


The implants are covered in raw organic chocolate. Raw organic chocolate has healing properties and that makes cleaning them easier. She is getting rid of those things that are not really a part of her, that were for show, and that were deemed harmful to her. (In real life, her silicone implants broke and poisoned her system.)


Chocolate in your dream can also signify love, celebration and self-reward. Do you love chocolate? Do you reward yourself with chocolate for a job well done?  It is also very dark brown. Dark brown in a dream represents purging of negative thoughts, emotions, habits, and life situations. When you see it in a dream it usually represents negativity because it is dark. Again, look for the play on words…. a celebration of removing and cleaning away dark thoughts and habits.


Pam has a new inner-self to help her with the new life she would like to lead. It will involve retuning to a world of music which can be very superficial. However, Pam has set binderies for a healthier life and has met her new inner self in the form of the strong and successful Lady Gaga.  

If you have a dream you would like analyzed call into the Wednesday radio show listed above (646-652-2336) between 4-6pm PT with your dream. Or you can write it in the comment box for this blog and I will get it.

Bio: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos, author/radio host & Intuitive Life Coach, survived three breast cancers,SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing (Cypress House Publishing, Jan. 2014: presale page.) http://tinyurl.com/p7cjfxa   websites: Surviving Cancerland www.survivingcancerland.com & AccessYourInnerGuide  www.AccessYourInnerGuide.com , Hosts Living Well Talk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/living-well-talk-radio, Cancer Q&A columnist CapeWomenOnlineMagazine http://capewomenonline.com/2013_Issues/Summer_2013/Summer2013_Articles/Cancer_QA_Summer2013.html  , Dream Queen columnist- Wellness Woman 40 & Beyond, Your Dream Intrepretation http://www.yourdreaminterpretation.com/about-us/  ,  WakeUpWomen http://wakeupwomen.com/?page_id=2  ; R.A. BLOCH Cancer Foundation Hotline Counselor. Represented by Steve Allen Media


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